Faculty 180


Annual Activities Reporting Schedule for UNAC & Non-Represented Faculty, in accordance with the

UA Best And Final Offer - COLLECTIVE BARGAINING TERMS (January 1, 2022- December 31, 2024 (PDF file)

September 12* Faculty member submits, via Faculty180, their completed
Annual Activities Report to the appropriate dean or director.
January 16*

Dean or director provides a written review to the faculty

For faculty members with joint appointments,the dean will
arrange a review schedule that assuresthat all appropriate
administratorsprovide a written evaluation of the faculty
member. The faculty member is allowed to review and
respond to each evaluation. The dean will inform the faculty
member of these arrangements.

January 30* Faculty membersubmitsresponse to their written evaluation to
their dean or director (optional).
*Due dates that fall on a Saturday or Sunday will automatically advance to the next business day.


Faculty 180 is a web-based activities reporting software tool owned by Interfolio. Annual Activities Reports that were once completed in a Microsoft Word template and routed manually are now submitted through Faculty 180.

Twice yearly, a Banner list of active faculty are uploaded to the software and accounts created for all new faculty. By clicking on the link above, faculty members should be able to log in using their UA authserv credentials and begin using the software.

In addition, select staff employees for academic units have accounts set up for reporting purposes and to assist with questions and troubleshooting. A list of staff contacts for each unit is supplied for reference in the "Unit admins" tab below.

For account access questions or issues, you may contact uaf-faculty180@alaska.edu.

Annual Activities Reporting Training 

August 30, 2024 (Friday)

10:00 - 11:30 a.m. 

Usibelli Building 4th Floor BP Design Theatre  Room 401 and Zoom


Twice per year when the new hire HR information becomes available in Banner, we extract an update of active faculty and upload it into the system, and accounts are created for new faculty who appear in the data file. This action should be performed around mid- to late-October for the new summer/fall hires, and in June for new spring hires, so you should check your login status around that time.

On the left-side menu of the site, the 'Activities' link takes you to a general form that is available at any time of year to enter or update ongoing activities, or to input any information from prior years that you want stored in the Faculty 180 system. The only two areas of this form that are not enterable are the Workload Summary form and the Teaching: Instructional Activities - Credit form, which are tied to specific annual activities reporting years and only editable when accessed on an AAR form for a specified reporting year.

During a specified annual activities reporting period, an administrator will activate an additional link which will appear on the home page as an "Action Item" when you first log in. This link will specify the active AAR reporting year, e.g. "Complete 2021-22 UAF Annual Activity Report" for the FY22 reporting year. This link opens a form that will be used to submit your required AAR to your dean or director for the year under review. Any activities that you entered on the general activity input form during the year will be populated into the AAR, as long as you have applied a semester and year to the activity that fall within the correct reporting period. Additionally, this is the place where you will have access to edit the Workload Form and the Teaching: Instructional Activities - Credit section. It is also the only form that will give you the options to print and preview or to submit. If you don't see those buttons at the top of the page, you are in the generic activities form and you need to navigate to the year-specific one.

Records for courses taught are extracted from Banner and uploaded into Faculty180, and linked to the instructor(s) of record.  If the course information appears incorrect to you, be aware that this is how the information is stored in Banner.

The way to fix these will depend on which part of your pre-loaded data is wrong. See below for common issues and solutions.

  • A course is listed that you didn’t teach: Select the check box next to “course not taught.” This will grey out the selection in your view, and the course will not appear in your submitted AAR.
  • You taught a course that does not appear on your list at all: First, be aware that courses don't load to Faculty 180 until the data freeze ends several weeks after the official close of the semester the course was taught. If you have no courses listed for a semester, it may be due to the upload not yet being complete. If you are legitimately missing a course taught, use the “Add course taught” button at the bottom of the section for the correct corresponding semester. You must enter the prefix (e.g. ENGL or BIOL), the course number (e.g. F100X), and section all as they appear in Banner in order for the system to recognize your addition as a valid course. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required in order to submit, but you should enter all fields for which you would like to input data here; once this screen is submitted, you will not get another chance. If you enter your information and the system rejects it as an invalid course, or if you realize once posted that your entry contains an error, check with your college or school contact for correction or assistance.
  • The correct course is listed but shows the wrong number of credits: These fields are editable text boxes; make your correction there. Also change your teaching load in that column if necessary to appropriately reflect your workload units for the course.  Once changes have been made, remember click "save and go back" at the top of the screen so your edits are saved.
  • The enrollment or course title is incorrect: These fields are not editable; contact your college or school contact for assistance.
  • You have stacked courses or a lab and lecture listed separately on your list, creating additional credits and workload units in your totals: You have the option to group courses as needed if they truly are considered one course in your workload reporting. Select the check box next to the courses you wish to combine, and then click the “group” button. Agree to refresh the page, and you will now see that your course is listed once as a combined course. The enrollment has been summed.  If you decide this option is not for you, you can click on the box next to the subject and number to un-group again.

UAF reporting is largely done on the basis of the fiscal year, which runs from July 1st to the following June 30th. To accommodate our reporting needs, Faculty180 created two term labels: "Early summer before 6/30" and "Late summer after 7/1". If you taught summer courses, those courses will be identified as early or late summer depending upon the official start date of the course.

The most likely explanation is that when you saved them, they were assigned to a semester and year that is outside of the current AAR reporting year. When you upload a .ris or .bib file from another source such as Scopus, the term label "Late summer after 7/1" and the year of the publication are automatically applied to each publication.

