Grace Schaible Collection

Grace Schaible grew up in Juneau, Alaska. She earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Alaska Fairbanks and became one of the university's most generous supporters. Her gifts include scholarships, endowments, and more than 2,000 works of art. 

After earning her law degree from Yale University, Grace returned to Alaska to practice. She was appointed attorney general in 1987 and also served as a University of Alaska regent. Grace loved polar bears. When she was younger, she used to travel every year to the Canadian Arctic or Svalbard to watch them. She amassed one of the largest collections of polar bear artwork in the world, collecting bronzes, stone sculptures, original oils, prints, and much more. And she donated most of it to the UA Museum of the North. 

Grace's collection was highlighted in the exhibition Polar Passion: A Celebration of the Grace Schaible Collection, which was on view from May 27, 2017 - January 20, 2018. Learn more about Grace's legacy.

View a selection of the artworks collected by Grace Schaible below, and see all artworks by searching the Fine Arts collection in Arctos.