Virtual Early Explorers: Exploration

November 2020's theme was Exploration!

A child explores in snow.

Image by Mojca J on Pixabay.



The links are all PDF documents.

 Example toy telescope.


Make a Toy Telescope: Imagine the universe with a toy telescope.

Build a Model Solar Probe: Discover the Parker Solar Probe and embark on a mission to the Sun.

Make Sun Art: Make marbled paper that looks like our Sun. Watch a how-to video here!

 Paper backpack colored with crayon, surrounded by cutouts of various objects.

Exploration Activities:

Explore At Home: Explore in and around your home with these suggestions.

Pack for an Expedition: Imagine you are going on an expedition. Pack a backpack to take with you.


 Hand using a small paintbrush to excavate a toy from hardened oobleck.

Sensory Activities:

Oobleck Dig Site: Turn a sensory oobleck activity into excavation fun.

Ice Cube Painting: Explore colors and patterns by painting with ice.


 Watch a how-to video from a museum educator:



For activities designed for kids ages 6-12, go to our Virtual Junior Curators page.

For activities designed for the whole family, go to our Virtual Family Days page.


Images by Elisabeth Padilla.

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