Training for Field Work

Driver Training

  • Driver safety training is required to use a UA vehicle.

Field Safety Guiding Principles for Project Principle Investigators (PDF)

Remote Travel Safety Issues at UAF (PDF)

Shipping Chemicals to and from UAF

Offshore Safety and Survival

  • Learn To Return Training Systems, Inc. out of Anchorage Alaska is the current contractor used for watercraft and offshore platform safety training. The Offshore Marine Survival training certificate expires 2 years from the date of issue.

Small Boat Use Policy and Guidelines

  • The Small Boat Use Policy and Guidelines document and the Small Boat Safety Manual are required reading for fisheries personnel using small water craft. Boat operators shall reserve a river boat by sending a request to the Fairbanks-based representative of the Vessel Use and Safety Committee. The current committee members are: Ginny Eckert (JNU); Andy Seitz (FAI) and Anne Beaudreau (JNU).
  • Go to Small Boat Use Policy PDF

Small Boat and Safety Manual

  • “All Fisheries Division small boat operators and passengers are required to observe the provisions of this guide.". Contact the Fisheries Division Manager, Gabrielle Hazelton ( to find out what training is required by users.
  • Go to Small Boat and Safety Manual PDF 

Scientific Diving Course Safety Requirements

  • To participate in Scientific Diving Courses first you must acquire:
  1. A basic diving certificate through NAUI, PADI or YMCA. A basic NAUI or PADI diving certificate can be obtained locally from Test the Waters.
  2. A First Aid certificate
  3. A CPR certificate, and
  4. Emergency O2 training.

Gun Safety

Look up your Training Record

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