The legislature passed a budget signed by Governor Walker increasing the University of Alaska operating budget by $10 million, for a total of $327 million. Of the $10 million UA operating increase, $5 million is directed toward fixed costs and new facility operating and maintenance needs. The remaining $5 million is directed toward the Board of Regents’ strategic initiatives. In addition, President Johnsen reallocated $4 million in one-time funds to help support the initiatives.  The legislature also allocated $5 million in one-time funds to the university capital budget. 

Fixed costs
UAF received $3 million for fixed costs, which include utility increases and partial operation and maintenance funding for the new Engineering Learning and Innovation Facility.

Strategic initiatives
Of the $9 million UA system total designated,  UAF received $3.94 million to fund the following Board of Regents’ strategic initiatives:

  • Contributing to Alaska’s economic development
  • Providing Alaska’s skilled workforce
  • Growing UAF’s world-class research
  • Increasing enrollment
  • Increasing degree attainment

Additionally, Chancellor White reallocated UAF funds to help support these initiatives.

Capital budget
UAF’s portion of the $5 million capital budget allocation is approximately $3.1 million and will be used to help address UAF’s facilities and deferred maintenance backlog.

FY19 UA Authorized Operating and Capital Budget - Yellowbook

Chancellor White Memo - FY19 Strategic Investment Allocations - July 2018

Governor Walker’s initial budget was released in December 2017 and includes a flat operating budget at $317 million and a $70 million capital budget focused on deferred maintenance (DM).

This budget serves as the starting point for the legislative session which begins in January and will run through April 2018, although in recent years special sessions have continued through June. UA contingency budget planning expectations and scenario planning will begin in January 2018.

Chancellor White - Cornerstone - FY19 Budget Update - March 2018

In November 2017, the Board of Regents approved a $341 million operating budget request for FY19. This level of request supports both fixed costs and UA’s Strategic Investment goals. These goals include: contributing to Alaska’s economic development, providing Alaska’s skilled workforce, growing our world class research and increasing degree attainment of our students.

The budget is built around an aggressive long-term strategic goal that 65 percent of Alaskan adults obtain a credential by 2025.

UA also requested a $50 million capital budget in FY19 to fund deferred maintenance (DM) and R&R work. DM funds are utilized in areas of highest priority and include renewal and renovation (R&R), code, and ADA items. UAF’s facility needs are the highest in the UA System.

The UA "Redbook" is a compilation of each Universities' budget requests.  This request is approved by the BOR in November annually and is submitted to the Governor each December. 

UA BOR Approved FY19 Operating & Capital Budget Requests - Redbook

FY19 UA Operating Budget Request - BOR Approved - November 2017

 In August 2017, the State of Alaska Office of Management and Budget (OMB) provided early budget development guidance to all state agencies emphasizing preparation for a general fund reduction in the 5 percent range. This is expected to change as the legislative session progresses.