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Becca Cates, M.S. student, Fisheries

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  • A steelhead trout caught aboard the W.E. Ricker in 1990 is set to be released after tagging.

    Huge database gives insight into salmon patterns at sea

    April 16, 2024

    A massive new analysis of high seas salmon surveys is enhancing the understanding of salmon ecology, adding details about where various species congregate in the North Pacific Ocean and their different temperature tolerances.

  • Marina Alcantar poses with buckets containing thousands of larval Pacific razor clams at the Alutiiq Pride Marine Institute in Seward, Alaska, during the summer of 2018.

    Study shows razor clam development affected by ocean acidity

    March 07, 2024

    A new University of Alaska Fairbanks-led study has found that razor clams accelerate their shell development when exposed to more acidic ocean conditions, but that those young shells are built with more fragile substances.

  • Giant trevally aggregate off the southern coast of Mozambique

    Researchers use new techniques to map vast history of tropical fishes

    January 03, 2024

    An international research team has assembled an unprecedented "tree of life" for a group of more than 150 related tropical fishes, a project that uncovered clues about how distinct species were likely able to evolve over millions of years.

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