Art in the Making

May 12, 2012 - December 1, 2012


Experience art – before it is art.
Experience art in the making.


This exhibit follows five Fairbanks artists as they take their work from concept to completion.

  • Explore the artists’ techniques through sound and video.
  • Hear the artists reflect on vision, process, and practice.
  • Touch the tools and materials used to make the art.

Ceramicist ∙ Mask Maker ∙ Painter ∙ Photographer ∙ Printmaker


By juxtaposing a finished work of art, video of its creation, the tools used, and the voice of the artist, the exhibit transforms a single moment of enjoyment into a deeper appreciation.


If I’m having a bad day, I’ll come in and cut glass. You can’t always be creative. You have to just work some times.

Adam Ottavi


Mapping Art

Fairbanks may be small, but it is artistically rich. We asked Interior artists to tell us where they work, what they work on, and how much time they dedicate to their art.

Download the map here.


There is nothing accidental in painting. You have a palette and you bring it to the canvas. That chaos is unconscious and that always inspires me. My mood has created that mess.

Alfred Skondovitch


Art making can be tedious.

The hard work and challenges are often not visible in the final piece.


See the artists:Creating art is a balance of technique, passion, tenacity, and risk-taking. Listen to our five artists talk about what inspires their work and why they persist.

Watch interviews here.

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