Access and Special Needs

The University of Alaska Museum of the North continually improves accessibility features that will make your visit both enjoyable and comfortable. 

Parking and Main Entrance

There are designated accessible parking spaces at the northeast end of the Museum that lead to the main entrance via a concrete walkway. When buses arrive at the Museum, a paved and sloped ramp leads from the bus drop-off area to the main entrance. The large double sets of glass doors are 31 inches wide and the south door has a power assist.

There are also accessible parking spaces at the northwest end of the building, however these are some distance from the main entrance.

Public Areas

There is an accessible path of travel throughout all public areas of the museum. This provides all visitors complete access to the variety of summer and winter programs being offered by the museum. 


The museum has three wheelchairs available for visitor use. These are available on a first-come, first-served basis at the admission desk. If you are bringing a party to the museum where additional wheelchairs may be required, please alert us a few days in advance and we can make arrangements to accommodate your visit. 

Media Services

The Gallery of Alaska includes open captioning on all video presentations, and our temporary exhibits and Art Gallery media presentations are being upgraded to include open captioning through the spring of 2019.

The museum provides an audio tour of the galleries through a smart phone app. If you have questions about the app and where to access it in advance of your visit, please call (907) 474-7505.

Museum auditorium shows can be viewed with a free assisted-listening system available through the admissions desk. All of our shows are available in transcript form through hard-copies at the admissions desk. For those shows whose transcripts we can make downloadable, the links are below.


Other Aids and Services

The museum can source many additional services through the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Please call us in advance of your visit so that we can provide the services necessary to make everyone’s visit equally memorable.