Virtual Family Day: Water

Create and discover with your family! Activities are designed for all ages.

A lake surrounded by a snow-covered landscape, with mountains in the background.

Photo by Elisabeth Arnold on Unsplash.

Explore water-themed activities, and watch a Collections Chat with museum experts!

Activities To Do At Home:

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  • Design a Boat: Try designing, building, and testing your own model boat!

                      Model fish rack made from straws, pipecleaners, and clay.                                      Collage of a sea ice habitat, made with tissue paper, yarn, and foam pieces.

                           Model fish rack example.                                                           Water habitat collage example.



Collections Chat: Water

Explore the theme of water with museum experts!
Curator of Fishes Andrés López shared information on some of the fish species used by people across Alaska's different watersheds. Ethnology & History Collections Manager Angela Linn discussed watercraft in Alaska, cultural objects related to water, and the connection of rivers to where people live.


A person scooping water into a white container.

Museum Minute: Exploring Water

Watch a short video to discover more about the connections between water and life. Includes ideas for at-home activities!



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