Promotion, Tenure, and Evaluation

If you plan to stand in AY24-25 for promotion, or tenure, or pre-tenure review prior to your mandatory year, you must notify your dean and/or director in writing of your intent to do so no later than May 6, 2024. If you are scheduled to stand for mandatory tenure and promotion review in AY24-25, there is no need to provide notification.

Provost's Workshop for Pre-Tenure, Promotion-Tenure, and Post-Tenure         

AY24-25 Provost's Workshop for Pre-Tenure, Promotion-Tenure, and Post-Tenure File Reviews Dates:

There will be three (3) workshops available for AY24-25


May 6, 2024 (Mon) - Preliminary File Preparation - 

9:00 - 10:00 a.m. - Zoom Link
File Preparation Resources Google Drive Folder Link


August 27, 2024 (Wed): File Organization Workshop

1:00 - 3:00 p.m. - Usibelli Bldg. 401 BP Design Theatre

Zoom link - Available in August


August 30, 2024 (Fri): Provost Promotion/Tenure Workshop

1:00 - 3:00 p.m. - Usibelli Bldg. 401 BP Design Theatre

Zoom link - Available in August




UPCOMING AY24-25 Promotion/Tenure File Organization Workshop for Faculty Members scheduled to stand for Pre-Tenure, Promotion and/or Tenure, or Post-tenure Reviews will be announced in March 2024.

The Promotion/Tenure File Organization workshop focuses on the overall structure of the file, how to organize the contents, create  bookmarks in Adobe PDF, and information on the promotion and/or tenure guidelines process. 

OIT Adobe Software Download FOXit Instructions 

P/T File PDF Instructions: How To Add BOOKMARKS 

Required Documents for Electronic Materials



 (Updated July 23, 2021: PDF versions with bookmarks and fillable pages)

 The Candidate Response Letter templates are optional, and are provided for candidates who opt to provide a response at any of the levels of reviews.: 

Candidate Response Letter Templates (WORD Doc Version)

4th Year Pre-Tenure Candidate Response Letters Template (Word Doc)

Promotion-Tenure Candidate Response Letters Template (Word Doc)

Promotion Only Candidate Response Letters (Word Doc)

Tenure Only Candidate Response Letters (Word Doc)

Post-Tenure Candidate Response Letters (Word Doc)

Note: Effective AY15-16: PDF Binder with cover pages, checklist, and inserted bookmarks. All documents on the checklist are required to be in the PDF, unless otherwise stated on the checklist.

Contact information
If you have questions or need further assistance, please consult with your dean/director or contact Jennifer Hoppough at 907-474-7096 or

Each tab below will provide specific resources for each review.

UAF's tenure and promotion recipients!

Previous years tenure and promotion recipients!

Faculty going up for review do not need to complete their annual evaluation, however, we highly recommend completing the Annual Activity Report in Faculty180 to prevent gaps in data. Per the CBA 2022-24 Article 9.2.1 Annual Activity Report/Review- "The UNAC member shall submit, by September 12 a current CV and Annual Activity Report including a brief self-evaluation narrative unless the UNAC member is undergoing a fourth-year comprehensive review, tenure review, promotion review, or post tenure review."

Contact Rochelle Rodak at or 907-474-2764 for additional information regarding Faculty180.

Pre-Tenure (4th Year) Committees:

Lily Dong, Professor, CBSM, AY20-21 – AY22-23 (service years), Tenured
Santanu Khataniar, CEM, AY21-22 – AY22-23 (service years), Tenured
Leslie McCartney, Library, AY20-21 – AY22-23 (service years), Tenured
Carrie Stevens, CRCD, AY20-21 – AY22-23 (service years), Tenured
*Sarah Stanley, Associate Professor, CLA, AY22-23 – AY23-24, Tenured
Andreas Anger, Professor, CTC, AY22-23 – AY23-24, Tenured

Promotion and/or Tenure, Post-Tenure UWC Members:

Laura Conner, Research Professor, GI, AY22-23 and AY23-24 (service years)
Mike Daku, Term Associate Professor, CLA, AY20-21 – AY22-23 (service years)
*Russ Hopcroft, Professor, CFOS, continuous, AY22-23 (service years) -Tenured
Denise Kind, Term Associate Professor, CNSM, AY22-23 and AY23-24 (service years)
Jak Maier, Professor, CTC, AY21-22 and AY22-23 (service years), Tenured
Charlie Sparks, Professor, CBSM, AY22-23 (service year) -Tenured
Horacio Toniolo, Professor, CEM, continuous – AY23-24 (service years) - Tenured
David Valentine, Professor, CNSM, AY21-22 – AY22-23 (service years) - Tenured

*Committee Chair

Faculty Rank Promotion Review for Administrators

Administrators who are not members of a bargaining unit due to  an administrative assignment are able to stand for promotion. This promotion process is not intended to apply to executives, even though they may have a faculty title and may carry out some faculty duties.  You will not be subject to post-tenure review during this administrative assignment, nor will your administrative performance be considered in any future post-tenure review. Please contact the Office of the Provost regarding the promotion process for administrators who opt to stand for promotion.


4th Year Comprehensive and Diagnostic Review

All faculty undergoing pre-tenure review must submit their electronic file. The deadline for submitting materials for 4th Year Comprehensive Pre-Tenure Review is September 12.

All faculty in the United Academics bargaining unit, in a tenure-track position will undergo retention review in their 4th appointment year. Your file should include material that covers the period since your initial hire into your current tenure-track position. You are especially encouraged to address in your self-evaluation any aspects of your position or your record, which you feel deserve special consideration, or which you feel might not be readily apparent to those evaluating your file. See the resources tab at the bottom of the Promotion, Tenure, and Evaluation page for supporting documents (i.e. Best Practices).

