UAF Space Requests

Existing space must be utilized as effectively as possible in order to support desired growth. Any activities that require additional space should be addressed first within a department's current allocation, then within the school or department.

The Space Request Form is to be used for:

  • space movements or shifts
  • additional space needs
  • when the functional use of a space changes (even when the space stays within the same department)

See below for the online Space Request Form.

This form is NOT intended to be used for Facilities Modifications (Fac Mods). Fac Mods are changes to a room or building that may or may not change a building's structure. Examples can include needs for:

  • additional electrical outlets
  • installing equipment
  • painting
  • plumbing changes
  • ventilation
  • other similar work

For more information about Fac Mods, visit:

Click here to make a space request via the web form.

Due Date: Space Request Forms received by close of business on the second Friday of each month will be considered at each monthly Space Planning Group meeting (typically the fourth Wednesday of each month)

All space requests are directed to the Space Planning Group for review, comments and recommendation. Please note, if you are requesting new space, identifying acceptable and available space may take time to identify.

Requests given initial approval in Step 1 will complete a Step 2 - Project Evaluation in collaboration with the Division of Design and Construction prior to final approval from the Space Planning Group.

If you have questions about the status of your request, please email:

The Space Planning Group consists of these members:

  • Anupma Prakash, Provost
  • Kari Burrell, VC for Administrative Services
  • Keith Champagne, VC for Student Affairs
  • Larry Hinzman, VC for Research
  • Evon Peter, VC for Rural, Community & Native Education
  • Scott Bell, Associate VC for Facilities Services
  • Nickole Conley, Executive Officer for the Chancellor

The Space Planning Group typically meets the fourth Wednesday of each month. The Space Request Form must be submitted by the second Friday of each month in order to be considered at the next Space Planning Group meeting.