UA submitted its FY17 budget to the Board of Regents (BOR) in November 2015.  The UA request went to Governor Walker's office in December 2015 for consideration and his budget was released shortly after.  The Governor's initial budget served as a starting point for the legislative session that ran from January 19 through April 17, 2016.  After much negotiating, the Legislature eventually passed a UA budget of $335 million.  The Governor then vetoed $10 million of it to encourage the Legislature to act on creating a revenue stream.  In the end, UA received $325 million for FY17.

UAF is managing to a budget level equivalent to $35 million in reductions.  Some strategic investment funds, available through the UA System, have provided some relief in targeted areas but does not alleviate UAF’s rising fixed cost obligations.

The following budget tracking sheet identifies the UAF-specific portions of the overall UA System budget request.


The UA "Redbook" is a compilation of each Universities' budget requests.» This request is approved by the BOR in November annually and is submitted to the Governor each December.»

For up to date information for all UA budget items, the UA State Relations page will provide regular updates throughout the session.


The UAF Chancellor, Provost and Vice Chancellor Administrative Services presented the initial operating and capital budget requests to the Statewide Administration in August 2015.» The Board of Regents (BOR) will review the request in September and November 2015.» The final BOR approved UA-wide request is submitted to the Governor's Office each December and is vetted by the Legislature through May/June annually.

The FY17 budget request is centered on Shaping Alaska's Future themes with the understanding that UA should additional expect budget reductions next year.

FY17 UAF Operating & Capital Budget Request - August 2015

FY17 Budget Presentation to Statewide Administration - August 2015