Human Resources

Recruitment and Hiring

Our HR Coordinator provides personnel support advice and services for faculty, staff, and students including facilitating hiring faculty, staff, and students; new employee orientations; benefits information; payroll and time-sheet coordination; employee relations; tax forms; and supervisor resources.

Further information can be found on the UA Human Resources page or in the small menu below.

For directed CFOS HR questions contact

Need information about recruiting candidates for open positions? Looking for salary schedules, job families, or other position classification and compensation process information? Visit the UA HR Talent Acquisition website.

Hiring Steps for Benefited Positions

*Minimum funding requirement: 9 months of funding at least half-time FTE.

  1.  Position description creation and approval
  2. Job requisition and recruitment
  3. Offer to desired candidate and remaining hire steps (background check, new hire documents, etc.)

Temporary Employees

Temporary employees are restricted in the hours they may work before they must take a mandatory break. Please see the Fact sheet on UA employment as a temporary/casual employee.

Student Employees

Eligibility Requirements

Students must be enrolled at UA with a minimum of 6 credits and maintaining a 2.0 GPA. They are restricted to 20 hours per week during the academic year; they can work full time during the summer.

To Hire a Student

Please submit a Direct Hire Memo with the following information to your HR Coordinator:

  • Name of applicant
  • Date of Hire
  • End Date
  • Fund/Org
  • Description of Job Duties (2-3 sentences of

Employees are required to complete the Behavior Based Safety trainingand the Workplace Harassment Preventiontraining within 30 days of hiring.  The trainings can also be found on the UA HR training page and progress can be followed on MyUA.

The UA Title IX training is now hosted on blackboard and needs to be completed by the 31st of October annually.

Special Training requirements may apply to your job and it is therefore advised to talk to your supervisor about the necessary trainings.

Lab Workers can find chemical safety, disposal and handling trainings on the pages of the Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management.


Laura Frisone

Laura Frisone

HR Coordinator