NSF research supported

NSF-funded research supported by Genomic Resources

    Each year, scientists from all over the world borrow samples from the museum's Genomic Resources for their research, much of which is supported by grants from the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF). Below are just some of the NSF-funded projects that have been supported by loans from Genomic Resources over the past decade.  Collectively they represent over $16.8M in NSF awards.
    NSF also funds improvements to the museum's collections through competitive grants awarded to curators; these are not included here.

ANT-9420818 Possible linkages between ecosystem measures and the demographics of a Weddell seal population ($220,376)

ANT-9725820 Use of a long-term data base and molecular genetic techniques to examine the behavioral ecology and dynamics of Weddell seal (Leptonychotes weddellii) population ($510,005)

ARC-0508101 BE/CNH: Complex ecosystem interactions over multiple spatial and temporal scales: the biocomplexity of Sanak Island ($1,379,854)

ARC-07142320714212 Collaborative Research: RUI: The impacts of arctic and alpine refugia on genetic divergence in tundra flora ($627,097)

DEB-0196095 The Beringian Coevolution Project: Mammals and associated macro- and microparasites ($260,900)

DEB-0309377 Dissertation Research: Molecular and morphological perspectives on the dynamics of a post-glacial contact zone ($11,018)

DEB-0415668 Beringian Coevolution Project II ($542,690)

DEB-0444748 Megatransect population genetic survey of the Andes and the adaptive hemoglobin respiratory proteins of South American ducks ($349,558)

DEB-05425320542725 Collaborative Research: Systematics, biogeography, and ecogeographic variation in treeshrews (Mammalia, Scandentia) ($345,061)

DEB-0613668 Examining inter- and Intra-Continental Biogeographic Patterns and Processes in the Old World Using a Diverse Avian Subfamily as a Model System ($250,000)

DEB-0614107 Molecular and functional basis of agouti camouflage in Peromyscus populations ($308,000)

DEB-0614585 Collaborative Research: A complete species level phylogeny of the Carnivora ($533,124)

DEB-0644371 CAREER: The roles of ecology, behavior, and morphology in maintaining species boundaries-demonstrating evolutionary processes to high school students in Idaho ($515,896)

DEB-0746365 Genetic drift versus genetic draft in Holarctic ducks: How often does non-coding nuclear DNA violate selective neutrality? ($328,705)

DEB-0808619 Dissertation Research:Thrice through Beringia? Unraveling the evolution of North American pikas ($9,314)

DEB-081484108157050815057 Collaborative Research: Multilocus Comparative Phylogeography of Pine-Oak Woodland Birds in North America ($553,113)

DEB-0841729 Comparative phylogeography of Neotropical birds with cross-Andes distributions ($756,980)

DEB-0910285 Dissertation Research:A large-scale, multilocus, coalescent-based analysis of ecological zonation and population differentiation in Andean birds ($15,000)

DEB-102086510208901411403 Collaborative Research: A novel phylogenetic approach to the analysis of bat phylogenetics and morphological evolution ($351,447)

DEB-1115895 The effect of sociality on transmission and spread of a multi-host pathogen ($1,999,999)

DEB-1118815 Identifying the Utility of Species-Tree Approaches for Deep Radiations ($337,558)

DEB -124226712422411242260 EAGER: Using ultraconserved elements (UCEs) as genomic markers to study shallow levels of evolutionary divergence ($42,830)

DEB- 1355176 Collaborative Research: SG: piRNA Dynamics in the Absence of Active Transposable Elements ($55,908)

DEB- 1457523 Cityscape Genomics of Rats in New York City ($672,071)

DEB EB-125683212569431258010 Collaborative Research: Integrated Inventory of Biomes of the Arctic ($786,585)

DEB EB-1404521 Dissertation Research: The impact of ecological traits on the immunogenetic evolution of bats ($20,822)

 DEB-1441634 Collaborative Research:VertLife Terrestrial: A complete, global assembly of phylogenetic, trait, spatial and environment characteristics for a model clade ($356,938)

DEB-9707225 Phylogeny and rates of evolution of the Carnivora (Mammalia) ($185,000)

DEB-9807045 Biogeography of Malagasy carnivores ($76,000)

EF-0430418 EID: Ecological influences on rabies infections in bats ($1,520,000)

IOS-09494390949931 Collaborative Research - The Mechanistic Basis of Parallel Evolution: Functional Analysis of Hemoglobin Polymorphism in Andean Ducks ($786,372)

OPP-0326584/ARC-0326584 Investigating Complex Human-Ecological Relationships Over Multidimensional Scales: the Sanak Islands Project ($388,082)

PLR-1263848 WALRUS - Walrus Adaptability and Long-term Responses; Using multi-proxy data to project Sustainability ($1,707,331)