To assign the article to the correct semester of completion, go to the Activities link from the left side menu, and scroll to Research, Scholarly and other Creative Activities. Items from your imported list should be there (click "View All" if the list is truncated). Click the pencil edit link next to a publication. This will bring up a dialog box for the specific citation. Reassign the semester and year of completion, click save and return. It will ask you again; click return again. You may also want to scroll down and complete the box labeled “Intellectual Contributions: Review type.” Select from the drop down menu. If you don’t do this step, each citation that you edit will default to read “not reviewed.” That column is empty when you upload your citations through BibTex.

You have the option of either extending an activity from a previous year into the current reporting year using the start and end dates, or "cloning" an activity that is a standalone event or action that recurs multiple times.

If an activity was entered in a prior year with end semester/date of "Ongoing", then you will be asked to indicate whether that activity has ended or is still ongoing. If an activity previously entered had an end date from a past year, you can locate that activity using the "View All" button from the "Activities" section, and update the end term/date to a period in the current reporting year.

If an event has been repeated and you would like to save some data entry by copying and updating your prior entry for this year's report, you can do so using the cloning tool in the Actions menu next to that item.

In the courses taught section of your AAR, there is a column at the far right with the heading “Additional Course Data.” Clicking on the "Edit" button next to each listed course opens up a box with seven questions, one of which is marked with an asterisk because it is mandatory. You must answer at least this one required question for every course on your AAR in order for the Faculty 180 system to consider your courses taught input complete.

Before submitting your AAR, you can easily preview the copy your dean will see and print or save a copy for your records by clicking on the "Preview CV" button at the top of the input form for the designated reporting year. Make sure the correct start and end semester range for the reporting year appear in the dialogue box, and click the "Preview and Print" button.

Once it has been submitted, there are a couple of ways to print or save your AAR form:

  1. On the left side menu, choose "Vitas & Biosketches." Click on the "Legacy Vitas" in the menu and then the eye icon next to "Annual Activities Report." Enter the correct start and end semester range and click Refresh Report.

    Now the screen should show the Annual Activities Report form for the specified reporting year. Click on the tiny printer, MS Word or Adobe PDF icon at the top of the screen. This will open the form in your selected program and/or allow you to print on an 8.5x11" sheet of paper. Please note that the layout formatting and tool options for these options differ; use your own tastes and preference to select the method that works best for you.
  2. Alternatively, once an AAR has been submitted it can be accessed and printed from the "Forms & Reports" menu option by selecting "Prior Activity Input Forms." Click on the eye icon to view a specific year's report, and use your browser menu to print the document.

Faculty180 began broad use starting with the 2013-14 AAR reporting year, while a smaller group of faculty participated in a pilot test for 2012-13 AARs. All activities for your years under review may be summarized via Faculty180.  You will still need to enter your activities for the 2020-21 AAR so that they are included in the comprehensive report output.

If under special circumstances you have years under review that predate the use of Faculty180, you may either export your Faculty180 summary into MS Word and add the activities information for the missing years to create a single complete document, or you may use the Comprehensive Activities Report template to produce a separate document covering those years. Either option is acceptable.

To print a comprehensive activities summary in Faculty180:

  1. Log in to Faculty180
  2. Click on the link "Vitas & Biosketches" from the left side menu
  3. Select "Annual Activities Report" from the list of forms
  4. In the resulting report, change the start and end terms to "Late summer after 7/1" and the first year of your review period, and "Early summer before 6/30" "2021"
  5. Click on the blue button "Refresh Vita" to the lower left of the date range section
  6. Click on the blue button "Export/Share" to expand the drop-down menu, and select to export to Word Document or PDF

Upon submission, your AAR becomes viewable to your dean or director to start reviewing. You may at this point still access the form under "Forms & Reports" menu, where you will see it listed under Initiated Activity Input forms with a status of "Submitted & Unapproved". If you click on the link for the correct reporting year, you will see that you still have the option to edit and resubmit the form. However, once the dean or director has received and viewed the submission, they will select an "approve" option which locks the AAR to any further editing. This "approved" indication and date is simply digital acknowledgment of its receipt by your dean or director; your evaluation and response process will be completed on paper forms outside of Faculty 180. Submitted and approved forms are filed away under the "Prior Activity Input Forms" link from the "Forms & Reports" menu.


Contact for Faculty 180 questions

Angie Wohlford
Derek Miller




Jillian Kates




Debby Queen




Dee Cardentey




Jami Warrick




Lisa Yancey




Martha Westphal



Geophysical Institute

Lillian Anderson-Misel laandersonmisel@alaska.edu 474-5677
Institute of Arctic Biology
Anita Goetz algoetz01@alaska.edu  474-7649
Institute of Arctic Research Center

Delia Lopez-Keltzer



Wendy Frandsen wlfrandsen@alaska.edu 474-6696
Emilie Nelson emilie.nelson@alaska.edu 474-6443
Shea Monsey smonsey@alaska.edu 474-5718


Alda Norris



Carolyn Pennington-Chapin



Interfolio provides a number of general Facutly180 help videos to guide faculty members as they use the system. Once logged in to the software, you can access the following videos and webinars from the Announcements & Help option from your left-side menu:

  • An Overview of Faculty180
  • Faculty Input: Profile Form and Activity Input Form
  • Exporting Google Scholar Citations
  • Importing Citations into Faculty180
  • Importing Citations into Faculty180 using MEDLINE/PubMed

Faculty 180 crash course

UAF overview annual activities reporting webinar

SNRE/CES overview annual activities reporting webinar

Training video for deans, directors and support staff