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UAF Master Planning Committee

Monday, December 11, 2023
9:00am - 11:00am
Lola Tilly Conference, Room 202


Google doc version

  1. Call to order 9:00-9:20
    1. Roll Call
    2. Adoption of Agenda
    3. Approval of Minutes
      1. UAF MPC Oct. 18 Meeting Minutes
    4. Safety Minute
      1. FS Report Form
      2. Encourage to send in advance
    5. Respect, Diversity, Inclusion, and Caring Minute
      1. D vs E vs I (from Staff Council)
        1. Diversity: who is represented in the workforce
        2. Equity: fair treatment for all people
        3. Inclusion: how the workforce experiences the workplace
      2. Encourage to send in advance
    6. Announcements
      1. Website clean up

  2. Status of Actions  9:20-9:25
    1. Disc Golf on North Campus - signed by Chancellor
    2. WATC Lab - signed by Chancellor
    3. Hotel Location - received, no action
    4. CIS - signed by Chancellor

  3. Subcommittee reports 9:25-9:30
    1. Inclusivity (inactive)
    2. Campus Landscape and Outdoor Art (inactive)
    3. North Campus
    4. Sustainability (inactive)

  4. Facilities Services Reports 9:30-9:35
    1. Design & Construction
    2. Space Planning

  5. Public comment (limited to three minutes) 9:35-9:45

  6. Action Items/New Business 9:45-10:05
    1. UAF South Slope Ski Trail

  7. Discussion & Information Items         10:05-10:20
    1. Committee Refresh
    2. Bylaw updates

  8. Round table         10:20-10:30

  9. Adjourn         10:30

Next meeting January 8, 2024, from 9-11am



Monday, Nov 6, 2023
Lola Tilly Conference Room 202


Google doc version

Meeting canceled due to lack of agenda items - group did not meet

  1. Call to order- (0900-0915)
    1. Roll Call
    2. Adoption of Agenda
    3. Safety Minute

  2. Announcements

  3. Action Items

  4. Subcommittee reports
    1. Inclusivity- No report 
    2. Landscape- No report
    3. North Campus- No updates since last meeting
    4. Sustainability

  5. Facilities Services
    1. DDC Report from Cameron
    2. Space Planning - no updates since last meeting

  6. Round table:
    1. By-laws review and appointments

  7. Public comment (limited to three minutes)

  8. Adjourn

UAF Master Planning Committee MPC Meeting Minutes for

Oct. 18, 2023
Lola Tilly Conference Room 202

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  1. Call to order- (0900-0915)
    1. Roll Call: John George, Amy Topkok, Kellie Fritze, Gary Newman, Michael McFetridge, Forest Kuiper, Cameron Wohlford, Brittany Van Eck, Amber Cagwin, Jackson Fox, Mathew Mund, Mark Oldmixon
      1. Guest: Chancellor White, Jennifer Williams-Hickenbottom
    2. Adoption of Agenda: Motion to approve by Gary Newman, Seconded by Mark Oldmixon
    3. Safety Minute: Fire Prevention Month, check your smoke detectors, have 2 routes of escape and sleep with doors shut

  2. Announcements
    1. Chancellor’s Welcome: Passed out a new memo renewing charge and setting term limits for new board members.
      1. Presented Main Street concept improving the building on Tanana Loop

  3. Action Items
    1. Nominations for MPC Secretary - Mark Oldmixon self Motioned by Gary Newman, Seconded by Forest Kuiper
    2. Amy Topkok’s stepping down
    3. John George on FML for 2 months

  4. Subcommittee reports
    1. Inclusivity- No report
    2. Landscape- No report
    3. North Campus- Trails moved to winter Fire Trail signage delayed, so trail opening Spring 2024. Plan request update from MPC? eBike policy in committee.
    4. Sustainability

  5. Facilities Services
    1. Space Planning
      • Lathrop move: PAIR, K12, and Onboarding & Engagement spaces are still outstanding.
      • ROTC moving from Eielson to Bunnell Winter 2023
      • CBSM received space to expand in
      • URSA and North Star college Eielson-Bunnell
      • Facility Services

  6. Round table (1000-1015)
    1. Hotel proposal update brought by Kellie Fritze, Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities (AVCF)
    2. MPC website update

  7. Public comment (limited to three minutes)

  8. Adjourn

  9. Next meeting November 6 from 9-


Monday, Sept 25, 2023
9-11 a.m.
Lola Tilly Conference Room 202

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  1. Call to order- Amelia (Amy) Topkok (0900-0915)
    1. Roll Call
    2. Adoption of Agenda
    3. Safety Minute

  2. Announcements

  3. Action Items
    1. Long Range Plan Fairbanks Experimental Farm (0915-0930)
    2. WATC Test BOB

  4. Subcommittee reports
    1. Inclusivity- No report
    2. Landscape- No report
    3. North Campus- No report
    4. Sustainability

  5. Facilities Services
    1. Draft FEF long range plan (0930-1000)
    2. Space Planning

  6. Round table (1000-1015)

  7. Public comment (1015-1020)

  8. Adjourn (1020)

  9. Next meeting 9, 2023.

Any agenda items, please email John George at or Maggie King at by Oct. 1, 2023.


August 28, 2023
Lola Tilly Conference Room 202

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  1. Call to order- John George (0900-0920)
    1. Roll Call
    2. Adoption of Agenda
    3. Safety Minute
    4. Updates
      1. CTC Digital Sign
      2. LIDAR

  2. Action Items
    1. CIS Master Plan (0920-0940)
    2. CTC Master Plan (0940-1000)
    3. Secretary Election (1000-1010)

  3. Subcommittee reports- (1010-1020)
    1. Inclusivity- No Report
    2. Landscape
    3. North Campus
    4. Sustainability- Plan update

  4. Facilities Services
    1. Report (1020-1035)
    2. Space Planning (1035-1050)

  5. Round table (1050-1055)

  6. Public comment (1055-1100)

  7. Adjourn (1100)

  8. Next meeting by call of the chair or September 11,




May 1, 2023
Lola Tilly Conference Room 202

Download PDF of meeting notes 


  1. Call to order- John George (0900-0915)
    1. Roll Call
      1. Present - Amy Topkok, Matthew Mund, Gary Newman, John George, Michael McFetridge, Cam Wohlford, Kelly, Chantelle McGinnis,

        Absent: Carla Browning,
    2. Adoption of Agenda
    3. Safety Minute- Construction season is upon As snow melts and refreezes.
    4. Announcements
      1. Idea for a hotel on campus
      2. Sports Arena- hockey More information coming soon.
  2. Action Items
    1. Long Range Plan Fairbanks Experimental Farm (0915-0930) on the board for the May BOR agenda
  3. Subcommittee reports-
    1. Inclusivity- No report
    2. Landscape- No report
    3. North Campus- No report
    4. Sustainability - Cachet no longer with sustainability, so recommended inviting Christi Kemper to be the rep.
  4. Facilities Services
    1. Draft FEF long range plan (0930-1000)
      • Moore Hall. Lots of furniture coming out of Moore Hall that will be for sale. that's a 14 month construction window. So that that project will be done late July next year, and the students will be back in August of 2,004.
      • The Success center in the library. That's it to go to perception in late There’s a 4 month construction window for that project.
      • Painting Wickersham Students are moving in.
      • Nenana Hanger goes out to bid in ~ two
      • CIS and CTC master plans final draft review Will run by the MPC before the BOR in Sept. CTC working to blend AQUASI with CTC hanger.
      • GCI antenna - looking to increase output and updating their plan. they are not sure what they will be putting on the roof, but that will come back to MPC.
      • Gravel clean-up - warmer winter and more Two street sweepers. One at night and one in the daytime. Recycled gravel.
      • Planetarium is on track for 65% design by
    2. Space Planning
  5. Round table (1000-1015)
  6. Public comment (1015-1020)
  7. Adjourn (1020)
  8. Next meeting by call of the chair or September 11,


March 6, 2023
Lola Tilly Conference Room 202

Download PDF of meeting notes


  1. Call to order- John George (0900-0915)
    1. Roll Call (all present except for Michael Lund and Nathan Belz on sabbatical)
    2. Adoption of Agenda
    3. Respect, Diversity, Inclusion and Caring Minute
      1. Women’s History Month - UAF has a rich history of women.
    4. Safety Minute- Facilities Services is doing a good job on campus removing snow on campus.
    5. Announcements
      1. April 6th Chancellor White to address MPC
  2. Action Items
    1. Sustainability Plan (0915-0945)

Cristi Kemper, coordinator, Office of Sustainability, requesting support for a new updated Sustainability Plan at UAF.

The sustainability plan, began as a student effort, was last updated in 2015; the Office of Sustainability doesn’t have the funding or staffing to update the plan and they would like the MPC to consider taking this on. It will need to have the full backing of the chancellor and MPC as well as financial support.

Projects in the last 7 years have included, among others(90 in total):

  • UAF recycling
  • Green Bikes
  • Nanook Grown

The previous plan had previously been funded through the Sustainability Fund which has since changed funding mechanism and what had been $500k(2014) is now set at ~$140,000. A green revolving fund was set up to support sustainability at UAF. Despite the decline in funding the office established two additional programs and now oversees the WC Food Pantry.

