Conditions of Loan

All collection loans are inter-institutional (between the University of Alaska Museum of the North and another institution, government agency, or private corporation), and are only made to legitimate professionals with a demonstrable need for temporary physical possession of objects.


Objects borrowed shall be given proper care to protect against loss, damage, or deterioration. The borrower agrees to comply with any special requirements for installation and handling noted by lender or required by best practices in the profession. All objects lent by the University of Alaska Museum of the North (UAMN) will have been thoroughly examined and documented in a condition report prior to loan and are considered to be in sound condition for loan. The borrower will review such documentation upon receipt of the loan, as well as prior to return, noting any changes to condition. UAMN must be notified immediately, to be followed by a written report including photographs if damage or loss is discovered. The borrower assumes full responsibility for any loss or damage to the materials at all times that the objects are not in the custody of UAMN. The borrower will not transfer possession, remove tags, repair, clean, alter, or restore objects it has received on loan without express written approval from UAMN. Objects must be maintained in a building equipped to protect them from fire, smoke, or flood damage; under 24-hour physical and/or electric security; and protected from extreme temperatures and humidity, excessive light, and from insects, vermin, dirt, or other environmental hazards. Objects must be handled only by experienced personnel and be secured from damage and theft by appropriate brackets, railings, display cases, or other responsible means. The borrower will not perform destructive analysis on any object without prior express written approval from UAMN.

The borrower is required to have insurance for the value stated in this agreement under an all-risk, wall-to-wall policy subject to the following standard exclusions: wear and tear, gradual deterioration, insects, vermin or inherent vice, repairing, restoration, or retouching process; hostile or warlike action, insurrection, rebellion, nuclear radiation, or radioactive contamination.
Borrower hereby guarantees that the required coverage as described above will be secured and maintained throughout the term of this loan and that UAMN will be named as additional insured. UAMN may request documentary evidence of such coverage such as a copy of the policy or a certificate of insurance. If the Borrower fails to secure and maintain said insurance, the Borrower will, nevertheless, be required to respond financially in case of loss or damage in full.
Where the borrower is a University of Alaska department, the department will be financially responsible for the full self-insured deductible assessed by the System Office of Risk Services for each and every loss.
Insurance value may be reviewed periodically and UAMN reserves the right to increase coverage if reasonably justified.
If insurance is waived by UAMN in writing (see below), the Borrower agrees to indemnify the Museum for any and all loss or damage to the objects occurring during the course of the loan.


Packing and transportation shall be by safe methods and carriers approved in advance by UAMN. Unpacking and repacking must be done by experienced personnel under competent supervision. Repacking must be done with the same or similar material and boxes, and by the same methods as the objects were packed by UAMN. Any additional instructions will be followed.
Borrower must comply with government regulations in international shipments. Unless otherwise agreed, the Borrower is responsible for following its country’s import/export requirements and UAMN is responsible for complying with its country’s import/export requirements.

Each object shall be labeled and credited to the University of Alaska Museum of the North. Unless advised by UAMN in writing, the visiting public may take impromptu photographs, but no other reproduction is permitted other than photographic copies for catalog and publicity uses related to the stated purpose of the loan. Permission to publish photos of objects must be arranged under separate agreement with the Curator of Ethnology & History. UAMN will be furnished with copies of any publication, catalog, or other documentation generated through use of loaned materials.

The borrower will be charged a maximum administrative fee of seventy-five dollars ($75) for each object for single venue loans. Objects in exhibitions traveling to different venues will be charged an additional fifty ($50) per object per venue. These fees cover the costs of processing and monitoring the loan over its duration and return. Borrowers may request a loan fee waiver if a special need is presented. UAMN will decide whether fees will be waived in its sole discretion.
Unless otherwise noted, all loan-related expenses (packing, transportation, customs, insurance, couriers, etc.) are the responsibility of the Borrower.
If objects require conservation treatment prior to loan, a separate treatment fee will be charged sixty-five dollars ($65) per hour of treatment. The Borrower will be informed of this potential at the time of agreement.
International loans are subject to an additional fee.