FY16 UAF Budget Guidance

UAF experienced a third year of state funding reductions in FY16. When combined with operating cost increases, this results in substantial budget gaps. That gap in FY14 was $8.5 million. In FY15, the shortfall increased to $14 million. In FY16, the UA System total reduction in state funding is $31.4 million, excluding one-time funding for compensation increases. Compensation increases are usually funded as an ongoing commitment. UAF shouldered a $13.1 million portion of this UA reduction. When combined with other UAF-specific fixed costs, debt service requirements, and compensation increases that must be maintained in future years, UAF managed a budget gap of about $20 million in FY16.

Additional information on the campus-wide and unit-level effects of the FY16 budget reductions is detailed in the summary document, below.

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FY16 Memo Archive

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Travel and Hiring Restrictions

In light of the state's fiscal challenges and at the Governor's request, UA President Johnsen has suspended all non-essential travel and hiring funded wholly or in part by unrestricted funds, effective January 6, 2016. Unrestricted funds include general fund, recharge/auxiliary, event funds, TVEP and match. For additional guidance, see the FAQs and memo below.

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FY16 Administrative Leadership Furloughs

Employees in leadership positions were notified that President Gamble and all three chancellors agreed it would be prudent to implement furlough days for administrative leadership across the UA System. Officers, senior administrators and non-represented academic leaders have been directed to take ten, seven and five furlough days, respectively within FY16. Furloughs are a one-time cost savings measure and are not intended to be a mechanism to sustain budgetary reductions if conditions persist.


Budget Request Status

UA submitted its FY16 budget to the state in December 2014. Governor Parnell released an initial budget shortly after. Governor Walker released an amended budget in January 2015, which serves as a starting point for the legislative session that runs January 20 through April 19, 2015.

The following tracking sheet shows the most recent budget status of UAF specific budget requests.

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UA System Budget Submission

The UA "Redbook" is a compliation of each Universities' budget requests. This request is approved by the BOR in November annually and is submitted to the Governor each December.

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UAF Budget Request

The UAF Chancellor, Provost and Vice Chancellor Administrative Services presented the initial operating and capital budget requests to the Statewide Administration in August 2014. The final UA-wide request is submitted to the Governor's Office each December.

Thank you to the UAF Planning & Budget Committee (PBC) for their work in reviewing each FY16 requested item. Their recommendations as part of the planning process heavily influenced this final presentation.

The FY16 budget request is centered on Shaping Alaska's Future themes. Additionally, UAF has a strategic focus on Arctic research and policy-making. The major themes as part of the UAF presentation were:

  • Strengthening Alaska's position in setting the Arctic agenda
  • Promoting economic diversity in Alaska
  • Supporting Alaska's students & sustaining communities

These major themes will continue to be a part of FY16 strategic plans and outcomes.

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University of Alaska System Office

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