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The UAMN Fine Arts Collection is now available online through Arctos, an online collection management information system. The collection can be searched from numerous fields on the default Arctos search page. If you navigate to the link above, you will be directed to a search page that includes only the following primary search fields that will be most useful in searching the Fine Arts collection:

  • By catalog number in the “Catalog Number” box.
    • If you know the catalog number of the artwork you are searching for, enter it here in its entirety (e.g., UA0847-0001; UA2006-023-001; UAP1986-052-007).
  • By accession number in the “Accession” box.
    • If you know the accession number, enter it here in its entirety (e.g., UA0847; UA2006-023; UAP1986-052).
  • By creator, collector, or copyright holder in the “Agent” box.
    • To search by artist name, select “creator” from the “Agent Role” drop-down menu. Enter the person’s name in the field next to the "Agent Role" drop-down menu. If you get no results in your search, try entering only the first name or last name.
  • By object/work type in the “Any taxon, ID, common name” box. 
    • You can search for object/work types including, for example: painting, drawing, print, photograph, sculpture, mask, watercolor, gelatin silver print, etc.
  • By artwork title in the “Identification” box.
    • If you know the title of the artwork you are searching for, enter it here in its entirety or part (e.g., Mt. McKinley). Select a value such as “starts with” or “contains” from the “Match Type” box.
  • By materials in the "Materials" box.
    • Search by any art media, including for example: graphite, watercolor, oil on canvas, ink, etc.
  • By subject in the "Subject Matter" box.
  • By culture in the “Culture of Origin” box.
    • A drop-down list of all cultures that are available to search will appear.
  • By geographical location in the “Any Geographic Element” or “Specific Locality” box.

Customize Search Results Form

If using the Fine Arts search portal, results will be displayed according to catalog number, creator, title, date, and specific locality. If you would like to customize the content displayed in your search results, you can do so by clicking “Customize Results."

About the Online Collection

The Fine Arts online collection is a work in progress, and new content updates occur regularly. Although all measures have been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information for collection objects represented in Arctos, our research and work is ongoing and therefore may not be current or complete. We are committed to continuing to improve this information and will revise and update knowledge about these objects as it becomes available.

Collection images in Arctos are also evolving and are being updated regularly. We have chosen to post all available images until new photography becomes available. The images that are made available for the Fine Arts collection in Arctos, are done so under fair use guidelines and adhere to the AAMD “Guidelines for the Use of Copyrighted Materials and Works of Art by Art Museums” for image size.

UAMN is fully committed to respecting the intellectual property rights of others. If you are a rights holder with a concern or you can provide contact information for an artist or artist’s estate, please contact Della Hall, Fine Arts Collection Manager, at

If you would like to request high-resolution images, please go to the Image Use Request page.