COVID-19 Stories

three cloth face masks
Three homemade face masks.
Submit your stories and collection ideas here!

The Ethnology & History department at UAMN represents the stories of Alaskans through objects and personal narratives. The current pandemic is affecting all Alaskans in different ways and we would like to hear from you to think about how we collect objects and narratives for future generations.

While most museums, archives, and libraries around the world are closed to the public in order to comply with social distancing requirements, staff are working remotely to make our collections and educational resources available to everyone. If you have ideas about objects we should consider collecting once it is safe to do so, please complete the form below to share your stories.

You can submit photos to Angela Linn, senior collections manager, to accompany your stories and ideas. With your permission we'll share excerpts here and on social media to help reveal how you're adapting to the changes to our society. When it's safe to collect objects, we'll include your ideas and suggestions.

Complete this form and send along your ideas for future collections. Consider keeping a COVID-19 journal to keep track of your changing experiences. We're living history as it happens.