Emil Usibelli Awards


The Emil Usibelli Distinguished Teaching, Research and Public Service Awards have been presented annually to three faculty members each year since 1992.  These three $10,000 awards go to individuals who display extraordinary excellence in teaching, research and public service—the areas representing the tripartite mission of the University of Alaska Fairbanks.  Individuals receiving the awards will be exemplary in their contributions to the discovery, communication and use of knowledge.

Who is Eligible for the Emil Usibelli Awards?

All full- and part-time faculty who have at least five years of service at UAF are eligible for nomination.  Adjunct faculty who have served at least five years are eligible.  Emeritus and emerita faculty are eligible as long as they have at least a part-time appointment at UAF.  Research, clinical, and other ‘term’ faculty are similarly eligible for nomination.  Affiliate and other faculty who are located at UAF, but whose salaries are not paid by UAF (e.g., McGuire faculty), are also eligible as long as they meet the requirement of a minimum of five years of full- or part-time service at UAF. 

How to submit nominations:

  • All members of the university community—faculty, staff, students and the public—are encouraged to submit nominations.
  • The 2024 Call for Nominations is now open. The deadline to fill out the nomination form is January 28, 2024. The nomination submission form link is: 2024 Usibelli Award Nomination Submission Form 
  • Nomination letter and letters of support must be combined in ONE PDF file. The PDF file can be uploaded in the Nomination Submission Form. For questions or assistance in submitting the nomination and the nomination letter and letters of support, please contact the Office of the Provost at 907-474-7096 or uaf-provost-awards@alaska.edu. 

For information or assistance contact Jennifer Hoppough at 907-474-7096, 311 Signers' Hall, or by email to uaf-provost-awards@alaska.edu.