Virtual Family Day: Wings

Create and discover with your family! Activities are designed for all ages.

Sandhill cranes flying across a field.
UAF photo by Todd Paris, 2015.

Explore the science and art of wings!
From butterflies and birds to bats and airplanes, discover how different wings work, how animals use their wings, and how humans design and build flying vehicles.


Activities To Do At Home:

The links are all PDF documents.

              Marbled red, orange and green paper cut into the shae of butterfly wings and glued to a popsicle stick for a body.            Child modeling cardboard wings painted to look like dragonfly wings, seen from the back.             Hand holding a paper airplane, about to throw it. The words "The Alaska Dart" are written on the side.

Left to Right: Marbled Butterfly Prints, Create Cardboard Wings (Image from E. Padilla), and Design a Paper Airplane..



Exploring Insect Wings

Watch a conversation about the diversity of insect wings with curator and entomologist Dr. Derek Sikes!

Learn more about the museum's insect collection.


Build a Bat with Flapping Wings

Watch a video showing how to make a bat with flapping wings!

 Activity adapted from Project EduBat.



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