Online Exhibits

Logo - 150th Anniversary Alaska Treaty of Cession 1867-2017 Russion/USA

The Archaeology Department at the University of Alaska Museum of the North received an Alaska Historical Commission sesquicentennial anniversary of the Alaska Treaty of Cession grant. Our project "Documenting Interior Alaska Native Cultures around the Time of the Purchase of Alaska"»has allowed project staff to rehouse and digitize documentation of several collections from archaeological sites dated to around the treaty of cession. Please click the above link to find out more about other statewide events and projects.

Museum Research Apprenticeship Program (MRAP)

MRAP provides students the opportunity to work hands-on with museum collections while completing a final report or project. To date the Archaeology Department has had four students participate in the program. To find out more about MRAP click here and to learn more about the prior archaeology MRAP project please click here.      

Photo of seal stone

The Seal Stone is our first in many upcoming digital collections. Please take a minute and learn about this unique artifact that is now on exhibit in the Gallery of Alaska .