Graph showing sustainability on campus

The office is now housed within the Center for Student Engagement. The office now provides activities, events, assistance with school projects, internships, and community resources year-round in addition to maintaining the aforementioned programs. The office also funds the dining services reusable containers program.

2014 - Funded the Sustainability Plan with input from stakeholders across the campus. The plan was adopted as part of the Campus Master Plan in January 2015. However, it needs to be updated and is tied to UAF’s strategic goals.

Graph showing the process points of the sustainability plan

The costs to update the plan are expected to be $56-$85k(option 1) with a timeline of beginning summer 2023 and wrap up spring 2024. Option 2 - $16-$25k would cover the basics, but doesn’t move the plan forward. Either plan will create leadership opportunities for students as they work with leadership and others to update.

Office of Sustainability would like to see this funded through the Green Revolving Fund.

Graph showing the green revolving fund process

UAF’s fund is unique, and that we are able to do loans for any sustainability project as long as the fund is paid back so we can do. immediate cost savings. As long as it's being paid back, we split up over 2 or 3 years. The student board also has the ability to reduce that total amount paid back all the way down to 105 of the original amount. This is usually done when a department is willing to make payments larger than 90% of the cost, saving, or revenue associated with the project. This would definitely apply to this project if we wanted to use the revolving fund. The Sustainability Fee is already tapped supporting programs so not available for this project.


  • UAF’s plan also includes a sustainability Strange that a plan has to be done on a loan and should be supported by UAF. Perhaps look for other funding, including a sustainability fee added to projects. Have every department contribute, perhaps.

MPC can decide to support either option; Tabled conversation for the April 6. Need a decision by beginning of May. Has not been a budget request directly from Wood Center.

Action taken: Gary moves to postpone action to April meeting. Amy seconds. All agreed.

Fairbanks Experiment Farm long-range plan presentation - Katie DiCristina

- the plan came before the MPC before. Cam suggested updating the plan. to get to the board and. No recommendation needed today.

The purpose is to provide living document to thoughtfully guide development of facilities and programs and projects at the Fairbanks Experiment Farm.

1st section - blank introduction from the chancellor. We hope that the Chancellor will endorse this and provide his words and introduction to the document here.

History: Experiment Farm established in 1906 - history and contributions of the farm to Alaska agriculture. Includes why the farm was established and the type of research done over the last 100 years.

Challenges and opportunities:Pg. 6-7 trends in agriculture in the state. Increase in number of farms up; between 1997 and 2,017, and increase of the number of farms. Decrease in average farm size so there’s an increase in small farms in Alaska. About 46% of farmers in Alaska are new or beginning farmers, so that means that they farm for 10 years or less. Highlights the importance of this document for UAF as a leader in this area. The vision places the Fairbanks farm in a position to be the center of experiential learning, innovative research and service outreach for agriculture in Alaska.

Challenges, cuts in funding and staff.

The Georgeson Botanical Garden is part of the farm.

Have framed a realistic vision refer to the plan for details. Vision:

Pg. 8 - assets and identity, location Pg. 19 - boundary limits of the farm. pg. 26 - the facilities inventory.

pg 21 - how we intend to accomplish the vision

Objectives: align with UAF strategic plan are organized by short (0-5 mid- 5-10 and long-term timeline. 10 years plus)

Georgeson Botanical Gardens long-range plan is also included as an appendix. Visual of the physical landscape of what we’re working on. The capt

No action needed by MPC.

  1. GCI Antenna Moore Hall (0945-1000)
    1. `The contract is up for renewal. We have a permit with GCI to have antennas on top of More hall, and we've had it for over a decade. It's up for renewal, and the question of how many antennas that are on there and allowed to be on, there came up so in the agreement it says 5, turns out they have 6 up there. turns out they have 6 up We're trying to dig through historical documents. There are drawings that appear that they went through approval with UAf in 2013. But it's not finalized. So we're having them submit their antenna proposal through Cameron, and then we'll update that

      permit. But I just wanted to give you all heads up. They have plans to do construction in 2024, but they are updating the plan and will present it to MPC later. No action needed; Add to agenda for Fall 2023 if needed. FS will update the plan. They have a storage closet and may need other options to support the hardware and if so, there could be future action.

  1. Subcommittee reports-
    1. Inclusivity- No report
    2. Landscape- No report
    3. North Campus- Wildland Fire Signage

      Brittany - update working with the fire consortium to do an interpretive trail on the burn scar. Sign posts are done, but FS is doing final review on signs themselves. Final approval in UR. Target install date is early May. Other folks are trying to incorporate it into UAF’s marketing/tour outreach. No action needed.
    4. Sustainability (see above)
  2. Facilities Services
    • Hard pack
    • Teddy Walker, res life director, met with ASUAF to talk about the Moore-Bartlett renovation and impacts to housing. Student housing will be accommodated with using these 3 lower dorms for switcher sham, while both towers are being closed down. Res life will work on prioritization and maximize rooms with doubles rather than super singles. Wickersham will be back online
    • Student housing accommodates three lower residence Expect a slight pinch in housing over the next year. Skarland will be open.
    • CIS and CTC master plans are going - take more time to work with groups; Harper development goals. DFM and backlog and our current schedule wrapping drafts early May and working through MPC and Cabinet.
    • EPA is on campus for the non-attainment plan, 2- 8 p.m. in Wood Center.
    • Board meeting on Feb. 23 approved the planetarium They also approved the new hangar in Nenana for ACUASI. Project passed, but the research group will follow up with Did you Know about ACUASI.
    • Salisbury opening
    • Campuswide steam outage in early
    • Troth Yeddha’ The Legacy Committee is fully engaged. Great giving Day $54K donated to the project. Looking at how to fund with a price tag

    • Space Planning (1020-1025)
      Disability moving to Eielson 102-104. They are retaining satellite areas. They will be moving in soon.

      Student Center for Health and Counseling - has a renovation. They need a landing spot.

      Welcome center planning for Lola is in progress. Working on high-level details as far as how the space will be used and by whom.

  3. Round table (1025-1035)
  4. Public comment (1035-1040)
  5. Adjourn (1040)

  6. Next meeting 0900 Thursday April 6 . Note special date to accommodate Chancellor White addressing MPC.
January 23, 2023
Lola Tilly Conference Room 202
Meeting notes


Download meeting notes

Present: Brittany Van Eck, Chantelle McGinness, Carla Browning, Michael McFetridge, Forrest Kuiper, John George, Cachet Garrett, Mathew Mund, Cindy Write, Cam Wohlford, Amy Topkok, Michael Lund, Gary Newman and Kellie Fritze, Cindy Wright.

Absent: Nathan Belz (sabbatical)
Guests: Carl Dierking, Paul Austin, Jay Cable, Jami Warrick.

  1. Call to order- John George (15 minutes) 0900-0915
    • Roll Call
    • Adoption of Agenda – Added 15 minutes for Sustainability. Newman moves to approve. Wright -seconds.
    • Approve minutes. Michael Lund, moves to approve. Approved with a comment from Gary Newman about getting them out in advance of the meeting.
    • Respect, Diversity, Inclusion and Caring Minute –John George offered an explanation to the group about what this is. Reminder to tune in for NWC Shine the Light Series online.
    • Safety Minute
      1. Carbon Monoxide – Awareness about carbon monoxide poisoning. It’s a colorless, odorless I. Call to order- John George (15 minutes) 0900-0915
    • Announcements
      1. MPC Memo format
        VC Queen has asked that we add a line to include potential funding sources for any future requests. Also invited Chancellor White to come to the Feb. meeting.
  2. Action Items
    1. Antenna Request Usibelli Bld. (15 min) 0915-0930
      1. FS request regarding antennae. The current GINA antenna (“Big Dog”), located on the roof of the Akasofu Building, is nearing the end of its useful lifespan. It’s uncertain how long the antenna will remain functional, so a new antenna will be purchased/installed to provide weather data. We are looking at several  At GINA antennae are critically important – hazard monitoring data. Currently I have two seats but one is aging. Detecting fires, fire spread, volcano/ash, monitoring sea ice and for the Sikuliaq. Two satellites needed to avoid conflicts.
      2. The current antenna can only receive less than half of what’s available and expensive to operate. Will the old one be removed? Would another entity try to take over as education. The current one is still operational. It’s older asset but still track satellites, as long as it continues to operate, we’d like to keep it as there’s potential for others to use it. Purchased in 2001. FS looked at traditional Akasofu locations. Recommended Reichardt and Usibelli Building. From a safety perspective to service the antennae to clear snow, etc. A good pathway for equipment and narrowed to R and U. When Usibelli from a load perspective Usibelli is pretty much plug and play. From FS perspective it’s a good option. The view shed. From a performance perspective, what may impact the signal. So we evaluated each of these other sites to have impacts with the exception of Usibelli. If no longer needed it will be removed. Maybe add UAF logo? A crane will be brought in to install it.
      Action taken: Master planning Committee reviewed and recommended placement of a free standing or on-building antenna or other scientific equipment on the UAF Usibelli Building roof as outlined in the GINA request.

      While GI/GINA plans to maintain this new antenna in perpetuity, any demolition/removal requirements will be coordinated through DDC or other entities as appropriate. All demolition and removal costs will be covered by the GI/GINA.

