Friends of UAMN

Group of people standing in front of a whale skull. Two people are holding a check. Everyone is wearing face masks.
Friends of the University of Alaska Museum of the North

We are a group of engaged community members who support the University of Alaska Museum of the North. Our purpose is to build a bridge of understanding and knowledge about the museum's treasures, along with the research and other work the collections support. We do this through learning opportunities with the staff and curators, engaging with exhibits, and taking on special projects.

The Friends of UAMN (FUAM) support and advocate for public and private funding of the museum as an educational institution and for the scientific and cultural research that it makes possible. We celebrate what’s happening at the museum and we help spread the word.

We invite you to join us by completing the attached membership form.

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Thank you for your interest in the UA Museum of the North, the only research and teaching museum in Alaska.