May 28, 2011 - January 3, 2012


Our use of energy permeates all our daily activities. Almost every human activity relies on a cheap, constant supply of energy, from the food we eat to the heat we need for our homes. Power Play demonstrates with interactive games how Alaskans can power their daily lives and challenges visitors to think about balancing energy needs and supplies.


• In the city engine, visitors power a model city with marbles that produce light and sound.
• The wind station lets users adjust a wind turbine and test performance.
• At the geothermal station, visitors run a simulated geothermal power plant.
• A digital game lets visitors control the cost of energy.




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Power Play is sponsored by these organizations:
GVEA Golden Valley Electric Association; UAF Cooperative Extension Service; Alaska Housing Finance Corporation; BP; CIRI; Usibelli Coal Mine, Inc.; Alaska Energy Authority; Alaska Power Association; Alaska Village Electric Cooperative; Ocean Renewable Power Company; Renewable Energy Alaska Project; STG Incorporated; Hattenburg Dilley & Linnell, LLC

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