Strategic Planning

During periods of transition and change, making strategic progress towards a long-term vision of the future can feel daunting. Using the Vision Navigation® facilitation approach developed by Professional Growth Systems, the UAF PIT Crew will help your team create an action-oriented plan to empower strategic decision-making and growth. This planning process helps leaders determine how they can best use available time, talent and resources to achieve their vision.

The Vision Navigation® approach consists of four phases of work: 

Establish the Vision

Defines who you are as an organization and what you want to accomplish. This vision provides the foundation for your strategic plan.

Complete Assessment & Determine Strategic Agenda

After creating a clear vision of the future, the project team completes an external and internal assessment to identify opportunities for growth and development as well as internal improvements. Assessment results are used to identify your priority internal improvement projects and strategic initiatives for Year 1 plan implementation.

Plot the Course

Project teams develop detailed plans to complete their Year 1 strategic initiatives and internal improvement projects. A Vision Navigation® chart with quarterly outcomes and defined accountability is produced. Teams are trained to manage their plans using the Vision Navigation® project management software.

Navigate the Course

Progress towards achieving your vision has begun! Quarterly accountability check-ins are held to review progress and adjust the plan, as needed. During the 4th quarter, an abbreviated planning cycle begins to prepare for Year 2 implementation.