FY14 Budget Overview

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FY14 Budget Conditions & Guidance

Many factors, both internal and external, influence UAF's budget. Among the most influential are state general fund support, federal receipts, indirect cost recovery from research expenditures, tuition & fees and private & philanthropic giving.

Although there will be modest State funding increases in FY14, a budget gap is projected for next fiscal year. UAF leaders will propose several options to address this funding gap. Actions under consideration include a mix of:

  • Reducing off-campus lease obligations
  • Saving money thru energy management
  • Delaying hiring actions to maximize vacancy savings
  • Identifying specific reductions to programs and services
  • Utilizing staff benefit rate reductions
  • Managing year-end reserves

UAF can balance its budget by increasing non-state revenue or decreasing spending. Based on state and national economic conditions, tuition and research funding will likely not increase enough to offset rising costs.

Further guidance will be available in May 2013 as the budget specifics develop and each area of impact is carefully considered.

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UAF FY14 Pocket Guide Reference

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FY14 UAF Budget Request

Chancellor Rogers presented UAF's FY14 Operating & Capital Budget requests to statewide administration in August of 2012. The UA Board of Regents approval the budget in final in November 2012 after which, the budget was forwarded to the Governor for his consideration.

After several rounds in the AK State Legislature, the budget is now back in the hands of the Governor for final approval or veto of any line items.

The FY14 Budget Tracker (below) provides details on the items that are likely to be funded in FY14. A final budget is expected in May/June 2013.

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