Nominations For Commencement 2024 are due January 28, 2024.

Nominations for emeritus/emerita professor may originate from the dean or director with a support letter from senior faculty, or from faculty working through the unit peer review committee. Recommendations will be forwarded to the campus-wide promotion/tenure review committee by the Provost's Office to be evaluated on the basis of the criteria for promotion to the rank of full professor with the added caveat that the position of professor emeritus is the highest honor that is bestowed upon a retired faculty member. The campus-wide promotion/tenure review committee will review all nominations and make a recommendation to the Provost, who will then forward his/her recommendation to the Chancellor, whose decision is final and non-reviewable. Please review the UAF Regulations for Emeritus Status, as amended by the Faculty Senate in 2014. For your reference, please review the UA Board of Regents' Policy on Emeritus Status

Please note that the UA Board of Regents policy on Emeritus Status has been updated to include accepting nominations for UAF employees other than faculty at the rank of full professor.

Nominations for Staff Emeritus may also be submitted at the nomination form below

Each nomination must include:

  • Current vitae for the nominee
  • Recommendations and rationale in support of the nomination.
  • Confirmation of retirement/resignation in a form of official letter.
  • Completion of Nomination Form.

Other supporting documents, as appropriate, may be added to the nomination but are not required.

For information or assistance contact Jennifer Hoppough at 907-474-7096, 311 Signers' Hall, or by email to uaf-provost-awards@alaska.edu.