4th Year Pre-Tenure Review specific resources:

Hired as Assistant Professor Comprehensive 4th Year Review
2021-22 2024-25
2022-23 2025-26
2023-24 2026-27
2024-25 2027-28
2025-26 2028-29
2026-27 2029-30
2027-28 2030-31

Promotion and/or Tenure Review for UNAC Faculty

All faculty undergoing promotion and or tenure review  must submit their electronic file. The deadline for submitting materials for Comprehensive Promotion and/or Tenure Review is September 12. See the resources tab at the bottom of the Promotion, Tenure, and Evaluation page for supporting documents (i.e. Best Practices).

Promotion and/or Tenure Review specific resources:

Hired as Assistant Professor Mandatory Promotion & Tenure Effective Date for Promotion & Tenure
2022-23 2028-29 July 1, 2029
2023-24 2029-30 July 1, 2030
2024-25 2030-31 July 1, 2031
2025-26 2031-32 July 1, 2032
2026-27 2032-33 July 1, 2033
2027-28 2033-34 July 1, 2034
2028-29 2034-35 July 1, 2035
2029-30 2035-36 July 1, 2036
2030-31 2036-37 July 1, 2037
2031-32 2037-38 July 1, 2038
2032-33 2038-39 July 1, 2039
Hired as Associate Professor Mandatory Tenure Review Year Effective Date for Tenure (Promotion if applicable)
2022-23 2025-26 July 1, 2026
2023-24 2026-27 July 1, 2027
2024-25 2027-28 July 1, 2028
2025-26 2028-29 July 1, 2029
2026-27 2029-30 July 1, 2030
2027-28 2030-31 July 1, 2031
2028-29 2031-32 July 1, 2032
2029-30 2032-33 July 1, 2033
2030-31 2033-34 July 1, 2034
2031-32 2034-35 July 1, 2035
2032-33 2035-36 July 1, 2036
Hired as Professor Mandatory Tenure Review Year Effective Date for Tenure
2017-18 2018-19 July 1, 2019
2018-19 2019-20 July 1, 2020
2019-20 2020-21 July 1, 2021
2020-21 2021-22 July 1, 2022
2021-22 2022-23 July 1, 2023
2022-23 2023-24 July 1, 2024
2023-24 2024-25 July 1, 2025
2024-25 2025-26 July 1, 2026
2025-26 2026-27 July 1, 2027
2026-27 2027-28 July 1, 2028
2027-28 2028-29 July 1, 2029

Post-Tenure Review for UNAC Faculty

All faculty undergoing post-tenure review must submit their electronic file. The deadline for submitting materials for Comprehensive Post-Tenure Review is September 12.  See the resources tab at the bottom of the Promotion, Tenure, and Evaluation page for supporting documents (i.e. Best Practices).

Post-Tenure Review specific resources:

Date of Last Tenure or Post-Tenure Review Next Comprehensive Post-Tenure Review
2021-22 2027-28
2022-23 2029-30
2023-24 2030-31
2024-25 2031-32
2025-26 2032-33
2026-27 2033-34
2027-28 2034-35
2028-29 2035-36
2029-30 2036-37
2030-31 2037-38

Units and/or departments may compose special criteria (referred to hereafter as "unit criteria") that must be used in evaluation of their faculty during the promotion and tenure process. Unit criteria are additional to the criteria outlined in the UAF "Blue Book" polices and regulations. Each unit criteria must be evaluated and approved by faculty senate every 5 years.

Unit Criteria supplements, but does not replace, UAF Blue Book criteria. All faculty are subject to the University Policies and Procedures: The Faculty Blue Book.

For more information on how to create unit criteria or the unit criteria approval process, please contact Meryem Udden, Governance office coordinator, at 907-474-7964 or


All documents are PDF downloads.

UNIT Approval Date Meeting No.

ACEP (Alaska Center for Energy and Power)

05/03/2021 256

Alaska Sea Grant 


Marine Advisory Program

05/04/2020 248

College of Engineering & Mines

05/01/2017 224

Institute of Northern Engineering 

04/04/2016 214

College of Liberal Arts



05/04/2020 248


05/3/2021 256


05/03/2021 256

English and Philosophy & Humanities

04/04/2022 263

Foreign Languages & Literatures

04/04/2022 263


12/05/2023 268


12/7/2020 252


05/04/2020 248


04/02/2018 231

Theatre and Film
Supplementary definitions for theatre unit criteria

05/01/2017 224

Department of Social Work

3/1/2021 254

College of Natural Science & Mathematics

Natural Science

11/06/2017 227


 05/7/2018  232

Mathematics and Statistics

3/1/2021 254

Veterinary Medicine

2/5/2024 277

College of Rural and Community Development

Alaska Native Language Center/ Alaska Native Language Program

04/04/2022 263

Center for Cross-Cultural Studies

3/1/2021 254


04/08/2019 239

Elmer E. Rasmuson and BioSciences Libraries

04/08/2019 239

Geophysical Institute

05/07/2018 232



Cooperative Extension Service

05/04/2020 248

International Arctic Research Center

05/03/2021 256

College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences

Oceanography Unit Criteria

10/5/2020 250

Fisheries Division Unit Criteria

12/05/2023 268

Marine Biology

12/7/2020 252

School of Education

05/07/2018 232

College of Business and Security Management

04/04/2022 263
Unit Peer Criteria Timeline
Date of Last UPC Approval Next Review Year
2012-13 2017-18
2013-14 2018-19
2014-15 2019-20
2015-16 2020-21
2016-17 2021-22
2017-18 2022-23
2018-19 2023-24
2019-20 2024-25
2020-21 2025-26
2021-22 2026-27
2022-23 2027-28