Alaska Entomological Society

The Alaska Entomological Society also has a links page with many excellent and recommended resources.

Alaska Science Forum - articles on Alaska insects.

Safrinet Manual for Entomology and Arachnology - recommended guide to insect and arachnid collecting (note: large file and slow server, be patient for download).

USDA - ARS manual to Collecting and Preserving Insects and Mites - another recommended guide to insect collecting.

Biodiversity sampling manual for Tropical Beetles - A web-page based manual that is loaded with good information. I recommend this excellent manual for anyone just getting started who wants to build a (beetle) collection.

Beneficial Insects and Spiders of Alaska - a PDF of a short and nice overview made by UAF's Cooperative Extension.


A great video by Wayne Maddison and Heather Proctor on How to Collect Jumping spiders (which is also generally useful for many spiders and beetles).

Videos made by Barney Booysen of me (Derek Sikes) explaining various field collection methods:

Filter cloth method to empty traps

Blue vane bumblebee traps

Using a sweep net and aspirator

Setting pitfall traps

Taking and running litter samples (video by LSU Entomology)
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