Important Purchasing Information

CFOS Procurement is here to help you with all of your purchasing needs and questions. Some purchasing is a little trickier than others; when in doubt, please contact us at so we can guide you in the right direction for your specific purchasing needs.

Purchases that follow strict guidelines include honorariums, participant support payments, service contracts, marine and air charters, and subawards. It is best to allow plenty of time for these types of procurement to be completed and approved with an assigned purchase order prior to any financial commitments, so that we do not run into unauthorized purchases.

As a general rule, allow 24 to 48 hours for simple, under $5,000 ProCard purchases to be processed and a little longer for purchases between $5,000 and $10,000. More challenging procurement requests can take as long as 2–3 weeks to be completed, and some subawards can take up to 3 months. We are hoping that recent subaward process improvements will bring that timeline down a bit.

​Process for Submitting a Purchase Request

If your purchase is under $2,500 and you need the order right away, you can check out a custodial card in the O’Neill Building. If you are not in a rush for your order, or you do not wish to check out a card, you can email If your purchase is over $2,500, you will need to email because our custodial cards have a single purchase card limit of $2,500.

In the subject line of your email, please put ORDER REQUEST - [VENDOR NAME] (for example, Order Request - Sea-Bird Electronics) . Include a quote or link to items to order, along with fund and org and PI approval for those funds. 

Providing a quote from a vendor with the goods or service specified will ensure accuracy of the order. Otherwise, provide part numbers with descriptions, quantities, a link to items, and the specific vendor or website you wish the purchase to be made from. The more information provided, the better. If the request is over $5,000, a quote is strongly recommended to begin the procurement process. Review the documents below to ensure you have included all your required information.

The fund/org/account code is required at time of request, along with any necessary funding approvals from principal investigators or department fiscal managers.

Reviewing and following the documents below will help us expedite the procurement process:

Requires no competition and will usually be purchased with a credit card if under $5,000. If the charge is between $5,000 and $10,000, the department Procurement Technician (PT) may be able to make the purchase with their UA ProCard. If the vendor doesn’t accept credit cards or charges an unreasonable fee for credit card payment, or there is a single item over the $5,000 amount for small procurement commodities, the PT will issue a purchase order and pay the vendor by check.

Detailed process
  • Faculty, staff or students should email with the details of the order. (If you need an order placed right away that is under $2,500, you can check out a custodial card in the O'Neill building.)
  • In the subject line of your email, please put ORDER REQUEST - [VENDOR NAME].
    • Include part numbers and quantity to order, and identify the specific vendor to make the purchase with.
    • Include a quote from the vendor or a screenshot of the shopping cart.
    • Include the date you need items to arrive or services to start/complete (Period of Performance date).
  • Include your fund and org numbers for the purchase along with your funding approvals if you are not the PI on the funds.
  • If paying by credit card:
    • PT determines whether the order is allowable on the PT ProCard, the full amount including shipping does not exceed $25,000, and no single item exceeds the $5,000 small-procurement commodities. (An item over that amount is a taggable capital purchase which is not allowable on ANY ProCard.)
    • Orders over $10,000 require a Certificate of Need for Restrictive Specification (RSF) form.
  • If not paying by credit card (or if there is potential that the invoiced amount could exceed $25,000 with shipping):
    • PT enters a requisition in Banner. The requisition, along with the required backup, is sent to the Central Procurement office to be reviewed, and then a purchase order is issued for the order.
  • If you have an honorarium or guest speaker, or a participant support payment, please review the information below and then email Michelle Warrenchuk directly.
    • Guest speaker and participant support payments need to be set up in advance of the event or class.
    • A guest speaker might be someone who is going to speak to your Fish 411 class about sockeye salmon spawning in Steep Creek at the Mendenhall Glacier.
    • Participant support might be to have a student attend a weekend workshop on tidal currents in the Chukchi Sea or review scientific papers on beluga acoustics in Cook Inlet.
    • Honorarium Form [fillable PDF]
    • Short Form Contract for Guest Speakers, Performers, and Miscellaneous Services [fillable PDF]

Requires competition or a sole-source determination, called a Certification of Need for Restrictive Specification [fillable PDF form], also known as an RSF.

