Denali Legacy

May 2013 - April 2014

"I was ahead all day and was the first ever to set foot on Mt. Denali."

From the diary of Walter Harper, dated Saturday, June 7, 1913

In 1913, a group of men used only their  strength and intelligence to climb to the peak of Denali. This exhibit examines the journey through the original journals of those climbers. Meet the team that ferried supplies over 100 miles by dog sled before beginning their climb. Witness history as the four who summitted Denali tell their own tales.

  • See artifacts from the 1913 expedition: the camp stove, a Eucharist set, and the climbers’ diaries
  • Learn how equipment from the last century compares to today’s technology.
  • Hear saws and axes cutting into ice, feet crunching on snow, wind, and other sounds of Denali.
  • Examine a scale model of the mountain and explore the 100-year history of routes and climbers.

More about the Exhibit

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Denali Legacy: 100 Years on the Mountain»was created in partnership with Denali National Park and Preserve.