      Mathew Mund, moves and Cam Wohlford seconds. Added removal if it’s no longer needed. Motion passes.
    2. Sustainability master plan discussion - Cachet Garrett

      The sustainability plan was last updated in 2015; the Office of Sustainability doesn’t have the funding or staffing to update the plan and they would like the MPC to consider taking this on. It will need to have the full backing of the chancellor and MPC as well as financial support.

      John George- plan is important for some of do. It’s not just about recycling, but has broader implications. the other things we do. It's not just about recycling, but has broader implications.

      There is not someone currently identified to step up to lead this effort or to take on what you’ve been doing in the RISE group or in OoS. Not at this time.

      This will require financial support and resources and MPC isn’t in a position to address those things.

      Gary – Craft something that indicates that UAF should have a commitment to it based on the master plan, university community and larger community as well. There are resources out there from STARS and ASSHE and others that can help us through this.

      Suggestions included RISE board funding, Center for Student Engagement, campuswide survey or include this planning within a class, and possible subcommittee to draft resolutions, and a presentation to core. Consider funding sources and possibly involving the climate scholars. OoS gets a portion of the consolidated fee. UAF leadership restructured the way the funds are managed and in doing so, also has responsibility for the sustainability plan.

      Action taken: MPC asked OoS to come back to the next meeting and select committee members to work on what’s decided.
  3. Subcommittee reports-
    1. Inclusivity- No report
    2. Landscape- No report
    3. North Campus- No Report
      Talked with Peter Fixx, chair last time the report was written. He’s thinking about whether he can support that or next spring if we bring it back to him for spring 24. They would need funding for the consultant. FS would ask the administration for funding to complete the plan.
    4. Sustainability - canceled meeting
  4. Facilities Services
    1. Space Planning (5 minutes)                  0930-0935

      We talked about MBS moving, and they are moved. So if you are in the library you'll see them. The welcome planning for the welcome center. The planning for Lola was officially signed up by the Chancellor, and then it's on the calendar to begin planning for the welcome center. Secondly, that's officially been for, and I think we'll start meeting in the next few weeks.

      Facilities Services
      • Funded from donation to begin the
      • Funding for ACAUSI for the new hanger in Nenana - working on lease.
      • Student Success center in the library we've reached the 60% design milestone. We're still optimistic that it's bidding in May, 2023 to May 24 construction, August 2024 occupancy.
      • Moore-Bartlett well on this way for design, Construction at the end of May. That's a 14 month construction, so we'll be back in the dorms in fall semester 2024
      • Residence halls It will be a tight squeeze for the 23-24 semester.
      • CTC and working on big ideas; looking at the space Where will they move programs, indigenous studies center and where CIS will go. Drafts of Master plans due June 1st and Sept. BOR approval.
      • Labor shop, carpenter shop and electric have taken on ownership of classroom furniture, moving back to where they are supposed to be, repairs, etc.
      • We had two faults that tripped campus off line. The last outages that GV has had on the campus has done
  5. Round table (10 minutes)                                  0935-0945
    • Faculty member complaining about a classroom taken off
    • Cachet dropped enrollment level; would like to remain on the
  6. Public comment (5 minutes)                            0945-0950
  7. Adjourn                                                                         0950


Coming soon
UAF Master Plan Committee
May 3, 2021   ELIF Room 403 and via Zoom
Meeting Notes

Download a PDF copy of minutes

Members Present (in person):   Chairman Josh Greenberg, chairman; Gary Newman, Mark Oldmixon

Members Present (via Zoom or phone):  Cameron Wohlford, Holly Beamon, Kara Axx, Chantelle, Doug Schrage

Members Not Present: Nathan Belz, John George, Donna Gardino, Kathleen Meckel, Carla Browning, Peter Van Flein

Others: Bryant Wright, FNSB Trails Coordinator; Chancellor Dan White

The meeting was called to order at 9:18 am, late due to technical difficulties.

This was the last meeting for Chairman Greenberg, as he has retired from UAF and leaving the state.

Bryant Wright spoke about the Alaska Long Trail Proposal and took questions about it and the FNSB Trails Plan update.

Chancellor White indicated he had not yet been able to recruit a replacement for Josh as chairperson.  The bylaws currently call for the chairperson to be faculty.  Kara noted that there was a short period of time where Deb Horner, space planner and Derek Miller, assistant to the Chancellor, filled in as co-chair until a faculty chairperson could be appointed.     Chancellor White also indicated his appreciation for the MPC and the ability to think big and beyond the normal.   He spoke about The Bus, Art on Campus and Inclusivity..  He spoke about the Board of Advisors for Naming Opportunities, within the Board of Regents philanthropic rules for this, e.g. ELIF would be $60 mm.   Also that there is renewed interest with the Federal Infrastructure legislation pending for Troth Yeddha and the UAF Fire Station.


North Campus:  Mark Olmixon noted that updating trailheads and mapping, otherwise no meeting

Campus Landscape:   no meeting

Sustainability:  Josh has been serving as MPC non-voting rep.  Need a replacement.

Inclusivity:  Holly Beamon – looking at a meeting for a campus walkthrough.

Facilities Services – Cameron Wolford. 

  • Relocate Signers Hall air intake to avoid auto exhaust pollution.
  • Repairing cracked concrete in core area.

Good of the Order:  Holly Beamon is taking a different position so is resigning from the MPC.  Mark Oldmixon will talk with vice-chairman Nathan Belz about filling in for Josh.   Josh was thanked for his diligence and leadership for the MPC as chairman and all wished him well in his move back to family connections in Connecticut.

Schedule: Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 7 at 9 am.   Kara indicated that the agenda will include review of the plan for a site to display The Bus (Into the Wild, relocated from the Kantishna area)

Meeting adjourned at 10:20 am.

UAF Master Planning Committee
Meeting Notes
Monday, April 5, 2021; 9am-11am
Zoom meeting

Download a PDF copy of minutes

Present: Joshua Greenberg, Donna Gardino, Nathan Belz, Cameron Wohlford, Doug Schrage, Holly Beamon, Kara Azz, Gary Newman

Guests: Katy Catron, Tracie Curry

  1. Welcome and introductions

  2. OHV policy –Chief Catron
    UAF Police Chief Catron shared law enforcement’s perspective on the current policy. Chief Carton has requested more signage to post on campus regarding OHV restrictions. Chief Carton does not see a problem with the current policy, indicating that the challenge is with enforcement. Chief Carton also recommends increasing awareness of UAF’s OHV policy by publicizing beyond the UAF Cornerstone publication. UAF Police Officers do not chase people on OHVs, and confronting violators while on the trail is discouraged. Bollards could be installed at trailheads, but these tend to be ineffective as OHV users make trails around them. If photographic evidence of violations can be provided, UAF Police can attempt to identify and trespass the violators.

    The committee also learned of the recent announcement from the Alaska Department of Public Safety about proposed changes on the use of ATVs and snowmobiles on roads in Alaska, which is currently open for public comment. If approved, OHV use would be permitted on roads with limits of 45 mph or less. The announcement is accessible online at:

    The committee questions how this proposal would affect university property. The pedestrian pathways around campus on Miller Hill Road and Yankovich Road is under a maintenance agreement with DOT. To gain a better understanding of the policy’s impact, the Committee will request information from the Lands Office about university ownership of roadways on campus.

    The MPC chair reported that UAF Ag Farm manager does not consider OHVs use in fields a problem as long as damage to research plots does not result from that activity. The hill below the Butrovich Building was identified as a particularly hazardous area because of the hidden bike and pedestrian path that is crossed to access the hill. The risk of concealing activity on the path increases throughout the winter as snow berms accumulate and block the view.

    A motion was made and seconded to change the current UAF OHV (ORV) policy from:
    UAF Campus, for the purpose of this policy, “campus” is limited to the trails, sidewalks and roads owned and maintained by the University of Alaska Fairbanks.”

    To: UAF Campus, for the purpose of this policy, “campus” is limited to the trails, sidewalks, roads, fields and green spaces owned or maintained by the University of Alaska Fairbanks as delineated in Appendix A of this policy.”

    A follow-up motion was made and seconded to table the prior motion. This motion passed unanimously, tabling the motion for the language change to the current OHV (ORV) policy. The Committee will draft a letter to Chancellor White explaining MPC’s concern about current policy.
  3. Community garden expansion—Tracie Curry
    Dr. Curry presented to the MPC about the proposed expansion. There is increased demand from the community and existing gardeners for growing space. There are accessibility issues with parking so far away. There are also security issues with produce being taken from gardens, so they want to improve fencing with the expansion. The estimated cost will be about $10,500. Timing of expansion: fencing first, then build garden beds throughout year with goal of being able to have them available next year. A long-term solution to water access is needed. The current source is a fire hydrant, and this source will adequately meet increased demand for water in the short run. A long run water needs to be identified and the community garden committee will work Facilities services to identify a long run water source. There will also be a space dedicated for “free” produce to reduce the likelihood of produce being taken from rented beds.
  4. Subcommittee and additional reports
    1. North Campus
      Sherpa is operational again. Campus tails should be groomed soon.
    2. Campus Landscape
      Nothing new to report
    3. Sustainability
      Nothing new to report
    4. Inclusivity
      The sub-committee is working on signage and other measures of Native Alaska acknowledgement across campus. The UA Board of Reagents has not approved Troth Yeddha’ yet, so signage cannot be posted. However, the sub-committee has requested estimates in preparation for BOR approval.

