Budget Planning Task Forces


Task force on Adjunct Teaching- what is the best use of adjunct teaching across UAF and how do we balance adjunct vs. full time faculty to optimize resource use and the student experience?

Committee Members

Mark Herrmann

John Heaton

Michele Stalder

Mark Young

Veronica Plumb


Adjunct Teaching- Final Report

Task Force on Class Sizes-what are the optimum class sizes at different levels and fields at UAF and how do we achieve those results while improving the student experience? How do we achieve an average class size that is closer to our peers, possibly through larger GERs to account for smaller upper division and graduate classes?

Committee Members

Todd Sherman

Andy Seitz

Bryan Uher

Hayley Williams

Denise Thorsen

Amanda Wall


Class Sizes- Final Report

Task Force for eCampus Integration- in what ways can eCampus be further  developed or utilized to improve the student experience, increase options for  students and reduce costs?

Committee Members

Owen Guthrie

Heidi Olson

Keith Swarner

Matt Wooller

Anshul Pandya

Samara Taber

Scott Culbertson

Diane Wagner


eCampus Integration- Final Report

Task Force for Research Repositioning- Identify the key areas where UAF has established its research excellence and can sustain growth primarily through external funding?  Project the leadership potential and sustainability plans for these key research areas. Outline areas of research or research support where expenditures could or should be reduced, along with a tentative plan and timeline for reductions.

Committee Members

Nettie Labelle-Hamer

David Barnes

Kristin O'Brein

Charlene Stern

Gwen Holdmann

Arleigh Reynolds

Katrine Iken


Research Repositioning Final Report

Task Force on Non-credit Credentials- how do we credential non-credit programs and account for non-credit "enrollment".

Committee Members

Juella Sparks

Michelle Bartlett

Adam Watson

Jennifer Tillbury

Kevin Illingworth

Dan LaSota


Non-credit Credentials-Final Report

Task Force for Policies and Procedures- what UAF or system level procedures are unnecessarily burdensome and could be modified to create efficiencies?

Committee Members

Karen Jensen

Bill Schnabel

Rich Collins

Phil Harrington

Scott Rupp

Cecelia Chamberlain

Julie Queen

Mary Schrage

Holly McDonald

Nicole Cundiff


Policies and Procedures-Final Report