Gallery of Alaska entrance. Photo by Patricia Fisher
Gallery of Alaska

Our cultural and natural history gallery tours Alaska’s five geographic regions through a sampling of the museum’s 2.5 million objects and artifacts. Learn about the people, wildlife, geography, and the history of each region. From natural history to recorded history, explore Alaska through the objects in our collections.

Polar Bear Portrait-favorite by Todd Sherman.
Special Exhibits Gallery

This unique gallery is located at the museum's main entrance and features temporary exhibits that explore the art, culture, history, and science of Alaska. Check back often to see what's new and upcoming.

The Place Where You Go to Listen. Photo by Barry McWayne.
The Place Where You Go to Listen

The Place Where You Go to Listen is a unique sound and light environment created by Grammy and Pulitzer Prize-winning composer John Luther Adams. This ever-changing musical ecosystem gives voice to the rhythms of daylight and darkness, the phases of the moon, the seismic vibrations of the earth, and the dance of the aurora borealis.

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Father of the Silver Salmon Mask.
Rose Berry Alaska Art Gallery

Explore 2,000 years of Alaska art, from the traditional to the modern. Examine ancient ivory carvings and Alaska Native objects used for both ceremony and everyday life. See paintings, photographs, and sculptures. From the functional to the fantastic, each object reveals Alaska and Alaska’s artistic influence on the world.

Jillian Richie excavates a test pit in an archaeological house feature on the Central Alaska Peninsula in 2011. Photo by Sam Coffman.
Collections Gallery

The Collections Gallery and Expedition Alaska exhibit highlight the recent adventures of the museum’s research collections. Through rotating exhibits featuring UAMN’s 10 research collections, we follow museum researchers as they float down the Yukon River, dig at Interior archaeological sites, pry apart driftwood on an active Aleutian volcano, and observe marmot behavior high on Alaska’s tundra.

Explore the Family Room. Photo by Theresa Bakker.
Family Room

For kids of all ages. Relax, browse our collection of books and maps, and investigate hands-on activities from previous exhibits and public programs. 

On Close Inspection, The Tundra Reveals A Fine Mosaic Of Plants by Michio Hoshino.
Natural Wonders

A selection of photographs by Michio Hoshino portrays the grandeur of Alaska’s landscapes and reveals intimate moments with wildlife. Hoshino specialized in photographing Alaskan wildlife until he was killed by a brown bear while on assignment in eastern Russia.