Detailed process
  • Send an email to with subject ORDER REQUEST - [VENDOR NAME]
    • Include a quote from one vendor.
    • If this purchase does not qualify for an RSF (sole source), please contact Michelle Warrenchuk directly to review appropriate vendors.
    • If appropriate, complete the RSF (see link above), including a paragraph to justify brand-name or sole-source purchase. Justification must explain why we require a particular brand/service and why we cannot accept substitutes, such as compatibility with a system or another item, or unique features.
    • Specify date you need items to arrive, or services or charters to start and complete (Period of Performance).
    • Any other special requirements.
    • Deliverables—certificate record, report, etc.
  • Department PT enters a requisition in Banner.
    • If PO is for contract services, the UA Independent Contractor Determination Form (ICDF) must be completed as well. If PO is for a service, a vendor’s Certificate of Liability Insurance that names UAF as additional insured is required. This protects UAF if there is a injury or damage due to the vendor while they are on campus.
    • The requisition is then sent to UA Central Procurement to review and assign a purchase order or to proceed with other necessary procurement processes (e.g., Request for Quotations, bid process, etc.).
    • If necessary, PT will work with Central Procurement Office (CPO) to prepare and issue a Request for Quotation to multiple vendors based on provided must-have requirements. This allows for fair and open competition and allows all vendors to submit their best offers while adhering to UAF’s terms and conditions. The PT or CO also ensures that we follow state procurement codes and UA procurement policies.
    • PT and CO determines the low quoter who will be issued the purchase order, and requests their W-9 if they have not previously done business with UAF or have not provided one up front.
    • PT issues a purchase order to the low quoter and sends it to the vendor to place the order.
    • Once items arrive or service is completed, department PT has the invoice reviewed and approved, then processes the invoice for payment and a check is sent to the vendor.

If you call a vendor first, clarify that you’re asking for a quote, not placing an order. Placing an order prior to any funding approvals or a PO being issued would make this an unauthorized purchase. This includes any service work that starts before the PO has been issued. The UA PO is your authorization to purchase an item or authorize the service on a contract to commence.

Unauthorized Purchase Approval Form [fillable PDF]



If you are faculty or staff, you can apply for a ProCard (PCard) once you have emailed Tatiania Krupina and Debby Queen for funding approval and clarification on the workflow for the reconciling and approval process. Then you should complete the NEW Procurement Card Application on the UA Procurement Pro-Card web page.

Familiarize yourself with the entire NEW UA Procurement Card Manual so you know what your responsibilities and expectations are as a University of Alaska Procurement Card holder. This manual will provide you with the basic steps for using the ProCard. It covers card use, compliance issues, documentation of transactions, reallocation, review and approval of transactions, and more. It is a University of Alaska–wide manual and may not contain specific purchasing requirements for your university (UAA and UAS have some specific purchasing requirements).  Please ensure you are aware of any university and department requirements for purchasing as well as the card-use compliance information contained in this manual before making any purchase with your ProCard.

Along with the new manual, there is a new ProCard ordering and training process. A Google form will be used to start the card-ordering process. Completion of the form will trigger an email from to the applicant to access the new online training module. Once the applicant completes the training and the required test, they will receive the link to apply for the ProCard. The application will route to the approving official for review before the card is ordered automatically. This will make the entire process more streamlined and quick for all involved. Once you have your new ProCard in hand, please email the last 4 numbers of the card so that our internal department ProCard Google form and ProCard log can be updated and we can go over how to upload your purchase transaction details in the form so we can reconcile your charges on your ProCards, daily.

All ProCard-related forms are now NextGen forms, which not only simplify the process but also allow for more visibility, tracking, reporting and improved record retention.

For questions regarding ProCard procedures, cardholder enrollment, cardholder changes, accounting and audit issues, contact

The new UA Procurement Card Manual was released in July 2023, with updated guidance on allowable and unallowable purchases for all UA ProCards.

If you get a new ProCard, contact Michelle Warrenchuk to update our forms and spreadsheets with your new card number.

Current ProCard applications and forms

General ProCard information

  • If you have any procurement questions, please email
  • For AMAZON purchases, please verify you are using our business account (see Account # tab).
  • After making a purchase, fill in the FY24 ProCard log (Google form) and upload your receipt.
  • To verify your entries or request changes, please email
  • Make sure to describe the purchase you made and the purpose/use of the items purchased; also include fund/org and a final invoice with shipping.
  • If you are using funds that you are not the PI on, please email prior approval of the use of funds to
  • Submission of receipts and information is required no later than 48 hours after making a purchase.

