Evidence of Thule Occupation at Kukulik: Re-Evaluating the Meat Cache 35 Assemblage

On April 4, 2008 a collection of artifacts thought to have been lost, was located during a collection rehousing effort. Excavated by Otto Geist in 1935, the artifacts were originally interpreted to represent a “Pure Thule” occupation at the site of Kukulik. Initial investigations by the current researcher have shown artifacts to be related to both Punuk and Thule assemblages. This collection is currently the focus of a grant funded research project aimed at a reanalysis of the artifacts, including radiocarbon dating and comparison with updated information regarding other Thule culture manifestations in the Bering Straits region.

 Funding: Geist Award, University of Alaska Museum of the North


A comparison of one of the original photo plates from the original Kukulik report and a current image showing some of the re-located artifacts.