      The sub-committee asks for ideas of what additional activities can be done to show UAF’s commitment in this area. The sub-committee also mentioned that the Campus Landscape Master Plan contains plantings that are not native to Alaska. The sub-committee plans to review the list to prioritize culturally significant plants.
  5. Facilities Services update.
    The 2021 Construction Map is up on our website and this year we have integrated the construction map into the UAF Campus Map. The map is interactive allowing viewers to click "Construction Locations,”:which then identifies Orange dots highlighting the work underway for this year. The map can be accessed at

    A canopy is being installed on the front of Elvey Building to prevent rainwater leaks into the electrical room below. This is viewed as a midterm solution, necessitated by budget constraints, with a 10-15 year life.

    Currently focused on snow removal from latest storm. Location, colocation and relocation of Facilities on campus is still being considered. DDC is generating estimates for various department relocations and working through strategies for funding. Also, there is now a one-year agreement for GVEA to purchase 7MW from UAF Power plant.

  6. Additional matters

  7. Public comment period
    No comments

  8. Schedule
    Next meeting is May 3rd, which will be Josh’s last meeting before retiring. The committee chair will explore the opportunity to have the meeting in-person.

Additional PDF files

UAF Master Planning Committee Meeting Meeting Notes from March 1, 2021

Download PDF of minutes

Present: Joshua Greenberg, Kara Axx, Carla Browning, Cameron Wohlford, Doug Schrage, Holly Beamon, Gary Newman, Mark Oldmixon

  1. Welcome and introductions

  2. OHV activity on campus
    The committee engaged in a discussion about problems with OHVs on campus and the current UAF policy. A key question is whether the problems with OHVs is due, at least in part, to deficiencies in the current UAF policy or whether it is an enforcement issue. UAF Police Chief Catron will be invited to the next meeting to inform the committee of law enforcement’s perspective. The MPC chair will contact the UAF Farm Manager to learn if they believe there is a problem with OHV vehicles on the farm fields. There was also discussion about other remedies including more effective communication of the UAF policy to the public. Carla offered to help develop a communication plan. However, the consensus was that any communication plan should be delayed until it is determined whether the current policy is in need of refinement. Nathan noted that there are a limited set of common access points to campus where signage might be effective in educating the public about UAF OHV restrictions. The committee also discussed whether a corridor for OHVs on campus is needed. However, this was seen as being problematic and possibly detrimental to limiting current use problems.

    A motion was made and seconded to change the current UAF OHV (ORV) policy from:
    UAF Campus, for the purpose of this policy, “campus” is limited to the trails, sidewalks and roads owned and maintained by the University of Alaska Fairbanks.”

    To: UAF Campus, for the purpose of this policy, “campus” is limited to the trails, sidewalks, roads, fields and green spaces owned and maintained by the University of Alaska Fairbanks as delineated in Appendix A of this policy.”

    A follow-up motion was made and seconded to postpone voting on the prior motion.

    This motion passed unanimously, postponing a vote on the motion for the language change to the current OHV (ORV) policy.

  3. Subcommittee and additional reports
    1. North Campus
      Outdoor Adventures is developing on new print maps.

    2. Campus Landscape
      Nothing new to report

    3. Sustainability
      Nothing new to report

    4. Inclusivity
      The sub-committee is working on signage and other measures of Native Alaska acknowledgement across campus. The sub-committee is also interested in exploring the possibility of some initial landscaping to the Troth Yeddha Park. The committee supports their efforts and the MPC chair will bring this issue to the Chancellor for his thoughts regarding this matter.
  4. Facilities Services
    No report.

  5. Additional matters
    The MPC chair noted that the UAF Foundation is going forward with a naming campaign and the Chancellor is soliciting “out-of-the box” naming opportunities from committee members.

  6. Public Comment
    No comments

  7. Schedule
    Next meeting April 5th

Download copy of March's agenda

UAF Master Planning Committee Meeting
Meeting Notes from February 1, 2021

Download a meeting minutes (PDF)

Present: Joshua Greenberg, Kara Axx, Kathleen Mekel, Carla Browning, Cameron Wohlford, Doug Schrage, Holly Beamon, Gary Newman, John George, Chantelle McGinness, Mark Oldmixon

  1. Welcome and introductions

  2. OHV activity on campus
    Item was tabled until the next MPC meeting. The MPC did engage in a preliminary discussion of the item in which they identified possible sources of problems with adherence to the current UAF OHV policy, such as snow machine traffic on farm fields and other areas around campus.

  3. Chancellor request on naming opportunities for UAF facilities
    The chancellor requested MPC assistance in identifying naming opportunities for UAF facilities. There is a campus naming committee, but it was noted that it has only met once in 3 years. It was also noted there is a UAF Facilities Name Guidelines developed in 2013 that follows BOR policy. The guidelines specify a formula for determining minimum naming gift amounts for facilities, which relates back specific facility costs. One particular opportunity mentioned was signage at the beginning of Thompson Drive. MPC members were encouraged to email the chair with any additional suggestions.

  4. Subcommittee and additional reports
    1. North Campus
      North Campus subcommittee (NCS) met to discuss a proposal that was brought to them by a member of the public to consider making improvements to the Pooch Loop walking trail to allow skijoring in that area. Several members of the public were present at the meeting. After discussion, the NCS decided it wanted to retain the area as a dog walking area. Accordingly, the NCS took no action on the submitted proposal. The NCS back in a 2006 consideration of the walking trail project, listed the Pooch Loop for improvement. However, what that entailed is unclear, and the NCS is currently researching any possible documentation to provide further clarification of MPC intent. The only related document found to-date was a map of the area and it is thought that this is probably what the MPC voted on at the time. The map does denote phases for the improvement plan, but offers no details as to what those phases entailed. The chair noted that he was contacted by a member of the public about the 2006 improvement plan. Their recollection was that the MPC outlined certain maintenance activities and noted there were community members willing to provide assistance in trail maintenance and improvement. Facilities Services, while appreciating offers of public assistance, prefers to do the work in-house given past issues with coordinating volunteers.
    2. Campus Landscape
      No report

    3. Sustainability
      Nothing new to report

    4. Inclusivity
      The committee last met in November and are currently working on a spring meeting schedule. They would like to request the MPC chair present to the Chancellor a committee proposal for new UAF branded signs at the 4 entrances to the Troth Yeddha’ Campus (North Tanana Drive, Alumni Drive, Sheep Creek and Thompson Drive) that acknowledge the Alaska Native Nations traditional lands upon which the UAF campuses reside. They would like to have Troth Yeddha’ included in that signage to welcome people to the Troth Yeddha’ campus. They would like to know if the Core Cabinet and other stakeholders support their working with Marketing and Facilities Services on this signage redesign and if there are funds available.

      The committee provided in an email to the MPC chair the following statement regarding its proposal: "The Master Planning subcommittee for Diversity and Inclusion would like to request new UAF branded signs at the four entrances to campus that acknowledge at UAF the Alaska Native nations upon whose traditional lands our six campuses reside. In Fairbanks, our Troth Yeddha' Campus is located on the traditional lands of the Dena' Athabascan people of the Tanana River and we'd like to see Troth Yeddha' specifically included on our signage when welcoming individuals to campus."

  5. Facilities Services
    Cameron Wohlford remarked that it should be another busy construction season on campus. The construction update map should be out in early March. He highlighted a few specific planned activities followed by committee discussion. There is a potential for a general obligation bond coming from the Governor’s Office and the university has been invited to submit projects to go on that bond. They have been working through a list for submissions that is mostly focused on modernization and revitalization.

  6. Public Comment
    No comments

  7. Schedule
    Next meeting March 1st

Meeting adjourned at 9:59

UAF Master Planning Committee Meeting
Meeting Notes from November 2, 2020

Download a meeting minutes (PDF)

Present: Joshua Greenberg, Kara Axx, Kathleen Mekel, Donna Gardino, Nathan Belz, Carla Browning, Cameron Wohlford

Absent: Doug Schrage, Holly Beamon and Gary Newman, Peter Van Flein, Sierra Von Hafften, Amanda Wall, John George, Chantelle McGinness

Welcome and introductions

Subcommittee and additional reports

North Campus - Kara
The North Campus Committee hasn’t met. Ski season has officially started and the trails are groomed. Josh asked about the 6-mile trail. Jason did work on it, but the list that Stan provided is more than can be completed in one year. The trails club donated culvert. FS has created a three year plan that’s pending approval from the chancellor.

Bus 142 is at Aurora and covered. The UAMN would like to begin work once they find indoor space. Pat Druckenmiller, UAMN director had questions about permafrost in the area they plan to permanently install the bus. Kara directed him to work with Cam Wohlford, FS as they have the area mapped.

Landscape Committee - Nathan
Nathan –Nothing upcoming at this point. Bear hasn’t’ called a meeting yet.