Absolutely no travel purchases can be paid with a Procard and vice versa. Refer to the UA Travel Card Program and the appropriate Travel Card Application for information on travel cards.

Contact Denise Caissie and her team at for inquiries about a waiver.

Custodial ProCards

The UA Custodial Card Program was created to replace the use of limited purchase orders (LPOs) when vendors stopped accepting them locally. LPOs were used by UA departments for local, same-day purchases, and could be provided to employees and students to pick up items as needed. Custodial cards are meant to be used in a similar way. Cards can be checked out by UA-affiliated non-cardholders for same-day payments for goods and services that are allowable on the ProCard. The card owner, or custodian, is responsible for ensuring the individual checking out the card is aware of ProCard use policies prior to providing the card for purchases.

Custodial cards are subject to all the conditions of the UA Procurement Card Manual, updated 7/1/2023.

If you rarely need to buy items for your research in person, or are a CFOS student with a small research grant, you can check out a Custodial ProCard and also a Costco card. You can use custodial cards to make direct purchases on your grant. This is especially useful for making in-person purchases, but can in some cases also be used to place online orders. Please check with procurement before placing any online order on these cards.

For Custodial ProCard checkout and more detailed information, please see either the Front Desk in 245 O’Neill, Tatiana Krupina in 254 O’Neill, or Debby Queen in 252 O'Neill and fill in the respective forms.

Before checking out a card, familiarize yourself with the new UAF ProCard Handbook. These rules are applicable to the custodial card borrowers while they have cards in their possession. You are borrowing a credit card that is issued to the University and therefore strict rules apply to the purchases you can and cannot make.

Forms needed when checking out a card:

  • Custodial Card Checkout and Purchase Approving Form This form is mandatory. It ensures that we have a record of who checked out a card, what grant to charge purchases to, and who approved the purchases. If you are a student it is especially important to inform your advisor and have them sign off on purchases you intend to make. You can send an email with the form attached and your advisor cc'd to ensure they can approve this purchase directly. Please bring a paper copy of this form with you when checking a card out. Alternatively, you can fill one out at the front desk in 245 O'Neill.

If the ProCard is lost or stolen, contact JP Morgan (800-316-6056) immediately and email CFOS is responsible for all ProCard transactions until we report a lost or stolen card to JPMorgan.

  • When you return a card, bring or email all receipts with fund and org information.
  • Please do not keep cards longer than needed.
  • If you need to return the card after hours or on a weekend, use the dropbox on the wall outside the CFOS business office (245 O’Neill). Please send an email to alert us that the card is in there.
  • When you use a custodial card, your purchases need to be logged and the receipt uploaded in the FY24 ProCard log (Google form).
  • If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email us at
Insurance Claim Process
  1. Principal Investigator will gather as much information as possible
    • Photos by end users of the location of the incident and the damage to equipment if applicable.
    • The building or location (at sea or at a field site) where the equipment was damaged.
    • Item serial number(s), model number(s), brand, fund-org it was purchased on.
    • An email with a copy of the original purchase order.
    • Within 24 to 48 hours of the incident, email as much of this information as possible to our CFOS Facilities Coordinator, Cheryl Clarke-Hopcroft, or call 907-474-6782.
  2. CFOS Facilities Coordinator will
    • Use the information from the PI to complete as much as possible of the Online Incident Reporting form at the System Office of Risk Services.
    • Coordinate and follow up with the UA Claims Adjuster and provide any additional information needed to process the claim for coverage.
    • Once the Property Damage Claim Acknowledgement has been awarded and a UA claim number has been assigned, the CFOS Facilities Coordinator will give a copy to the PI who reported the incident.
    • The CFOS Facilities Coordinator will update all this information in the CFOS Insurance claim log.
  3. CFOS Procurement Office will
    • Work with the PI to get the approved service to fix the equipment or to order replacement equipment (as specified in the Claim Acknowledgement). PI should contact CFOS Procurement Technician Michelle Warrenchuk, 907-796-5441.
    • CFOS Procurement Technician will update the CFOS Insurance claim log with REQ number and PO number when assigned.
  4. Principal Investigator will finalize receipt of replacement equipment
    • Inform involved parties when the replacement equipment arrives.
    • Provide equipment serial number and model information to the CFOS Facilities Coordinator.
    • Indicate where the equipment will be stored (building name and number, at sea or at a field site).
    • Label equipment with complete contact information, including the research technician and/or graduate student as applicable as well as the PI responsible for the equipment.
  5. CFOS Facilities Coordinator will
    • Request UA tag for the equipment and ensure the property is inventoried appropriately.
    • Make sure any and all invoices are passed along to the Procurement Technician so the payments can be processed and JVs are completed with the UA Claims department.
  6. Principal Investigator will
    • Label equipment with the assigned property tag that has been issued or reissued for replacement equipment.
  7. CFOS Procurement Office will
    • Finalize all receiving and payments.
    • Work with the UA Claims department on the JV and record Y0 numbers on the CFOS Insurance Claim log.
Account Numbers

