Virtual Family Day: Amazing Earth

Create and discover with your family! Activities are designed for all ages.

The Earth as seen from Outer Space, with part of North Anerica, oceans, and clouds visible.

Image from NASA/NOAA.

From liquid water and a breathable atmosphere to the diversity of life, explore what makes our planet an amazing place to live!
Activities To Do At Home:

The links are all PDF documents. 

                      Example Atmosphere Collage.                                      White piece of paper with the sun drawn on one edge. Two colored pencils are next to the paper.
                          Atmosphere collage example.                                          Making a Pocket Solar System.


Earth's Wild Ride: Discover eclipses, the ice age, volcanoes, Earth's water cycle and more in this 20-minute movie, told from the perspective of a grandfather and his grandchildren in a colony on the Moon. 
English version
Spanish version

 Produced by ePlanetarium, in collaboration with Rice University through NASA's Immersive Earth Project.

Museum Minute: Watch short videos on Earth and outer space, by UAMN education staff. Each video includes ideas for activities to do at home.

A person scooping water into a white container.Exploring Water

Earth from Above

Exploring Watersheds

Edible Spacecraft


For more activities designed for kids ages 5 and under, go to our Virtual Early Explorers page.

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