Research Affilates

Dr. Jeff Rasic
Dr. Rasic in the field

Jeff Rasic served as the Acting Curator of Archaeology from 2007-2012. He is employed by the National Park Service as an archaeologist for Gates of the Arctic National Park and Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve. He has worked in the Caribbean, mid-Atlantic states, and western U.S. over the last 17 years and since 1995 has focused on field work and research projects in Alaska, especially the northern and interior portions of the state. Research interests include the early human settlement of Beringia, the analysis of stone tool assemblages, and archaeological survey and mapping methods. Recent projects include the geochemical analysis of obsidian artifacts and identification of obsidian sources within Alaska; archaeological surveys in the Brooks Range and upper Yukon River; and investigations of the biogeography and extinction of large game animals in Alaska.

PhD Anthropology, 2008, Washington State University
MA Anthropology, 2000, Washington State University
BA Anthroplogy, 1993, Wake Forest University

Current Projects

Paleoindian Adaptations in Eastern Beringia: Prelude or Postscript to the Early Settlement of the Americas?