Sustainability Committee report - Josh
Josh Greenberg did not attend the last meeting. Nothing relevant on the agenda for MPC

Inclusivity Committee – Holly not in attendance
The group has met one time and will soon be working on a statement of goals/purpose. Once the committee has had an opportunity to work on that, provide it to Josh and he’ll post that and the members to the website.

Facilities Services
Not a whole lot to update. Snow removal and sanding stairs and entryways. The fence is being installed at ACEP. Work continues on Constitution Hall. The fence will remain through the end of November. The holdup at this point is the elevator install. It hasn’t arrived, but should be here any day now.

Any COVID-19 related issues
Cam – FS has been busy. ABM is taking daily reports. They have been contacted about on classrooms that did not have updated occupant loads. The campus community is doing well and they have continued to work with contractors to ensure mask requirement compliance.

FS crews will be bolstering their PPE as the guys work closely together in tight situations on camps.

No public comment

No actions

Chair adjourned.

Next meeting is Monday, Dec. 7, 2020.


UAF Master Planning Committee Meeting
Meeting Notes from October 5, 2020

Download PDF version of meeting notes

Attendees: Joshua Greenberg, Donna Gardino, Mark Oldmixon, Kathleen Merkel, Gary Neuman, Holly Beamon, Cameron Wohlford, John George, Nathan Belz, Kara Axx, Stan Justice, Chantel McGinnis, Carla Browning, Doug Schrage

Call to Order: 9:08 am

Trail Repair

This addresses drainage issues on the 6-mile Trail around Ballaine Lake. The Trail Club is offering their support. Stan Justice came with a presentation of past efforts of the Trail club that included student involvement. However, Covid hit and the project did not get very far. Facilities Services are installing culverts to correct the drainage problem. The Trails Club has purchased additional culverts, as well. It was noted that past reliance on wood chips is problematic because they degrade overtime into a black slime on poorly drained portions of the trails. UAF is the only trail regime in the state that still uses wood chips rather than gravel.

Motion was presented:

The Master Planning Committee reviewed the request for drainage installation on the 6-mile Trail to Ballaine Lake. The North Campus subcommittee passed a resolution to encourage and support Facilities Services’ working with and supporting the Trail Club efforts and financial support to address the drainage problem. The North Campus resolution states that:

“NCS supports the Trail Club efforts to address drainage issues up to and including ditching and culvert installation along the 6-mile trail to Ballaine Lake. The Trails Club is ready to financially support culvert purchasing, UAF SC and Ski Team are ready to support with volunteer time. Ideally, they would be done before freeze up 2020.”

Motion passed by MPC that the North Campus Resolution of the 6- Mile trail drainage repair be approved.

Motion made by G. Neuman, seconded by J. George. Passes unanimously.

Subcommittee and additional reports
  1. North Campus (NCSC)
    There was a request to meet quarterly. The NCSC addressed the Covid-19 mitigation plan. However, the campus is doing an overarching campus plan. North Campus will have a wipe dispenser and hand sanitizer at the ski hut. They recommend that people come to the ski area dressed and avoid use of the outhouse. On another note, they are not approving outside events at this time.

    Bus 142 update: No new developments. It has been received by UAF and is currently in storage pending future display plans.
  2. Campus Landscape
    No report. The UAF Concrete Canoes from the last two years have been returned. Would like to have them displayed, which participants have commonly done. There are about a dozen new planter boxes outside of the community garden.
  3. Sustainability
    Meeting regularly and adjusting their activities accordingly. The sculpted pole is back up but Facilities Service has received some complaints that they are currently addressing. The bench will not be replaced. The plaque has not been replaced yet.
  4. Inclusiveness Committee
    Holly Beamon provided an update of their meetings. They want to focus on historically marginalized students. They plan to focus on 5-7 goals and are seeking suggestions and feedback on their determination. Their next step will be establishing a statement of purpose and goals, which will then be used to narrow their focus.
  5. Facilities Services update
    The fence at the Energy Technology building will be installed this week. Installed bike path and pedestrian path signage along Tanana Loop. Road project is complete. Looks really good! Sent everyone a list of the facilities that have been removed over the last two years. The Shepard Building was moved to Talkeetna. ESports program will be located in Wood Center; the program includes an academic component. An EGaming Center is being constructed in Wood Center near the bowling lanes.

    Concrete work is complete at the library. There is a strip of gravel left so they can replace the pipes. By Constitution Hall there are new stairs and ramp complete with snowmelt. The new windows are in and look really good.

    There was a request for a connex at the Virology lab in support of the Covid-19 testing. MPC passed a motion through email in support of its placement. Despite MPC motion of support, several MPC members expressed sever reservations about allowing new connexes on campus. Thanks to all MPC members for their rapid responses to this request.
Public Comment

Josh noted that the representation we have from all facets of the University is important and would like to have MPC expertise harnessed in support of UAF planning. Members are encouraged to bring forward items and issues for consideration by the committee.

John George wondered about a volunteer effort regarding landscaping in the summer, particularly by the Butrovich building. Carla Browning said they have a Flower Planting Day and an Adopt-a-Bed program, but the Flower Planting Day was cancelled this year.

Schedule Next Meeting: November 2, 9:00 am

Adjourned at 9:51 am.


2020 6-mile Trail (PDF)

2020 Chip Trail Repairs (PDF)

North Campus Resolution (PDF)

Download November meeting agenda (PDF)

UAF Master Planning Committee Meeting

Meeting notes: August 31, 2020

Download a PDF copy of the minutes

In attendance: Joshua Greenberg, Carla Browning, Cameron Wohlford, Kara Axx, Nathan Belz, Holly Beamon, Donna Gardino, Gary Neuman, Mark Oldmixon, Kathleen Merkel, John George, Pat Druckenmiller, Doug Schrage

  1. Welcome and Introductions:

  2. Bus 142: Patrick Druckenmiller, provided a presentation on background and events to-date regarding Bus 142. He stated that they are in the early planning stages for developing the Bus exhibition. The Bus is owned by the State (DNR), which has agreed for the bus to be housed at UAF and exhibited the Alaska Museum of the North. UAF was chosen because of the museum’ strong curation and exhibition record and its status as one of three state historic repositories.

    It will be accepted by UAF for storage by the end of September. Dr. Druckenmiller indicated that a preliminary preferred site for permanent exhibition has been identified on the north side of the museum in a wooded setting (north of the parking lot). As currently envisioned, the cleared area located in close proximity to the museum would have a fence enclosure, be easily ADA accessible path, and have security cameras and interpretive panels. A set of challenges (see below) were provided in the presentation and discussed by the MPC with none appearing to be particularly problematic at this time.


    • Close to Troth Yeddha’
    • Permafrost
    • Accessibility
    • Security
    • Parking

    The presented phases for exhibition are….

    • Initial phase of transferring and temporary housing (sept. 2020)
    • Assessment and Cataloging Fall 2020
    • Conservation and stabilization Winter 2020-21
    • Exhibition Design Winter 2020
    • Site preparation Summer 2021
    • Installation
    • Grand Opening 2022 or 2023

    A Community advisory group is being formed to assist in developing the design of the exhibit. Kara Axx will serve as the MPC representative on the advisory group. The MPC requested that Dr. Druckenmiller keep University Relations involved as exhibition planning moves forward

  3. Chancellor request to MPC (see attachment)

    The Chancellor asked the MPC think about how to identify spaces and places on campus that may not convey our priority on being a respectful, diverse, inclusive and caring environment. This could include such areas as Native Alaska signage, organization of campus physical space and other opportunities the committee may identify. In response, a new Inclusivity subcommittee of the MPC was formed. Holly Beamon, who will take the lead in forming the committee, Carla Browning, Doug Schrage, Kathleen Meckel, and Cameron Wohlford volunteered to join the subcommittee. The expressed intention of the committee was to take a holistic rather than piecemeal approach that would provide for a consistent format and application.

  4. Subcommittee and additional reports
    1. North Campus

      Subcommittee has not met. A Zoom meeting is planned in the next month.

      Trying to come up with a plan on how to do events on the trails and noted that Relations has come up with a really good plan that could be utilized. However, the ski hut maintenance is still an issue, and closure is being considered, although other suggestions for keeping it clean and well maintained are welcomed.

    2. Campus Landscape

      No report. Community garden went fairly well except the ongoing issue with theft of property last year and vegetables this year.

    3. Sustainability

      RISE board has been very proactive in adapting its programming to the adjusted covid UAF environment.

  5. Facilities Services update

    Road project is nearly complete and working on landscaping and pedestrian barrier walls. They will have lighting and aluminum panels for the pedestrian concrete walkways. Should be done with landscaping this week.

    The whole landscape boxes in the core were removed. They are considering what to do in this area. Piping will be upgraded by the Bunnell building.

    Working with Energy and replacing the dead trees.

    Covid work includes helping the custodial efforts, planning efforts for cleaning, purchasing cleaning materials, and maintenance has installed plexiglass all over the campus. HVAC has been working on the systems throughout the campus.

    Sewer line at U-Park froze, water line had to be replaced, and electrical feed was replaced. Paving should occur soon.


    Additional Business

    The MPC chair proposed changing the MPC schedule to meeting once a month. Motion: The MPC meeting will be changed from Thursday to the first Monday of the month from 9am -11am for the 2020-2021 academic year. Made by Donna seconded by Carla. Passed unanimously. Doug Schrage will serve as MPC representative at the Chancellor’s Core Cabinet meetings.

