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Expedition AK - Archaeology and Mammalogy

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The collections at the University of Alaska Museum of the North represent thousands of years of cultural traditions and millions of years of biological evolution and diversity. Scientists have spent decades collecting and studying these artifacts and specimens, even before Alaska was a state. They are a crucial resource for research.

But where do they come from?

Follow museum scientists and their students as they journey across Alaska and beyond in search of clues about the people and animals that make their home here. Watch videos filmed on location that tell the tales of the scientists in search of clues to the region's dynamic history.

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It explores the connection between research collections and the museum science they support with dozens of objects from decades of field work by museum researchers and their students. Archaeology curator Josh Reuther said the exhibit highlights research made possible by the specimens preserved at the museum. 

Marmot and pika photos by Moose Peterson
Marmot and Pika Photos by Moose Peterson


About the heritage of the UA Museum of the North’s archaeology and mammal collections.



Who is working to document Alaska’s ancient history and living mammals.

What artifacts and specimens can tell us.

Why museums collect objects.

Where scientists have gone in search of artifacts and specimens.

How the UA Museum of the North makes discoveries based on its collections.