UA submitted its FY18 budget to the Board of Regents (BOR) in November 2016.  The UA request went to Governor Walker's office in December 2016 for consideration and his budget was released shortly after.  The Governor's initial budget served as a starting point for the legislative session.  After much negotiating, the Legislature eventually passed a UA budget of $317 million.  UA did not receive funding increments from the State.

Of the $317 million, UAF’s general fund portion was roughly $158 million. UAF’s share of the reduction was $3.9 million, (roughly 49 percent of the UA System reduction of $8 million).

UA System Administration reserved $6 million from Statewide and university unreserved fund balance (UFB) sources, as well as Statewide working capital funds for strategic internal investments.

Strategic investments supported by the BOR total $6 million for each of the next three years (FY18-FY20) funded from various sources. These funding levels are subject to change based on State general fund support. Investment areas include:

  • Enrollment and student success ($2.1 million UA-wide) – funded from each university’s UFB/reallocation
  • Research ($1.8 million UA-wide) – funded from Statewide UFB
  • Workforce and online program development ($1.0 million UA-wide) – funded from each university’s UFB/reallocation
  • Process improvement/automation ($1.1 UA-wide) – funded from Statewide working capital

These strategic investment funds have provided some relief in targeted areas but does not alleviate UAF’s rising fixed cost obligations.

FY18 UA Authorized Operating and Capital Budget - Yellowbook

FY18 Budget Update - Chancellor Thomas - February 3, 2017

The UA "Redbook" is a compilation of each Universities' budget requests.  This request is approved by the BOR in November annually and is submitted to the Governor each December. 

For up to date information for all UA budget items, the UA State Relations page will provide regular updates throughout the session.

UA BOR Approved FY18 Operating & Capital Budget Requests - Redbook

FY18 Operating Budget - BOR Approved - November 2016