  6. Public comment period.

    No public present

  7. Schedule Next Meeting: October 5, 9:00 am


Adjourned at 10:49 am.




UAF Master Planning Committee
Monday, February 3, 2020
9:00 a.m. -11:00 a.m.
Lola Tilly Commons Conference Room

Download a PDF copy of minutes

Attendees: Gary Newman, Kathleen Meckel, Kara Axx, Joshua Greenberg, Nathan Belz, Donna Gardino, Cameron Wohlford, Adam Watson, Amanda Wall, Sierra Von Hafften

  1. Welcomes and Introductions

    The MPC welcomed Sierra Von Hafften, the newly appointed undergraduate representative. Also, Cameron Wohlford joined the committee on an interim basis to fill the vacancy left by Jonathan Shambare’s departure.

  2. MPC Discussion

    Nathan Belz was unanimously elected Vice-Chair of the MPC.

    The MPC discussed whether, given evolving conditions, the 2019 UAF Master Plan (Plan) approved for a 1-year period should be revisited prior to its reconsideration by the BOR. It was decided that committee members will review the Plan to consider the following alternatives:

    1. no action, leave as is.
    2. consider major document modifications
    3. consider minor document modifications
    4. consider submitting an addendum to the UAF Master Plan that identifies areas of priority.

    The committee believes it would be useful to meet with the Chancellor at a later meeting if warranted following its Plan review. The committee believes it would be useful to receive direction from the Chancellor on the review of the Plan.

    The committee discussed reviving the Art-on-Campus subcommittee that would serve to review proposed interior and exterior art on the Fairbanks campus. Possible committee composition was discussed and includes representatives from the following departments/units: Art, Marketing and Communications, Alaska Native Studies, and ASUAF. The MPC chair will move forward with forming the subcommittee.

    The committee discussed the seemingly increased practice of exterior structures appearing on the Fairbanks campus without having gone through the MPC review process. The chair is tasked with presenting this issue to the Chancellor for follow up actions to emphasize to the university community the requirement of MPC review.

  3. Subcommittee reports

    1. North Campus: has not met. The issue of connecting the UAF ski trail system to that of Cramer Field remains an ongoing discussion item. Relevant to this item, The FNSB Planning Commission is having a meeting on Feb 11, to consider an appeal of its denial of a trail easement that included portions of Alaska Dog Mushers Association trails.

      Mid-March there will be a Suicide Prevention joint bike/ski fundraiser event co-sponsored by Goldstream Sports.

    2. Campus Landscape. Has not met

    3. Sustainability: The Rise Board is actively engaged in planning several upcoming sustainability themed events.

  4. Facilities Services

    The new power plant passed its emission test with flying colors.

    Several interior space projects are occurring, including a dedicated ESport space in Wood Center and renovation of Bunnel to create a home base for Middle College students.

    In coordination with the Georgeson Botanical Garden Society, additional parking is being considered for the deer yard. Parking shortages at Garden events has been an ongoing concern.

    UAF continues with its efforts of shedding off campus structures as part of cost reduction efforts.

  5. Next meeting is scheduled for February 17.

UAF Master Planning Committee

Monday, December 9, 2019: 9:00 a.m. -11:00 a.m.
Lola Tilly Commons Conference Room

Download PDF of minutes

Attendees: Gary Newman, Kathleen Meckel, Carla Browning, Mark Oldmixon, Kara Axx, Joshua Greenberg, Holly Beamon, Nathan Belz

  1. Welcomes and Introductions:

  2. Sport buildings banners –Mark Oldmixon presented MPC with computer renditions of large campus banners they are considering for display on the exterior of the Patty Center and Student Recreation sports complex. The banners are intended to provide a sense of arrival at the sports complex, inform the public of available services and serve as passive advertising.

    The MPC engaged in a broad discussion of the banners and expressed their enthusiastic support for the concept. Some specific points discussed included banner design, placement and on-brand coordination with other UAF environmental signage. The MPC looks forward seeing future renditions as the project progresses.

    The MPC discussion extended to note the apparent absence of outside signage policy on the UAF campus. The MPC is supposed to serve as a filter through which proposals for outdoor signage flow. Unfortunately, this role has been compromised as there are many instances where signage has appeared without MPC vetting. The committee had previously discussed a similar issue with respect to outdoor structures that appear on campus without having gone through the MPC review process. This is a matter that needs to be addressed in the near future.

  3. Subcommittee and additional reports:

    North Campus: There is a ski/bike duathlon planned for March. This will is a first time event that expands the recreational use of campus trails.

    Campus Landscape: No report.

    Sustainability: No report

  4. Facilities Services update: No report.

    Jonathan Shambare, University Architect and Planner and Vice Chair of the MPC will be leaving the University. He has been an invaluable member of the MPC and his contributions to the committee will be sorely missed.

    Additional signage is planned for the UAF sledding hill to reemphasize important safety considerations with its use

    Additional signage is planned for the Troth Yeddha Indigenous Studies Center and Park.

  5. Public Comments: no report


Next meeting will be scheduled for after winter break.

UAF Master Planning Committee

Monday, November 25, 2019: 9:00 a.m. -11:00 a.m.
Lola Tilly Commons Conference Room

Download PDF of minutes

Attendees: Gary Newman, Jonathan Shambare, Kara Axx, Amanda Wall, Carla Browning

Guests: Phil Schaeffer, Senior Facilities Electrical Engineer

  1. Welcomes and Introductions:
    Phil Schaeffer introduction.

  2. Phil Schaeffer provided an informational presentation on the ‘Alumni Drive to Tanana Loop’ metal stairway light replacement. The fixtures were chosen for consistency with those elsewhere on campus. This is part of ongoing implementation of UAF campus lighting plan.

    Jonathan Shambare presented the plan to replace the heating and cooling line between Gruening and Rasmussen with a larger diameter line. This has been an ongoing need and the project will occur this summer (June). Landscaping improvements around the Rasmuson Library are planned to occur in conjunction with the project.

  3. Subcommittee and additional reports:

    North Campus: Appointments or reappointments of all members of the subcommittee have been completed. There are several new members. Lighting on the trails is in need of improvement. To achieve cost savings a central control of the lights has been installed allowing trail lighting to be limited to periods of trail use. The North Campus Subcommittee plans on having a meeting in the near future.

    Campus Landscape: No report. MPC discussion focused on snow removal and ongoing challenges. A staffing shortage for snow removal has occurred because of difficulty attracting student workers. The committee noted that it might be helpful to have an update from Facility Services Operations on how they are triaging snow removal given the staffing shortage.

    Sustainability: The RISE Board is working toward getting the free store back in operation. The use of the free food pantry has increased and it is need of constant replenishment. The committee discussed several possible ideas for increasing donations that will be conveyed to the RISE Board at their next meeting.

  4. Facilities Services update: The women’s pole is in need of new location for temporary storage. The schedule for Moore Hall antennae installation is being scheduled. The schedule will occur at a time so as not to disrupt student residents. Additional ADA parking spaces are to be provided at the WRRB\Elvey\Akasofu parking lot.

  5. Public Comments: no report


Next meeting is scheduled for December 9th, 9:00-11:00a at the Lola Tilly Commons.

UAF Master Planning Committee

Monday, October 28, 2019: 9:00 a.m. -11:00 a.m.
Lola Tilly Commons Conference Room
Download PDF of minutes

Attendees: Donna Gardino, Gary Newman, Jonathan Shambare, Doug Schrage, Kara Axx, , John George, , Joshua Greenberg, Nathan Belz

Guests: Cameron Wohlford

  1. Welcomes and Introductions
    Interim Director D&C Cameron Wohlford introduction

  2. Cameron informed the committee of Chandalar and Tanana Loop Road improvements construction projects that will take place this summer. The projects will cause some disruptions to current traffic patterns and access. However, access to all facilities, parking lots and ADA parking will be maintained throughout construction.

    Cameron was uncertain if the road incorporates features of the FNSB green streets program, and will check.

    Cameron went through several additional smaller scale summer projects—7th floor renovation of Gruening and card swipe installation at Patty Center. This is part of a longer term plan for keyless card swipe locks on all buildings as a cost saving measure. He emphasized his desire for early communication of summer projects to facilitate planning by the UAF community.

    Power plant achieved a full load for 1 week; this was followed by a planned maintenance shutdown to be followed by performance testing. The plant will be fully operational when these activities are completed.

    Nordic House will come down next week and several other buildings have already been demolished. Serval university land parcels and buildings are for sale, including properties in Fort Yukon and Nome.

  3. There was an MPC discussion of forming a standing Art-on-Campus subcommittee. This followed a request from Interim Executive Officer Faye Gallant on behalf of Chancellor White to the MPC chair requesting the MPC propose additional artwork for Woodcenter. The MPC had an Art and Landscape subcommittee in the past that only considered exterior art. The proposed new subcommittee would consider both exterior and interior art. A variety of stakeholders were identified for possible inclusion on the subcommittee. The MPC chair will reach out to various stakeholders for subcommittee membership recommendations.