Some vendors have special CFOS discounts with us. If you want to inquire about certain prices, you can call them with the respective account number and receive quotes that can be used for purchasing orders. You can request access to these account numbers through For example, SIGMA, Fisher, and VWR likely will apply discounts if you purchase through a CFOS account.

To ensure we have an account with the respective vendor, refer to the current vendor list.


All Amazon purchases made on the ProCard must be made through the UA Amazon Business Account. Email for an invitation to the Amazon business account.

Purchases made on personal Amazon accounts will be considered a ProCard violation.

No personal purchases are allowed on the UA Amazon Business Prime account. This includes personal purchases made with personal credit cards. 


Shipments that are over $5,000 need to be set up with a purchase order prior to the commitment of funds or shipment. Send details to

When you send a package, please complete the FY24 ProCard log (Google form) right away with your shipping confirmation number, receipt, or tracking number AND with the fund and org you are approving the charges to be applied to.

  • Email subject line format: your surname, ship from and ship to destinations.
    Example: FedEx - Warrenchuk - Juneau to Fairbanks

If you are shipping something and expect to pay at the counter, you can use your ProCard or pick up a custodial ProCard before you go there.

Shipping account information can be requested for:

  • FED EX

Using the known shipper number and paying at the time of shipment is preferred.

LYNDEN requires payment at the time of shipment.

If you are using any of the shipping accounts (Carlile, FedEx, or Lynden Transport), you can use the FY24 ProCard log (Google form) to send us the details of your shipment so that when the invoices come in, we can quickly and accurately process the payment on the funding you provide. Please make sure to share this information with students or other staff who may be assisting you with shipments. Contact Jennifer Elhard or Sarah Spanos for the Seward Marine Center FedEx and Carlile account numbers and their process for tracking and paying for SMC shipments.


The Direct Pay process is to reimburse employees for out-of-pocket expenses incurred on behalf of the university in situations where a requisition, call number, limited purchase order, or a ProCard purchase was not possible due to abnormal circumstances.

Please fill out the Direct Pay Form and find additional information on the Office of Finance and Accounting information page.

You can email your completed form to to be routed through Docusign for signature and approval.



General Contacts

For general purchasing questions:

For grant related questions:

Financial Management and Sikuliaq Recharge

Tatiana Krupina
245 O'Neill Building

CFOS Grant Manager

Patrick Church
CFOS Fiscal Office

Procurement Direct Contacts

Michelle Warrenchuck

Gabrielle Hazelton
201 Lena Point

Seward Marine Center and Sikuliaq Procurement

Jennifer Elhard
Seward Marine Center

Sarah Spanos
Seward Marine Center

CFOS Front Desk and Custodial ProCards

245 O’Neill Bldg

For more information on UA procurement policies, procedures, and forms, including ProCards, please visit UA Procurement.


For general purchasing questions, email

To place an order, email details to with subject line ORDER REQUEST - [VENDOR NAME]

For specific procurement-related contacts, see bottom of page.


Procurement forms and useful links

NEW! FY24 ProCard Log (Google form)

NEW! ProCard Policy Waiver and ProCard Violation forms can be found on the UA Procurement ProCards page

List of Vendors with Accounts at CFOS (PDF)

UA Independent Contractor Determination Form (PDF)

Certification of need for restrictive specification (PDF)


Custodial ProCards

NEW! Custodial Card Checkout Form (PDF)



Direct Pay Form (PDF)


UA Procurement Website

For information on procurement policies, procedures and forms, including ProCards, visit UA Procurement.