Last Road North

The museum's collection of photographs by Alaska artist Ben Huff were purchased from his larger series The Last Road North.

These photos were taken along the Dalton Highway over the course of five years using a large format camera.

Read an interview with the artist.

Download a pdf of a story from the 2013 Spring/Summer issue of Forum, the magazine of the Alaska Humanities Forum. 

Ben Huff portrait by Dave Hylton

My photographs in Alaska are, at their core, a self-exploration into things I have a need to know more about. Alaska is a complicated place, and this complication reaches far past the sort of wilderness utopia that the world is used to associating to with this landscape.

I believe we are on the cusp of writing the history of Alaska’s legacy – resource development, wilderness, politics – I find the human relationships to the space in the margins of these larger ideas most interesting.

I am dedicated to making a life of producing art in Alaska, and navigating a path of sincere photographs that attempt to tell nuanced stories of the people and landscape of this massive social landscape.

-- Ben Huff, photographer