  4. Subcommittee and additional reports

    North Campus: Kara Axx provided a summary of the North Campus subcommittee meeting. She noted there have been improvements to ski and walking trails. There is an effort to form a student group to directly engage students in North campus planning activities. Finally, they are making an effort to address ski trail lighting problems.

    Campus Landscape: no report

    Sustainability: no report.

  5. Facilities Services update. Jonathan informed the committee of progress on the women’s totem pole inspired sculpture. Restoration is necessary prior to installation and that effort is ongoing. It was noted that funds have been made available for restoration and installation.

  6. Additional committee comments. It was noted that Chancellor White at the Indigenous People Day celebration announced that a Welcome to Troth Yeddha’ will be placed at the campus entrance in conjunction with the existing UAF welcome signs.

  7. Public Comments: no report


Next meeting is scheduled for November 11, 2019, 9:00-11:00a at Lola Tilly Commons.

UAF Master Planning Committee

Monday, February 04, 2019: 9:00 a.m. -11:00 a.m.
Lola Tilly Commons Conference Room

Download PDF of minutes

Attendees: Adam Watson, Doug Schrage, Gary Newman, Holly Beamon, Jenny Campbell, John George, Jonathan Shambare, Joshua Greenberg, Kara Axx, Kathleen Meckel, Mark Oldmixon, Nathan Belz, Raymundo Lopez

Absent: Amanda Wall, Carla Browning, Jeannie Phillips, Theresa Bakker; Donna Gardino

Guests: No Guests

  1. Welcomes and Introduction
    1. No guests to introduce

  2. Subcommittee Reports
    1. North Campus:
      1. Bill Cox is working on a plan to update the trail lighting. The plan is dependent upon state funding.
    2. Campus Landscape:
      1. The Women’s Art Pole is still in storage at Aurora Warehouse. The plan is to install the pole during the summer, 2019.
    3. Sustainability:
      1. The RISE Board did not get the chance to meet with the design consultant DLR when they were on campus.
      2. The Green Bike Program needs a home as Nordic House is scheduled to be demolished. They need space for at least 150 bikes plus office space. The space needs for Green bikes will be discussed at the Space Committee.

  3. Facilities Services
    1. Jonathan provided an update on the Troth Yeddha project. The Design team is in the process of selecting the final concept out of three concepts.
      1. Project fund raising is still in process.
      2. Construction start is tentatively set for 2021.
    2. Jenny gave an update on the development of the master planning document.
      1. The Chancellor and President will provide a presentation to the Facilities and Land Management Committee of the Board of Regents.

  4. Public Comments
    1. No report

  5. Action Items:
    1. Jonathan will coordinate repairs for the Women’s Art Pole.
    2. Jenny will coordinate with the Space Committee to find a new home for Green Bikes program.

  6. Schedule:
    1. Next meeting is scheduled February 18, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. beginning at Lola Tilly Commons.

UAF Master Planning Committee
Monday, October 29, 2018: 9:00 a.m. -11:00 a.m.
Lola Tilly Commons Conference Room

Download PDF of minutes

Attendees: Amanda Wall, Carla Browning, Donna Gardino, Gary Newman, Holly Beamon, Jenny Campbell, John George, Jonathan Shambare, Joshua Greenberg, Kara Axx, Kathleen Meckel, Mark Oldmixon, Nathan Belz, Raymundo Lopez

Absent: Adam Watson, Doug Schrage, Jeannie Phillips, Theresa Bakker

Guests: No Guests

  1. Welcomes and Introductions
    1. No guests to introduce

  2. Exterior Signage and the MPC
    1. The large banner that was planned for installation on the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) building has been put on-hold. UAF Public Relations will consider design modifications based on further consultation, which is to include the MPC.
    2. The MPC discussed how to work closely with UAF Public Relations on recommendations for specific outside banner placement.
      1. In 2012, Public Relations developed a branding strategy as a guiding principle for design and installation of decals and banners that included the theme of “Naturally Inspiring” and “Nanook Nation.”
      2. Michelle Renfrew will give a presentation to the MPC on the Public Relations’ branding strategy. After the presentation, the MPC will discuss roles and responsibilities to help in the branding strategy. The goal is to promote UAF as a welcoming campus.
    3. MPC discussed the need to continue with efforts of getting a gateway designed and installed at the intersection of Geist and Thompson Drive. The cost of installing an appropriate gateway sign has been prohibitive for years.
    4. If the cold weather permits, the MPC would like to see ice bear sculptures installed around campus this winter.

  3. Subcommittee Reports
    1. North Campus:
      1. The Equinox Marathon Committee is requesting a modification be made at the gates up the hill.
      2. A group of students have requested an east-west extension of the Himalayan trail to connect to the Wood Center.
    2. Campus Landscape:
      1. No report
    3. Sustainability:
      1. Joshua will be attending the RISE board meetings as a non-voting member. The RISE board still has a slot available for a faculty representative.
  4. Facilities Services
    1. Bear (Darrin), with the Facilities Services Grounds Department, will be invited to give a presentation to the MPC on the prioritization process he uses for snow clearing.

      This is in response to MPC members voicing concerns about past snow removal and slippery locations that present hazardous pedestrian conditions.

      MPC discussed the possibility of developing an “Adopt-a-Shovel” program whereby the Grounds Department would provide shovels at building entrances. It was noted that there are a variety of considerations that would need to be addressed in development of such a program.
    2. A tour of the Combined Heat and Power Plant tour is scheduled for November 12 starting at 9:00 a.m. at MIRL.
    3. The connexes at University Park belong to ACUASI. DDC is working with Bear and ACUASI to determine when and where to relocate the connexes.

  5. Public Comments
    1. No report
  6. Other Items:
    1. Jenny and Nathan are still working on the antenna policy for the MPC.
    2. The MPC likes the newly installed fire pits around campus; however, in the future they would like to be made aware of any significant outdoor features before installation. MPC will help in providing coordination and Chancellor’s approval.
    3. MPC is concerned with growing congestion of traffic at the round-about on Thompson/Tanana Drive around 5:00 p.m. The traffic from West Ridge is experiencing long queuing times.
      1. Nathan and Donna explained that the round-about, as-is, is appropriately designed for the volume of traffic for that intersection.
      2. To help educate the driving community, MPC will publish a series of campaigns in the Cornerstone on how to drive at a round–about. Carla will lead creation of the PSA, and will coordinate with Donna and Nathan.
    4. Carla will update the MPC website to make sure the list of committee members is accurate.
    5. Amanda is investigating the possibility of adding a couple of Level II electric charging stations for electric vehicles (EV) on campus. Level II stations are 240V and will charge EV quickly.
  7. Action Items:
    1. Schedule a presentation to the MPC by Bear on snow clearing
    2. Schedule a presentation to the MPC by Michelle Renfrew on exterior banners and branding
    3. DDC to follow up on relocation of ACUASI connexes at University Park
    4. Tour of the CHP November 12, 2018
    5. Carla to draft a PSA on how to drive around the round-about
    6. Jenny and Nathan to complete the Antenna Policy
  8. Schedule:
    1. Next meeting will be a tour of the CHP and is scheduled for Monday, November 12, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. beginning at MIRL.

UAF Master Planning Committee
Monday, October 15, 2018: 9:00 am -11:00 am
Lola Tilly Commons Conference Room

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Attendees: Adam Watson, Carla Browning, Jenny Campbell, Jonathan Shambare, Amanda Wall, Gary Newman, John George, Kathleen Meckel, Holly Beamon, Joshua Greenberg

Absent: Doug Schrage, Nathan Belz, Donna Gardino, Jeannie Phillips, Theresa Bakker, Raymundo Lopez

Guests: Ruth Layle, Pamela Wagaman

  1. Welcomes and Introductions
    1. Joshua introduced Ruth Lyle, the President of the University Women’s Association (UWA), and Pamela Wagaman, a member of the UWA

    2. Joshua introduced Adam Watson with UAF Planning, Analysis and Institutional Research (PAIR). Adam is a new member to the MPC replacing Ian Olson.

  2. UAF Women’s Association Sculpture Placement

    Joshua and Ruth presented four proposed locations for the UWA sculpture pole. The sculpture was originally located in the area where the current Wood Center roundabout is. The sculpture was removed and put into storage at Facilities Services during the expansion of the Wood Center building.

    The proposed locations:

    • Location #1: The area between Wickersham and Gruening
    • Location #2: The area north of Fine Arts - Arts
    • Location #3: The area east of the Fine Arts Music near the loading dock and overlooking the Taku and Ballaine Parking Lots
    • Location #4: The area between Constitution Hall and Fine Arts Building

    The UWA preferred location #1. The committee reviewed the merits of all the proposed locations and upon a site tour, the MPC proposed an alternate location south of Wood Center at the bus stop. The site was selected, because it provided increased student traffic and visibility.

    A Motion to approve the alternate location was introduced by John George and seconded by Amanda wall, and unanimously approved.

  3. Subcommittee Reports
    1. North Campus:
      1. No report

    2. Campus Landscape:
      1. No report

    3. Sustainability:
      1. Joshua will join the Sustainability RISE Board as a non-voting member

  4. Facilities Services

    Jenny gave an update on Facilities Services:

    1. The Power Plant commissioning is ongoing. The plan is to have the new Combined Heat Power (CHP) fully operational by Christmas break, 2018

    2. The MPC is interested in taking a tour of the CHP. Upon request, Arleen Voorhees will schedule tours for interested groups.

