Polar Voices

Alaska Native elder Roy David, Sr. of Tetlin is featured in this set of episodes describing the changes that have affected his community. He said people used to skate on local lakes and rivers, but now the activity is seen as dangerous. “We don't skate like before."

The second season of the polar climate change documentary podcast PoLAR Voices is now available for download. The series covers a broad range of issues connected to Arctic and Antarctic climate change, from community mitigation to rural floods, and glacial retreat. These subjects may get media coverage but are rarely explained in an in-depth and multifaceted way.

Understanding how climate change impacts the Arctic can be a difficult concept to grasp for those who have never experienced life at the poles. The series features stories combed from a growing library of nearly 100 interviews and crafted into a podcast that brings together traditional knowledge, personal experiences, and scientific findings.

PoLAR Voices is a joint effort between the Arctic Institute of North America (AINA) at the University of Calgary and the University of Alaska Museum of the North (UAMN). The project is produced by UAMN digital media producer Kelsey Gobroski and  AINA post-doctoral fellow  Annie Quinney.  

The series is part of the Polar Learning and Responding (PoLAR) Climate Change Education Partnership based at Columbia University and funded by the National Science Foundation.  Season three of PoLAR Voices will begin with episode four in the spring of 2016. The series is expected to run for 21 episodes.


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