FY16 & FY17 Budget Information

For details on the UAF budget and planning for FY16-FY17, please click HERE.

How OMB & OFA Play Different Yet Critical Roles in UAF Budgeting

Adapted from the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO).

Who Does What?
Management & Budget
Finance & Accounting
 Responsibilities Managerial analysis, decision support, and process improvement Financial accounting
Assessment process Report card
 Outlook Future Historical
 Primary Audience Internal External
 Required by FASB/GASB? No Yes


Finance, economics, quantitative methods, project planning, and management GAAP
 Scope All-inclusive, focus on elements Entity-wide
 Nature Subjective Formal
 Emphasis Data flexibility and relevance Data accuracy and timeliness
 Core Functions
  • Budget development in partnership with Provost/VCAS
  • Ensure resource allocation is actively linked with plans and core themes
  • Analysis, reporting, and scenario development
  • Review of administrative processes and recommendations for efficiencies
  • Transaction and accounting operations
  • Accounts payable
  • Travel oversightnd processi
  • Cash management
  • Finance system access and training

OMB Background

Established in 2012, OMB serves as the budget development, analysis, and strategic management arm of Financial Services.

OMB is also the home of UAF Process Improvement, and spearheads process mapping and improvement implementation plans, in an effort to understand business complexities and facilitate efficiencies. 

OMB collaborates with UAF Office of the Provost, Financial Services, and Planning, Analysis, and Institutional Research (PAIR) to produce and interpret data and reports necessary for UAF leadership to make strategic resource allocation decisions.  OMB strives to build relationships with schools, colleges, institutes and administration in order to understand the business of UAF and provide useful reports and tools to campus leaders. 

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