    3. DLR, the master planning consultant, gave presentations to various groups on campus that include Staff Council, students, Chancellors Cabinet, and Facilities Services

      1. October 15, 2018 was the last date for public comments on the master planning documents presented by DLR

      2. MPC discussed concerns that the current master plan has not focused on issues of safety on campus

      3. Other plans for the rural sites and the Fairbanks Experimental Farm will be renewed in two years, 2020

  5. Public Comments
    1. No report

  6. Other Items:
    1. Carla Browing reported that the University Public Relations has ordered a large 30’x64’ banner to be installed at the CHP. A copy of the image was emailed to the committee.

    2. John George reported someone recently placed a third connex box at U-Park. The MPC is concerned with the proliferation of Connex boxes on campus in undesignated areas. Currently, the designated areas for connex boxes are Aurora Warehouse and the Deer Yard at West Ridge.

  7. Schedule:
    1. Next meeting is schedule Monday, October 29, 2018 at 9:00 AM at Lola Tilly Commons

UAF Master Planning Committee

Meeting Notes
Thursday, May 3, 2018; 9am-11am
Chancellor’s Conference Room (SIH 330)

Download meeting notes (PDF)

Present: Josh Greenberg, Jenny Campbell, Kara Axx, Jonathan Shambare, Gary Newman, Nathan Belz, Rick Danielson, Amanda Wall, Donna Gardino, John George, Ian Olsen

Meeting began at 9:03 a.m.

  1. Welcome and introductions.

  2. Georgeson Botanical Gardens (GBG) Plan.
    1. The MPC complimented the GBG society on their hard work in developing a well-designed plan. Parking and circulation remains a concern, particularly with accommodating special events. The MPC discussed several possible parking options for future exploration. The question was posed whether a visitor count exists for garden special events.

    2. It was noted that the GBG has the opportunity to be one of the most attractive entries to the UAF campus.

    3. It was noted that the GBG plan did not appear to have a formal parking area for bikes. We encourage that bike parking be added to the plan.

    4. The MPC chair will arrange a meeting with various stakeholders such as the Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station Director, the farm manger, SBG society, and UAF Summer Sessions to explore possible options for addressing the parking issue.

    5. The MPC recommends that a circulation plan be completed for the GBG. We recognize that funds for such a study may not be available. However, plan development could be an engineering class project and this option should be pursued in the future.

    6. The MPC passed a motion recommending the planned improvements for Drew Plaza be approved. The motion also encourages that formal bike parking be included as part of the improvements.

  3. Master Plan update discussion.
    1. The Master Plan consultants will be in Fairbanks on June 13-15. They would like to hold a 2 hour workshop with the MPC. The workshop will include a space needs analysis

      UAF MPC members will be polled to determine a time (update: the workshop will be held June 13th from 9:00-11:00a)

  4. Subcommittee and additional reports
    1. North Campus
      1. Next week the North Campus will host elementary school children for outdoor event days.

    2. Campus Landscape
      1. Nothing new to report

    3. Sustainability
      1. The MPC will continue to seek a graduate student RISE Board to serve on the MPC next academic years. A possible candidate has been identified.

  5. Facilities Services update
    1. Summer 2018 construction map was reviewed. Individual projects were discussed.

  6. Public comment. None.

  7. Schedule. Next meeting scheduled for May 17th. It will be a video conference call with the DLR Group master plan consultants.


Download Georgeson Botanical Gardens (GBG) Plan (PDF)

UAF Master Planning Committee Meeting Notes
Thursday, April 18, 2018, 2018; 9am-11am
Lola Tilly Conference Room (SIH 330)

Download PDF version of meeting notes

Members Present: Josh Greenberg, Jenny Campbell, Jonathan Shambare, Gary Newman, Nathan Belz, Carla Browning, Rick Danielson. John George, Donna Gardino, Amanda Wall, Mark Oldmixon, Ian Olsen

Non-Members: Krisan Osteby (DLR), Stu Rothenberger (DLR), Scott Bell, Kari Burrell

Meeting began at 9:00

  1. Welcome and introductions.
    MPC introductions were made to the DLR Group representatives Krisan Osteby and Stu Rothenberger. DLR Group has been hired as the consultants for the UAF Master Plan update (MP18).
  2. Discussion on Master Plan update.
    In a change from usual MPC meeting format, the MP18 was the sole agenda item.

    Jenny Campbell provided an overview of DLR activities during their visit to Fairbanks, highlighting the various groups with which they have met. She also presented the challenge presented to MP18 of meeting future UAF research and enrollment goals.

    The MPC is being viewed as playing a role of key UAF contact for review of the MP18 as it moves forward. The consultants plan on having monthly meetings with MPC throughout the process.

    The MP18 schedule was provided and noted to be fairly fast tracked.
    • May 17, draft analysis report, including space planning
    • June, final draft assessment with recommendations
    • July-August, virtual meeting with MPC, diagrammatic presentation
    • September (mid to late month), Fairbanks visit to present draft plan to UAF community and engage in a prioritization exercise with MPC.  October, draft report to MPC for review and feedback.
    • November, draft report to Board of Regents
    • February, Final report
    The MPC was informed that Chancellor White believes we should take a bold approach regarding the MP18. A broad view is expected in developing the MP18 with need to enhance external research opportunities and enrollment growth.

    The issue was raised as to how the transformative changes that higher education is undergoing will be built into MP18. Everyone acknowledged that there are a lot of uncertainties and many unknowns.

    DLR noted that while it has reviewed the format of past UAF Master Plans, it is essentially starting fresh with respect to information and data collection. They have observed on campuses across the country an increased emphasis on student life. There have been spikes in student interests in college clubs. Distance learning is great and will continue to grow, but there is a need for cultivating students’ sense of an on-campus college community.

    MPC members were asked to identify some key considerations for the MP18. Comments included the following:
    • Learning and community are important to student success. How can this be created for distance students?
    • Branding is important. A major attraction of UAF to students is that it provides a welcoming environment.
    • Satisfactory lighting around campus is important to student safety.
    • While the Master Plan time horizon is 10 years, it’s important to think beyond that, e.g., what will be needed in 20 years?
    • How can the university take advantage of forthcoming growth at Eielson Air Force Base; more broadly how can it become more attractive to military personnel? How can the university better market itself to, and meet the needs of, the military community? For example should the university develop a service center in North Pole?
    • Need to include community engagement. Possible that UAF community relations office can obtain input from the community as MP18 is developed.
    • Walkability and safe transit are important to the UAF community. The UAF community should be able to use various modes of transportation, such as walk, bike, and shuttle to easily get around campus.
    • The University trail system is an untapped resource that could be used to generate revenue. Access to trail heads needs to be improved. Currently, it is not easy for outside groups to access the campus.
    • There is a deficiency in the university ability to accommodate events such as conferences. It would be helpful to streamline and better coordinate the event planning process.
    • UAF should be viewed as a destination, rather than current practice of taking visitors off-campus for various activities.
    • Currently, most entrances to the university don’t have a distinct transition when arriving on campus—clear demarcation that you are here. There are not university gateways to mark your arrival, with the exception of Morris Thompson Boulevard.
    • Importance of faculty and student retention was emphasized, both of which face particular challenges due to UAF’s location.
    • Need for improved childcare facilities.
    • Improved vehicular circulation is needed. Completion of Tanana Loop should be a priority. Parking ease for university community needs to be considered, although we don’t want university to revert back to having a parking lot appearance.
    • The UAF Sustainability Plan needs to be incorporated into the MP18.
    • Improved student housing is needed so that it meets students’ expectations and specific needs. Need to foster students’ ability to find their own community within UAF. Should consider other universities that utilize ‘houses’ model to develop student identity within the broader university. Housing should support student success. More broadly want to develop a campus environment that cultivates students’ critical thinking skills.
    • Need to have ease of ELearning access that supports its continued growth and meets student needs and expectations.
    • Need to consider climate disruptions and embrace resiliency in developing university infrastructure.
    A variety of existing university related plans and studies were mentioned during the discussion such as the Trails and Greenways plan, The Georgeson Botanical Gardens plan, the West Ridge Campus plan, the Campus Safety study, and North Campus plan. DLR would like to meet again with MPC on May 17th.

Schedule: Next meeting scheduled for May 3rd.

Meeting concluded at 11.10a

UAF Master Planning Committee

Meeting Notes
Thursday, March 22, 2018, 2018; 9am-11am
Chancellor’s Conference Room (SIH 330)

Download meeting notes (PDF)

Present: Josh Greenberg, Jenny Campbell, Doug Schrage, Kara Axx, Jonathan Shambare, Ray Lopez, Gary Newman, Nathan Belz, Jeannie Phillips, Rick Danielson

Meeting began at 9:03a

  1. Welcome and introductions.
  2. Follow up on Sprint Antenna:
    1. The lease for the antenna and equipment placement, with Sprint as the subcontractor, is $1,700/month.
    2. The antenna operates at its own FCC frequency so there should be no interference with other antenna.
    3. Design and construction is working on UAF/UA coordination of the application process.
    4. MPC discussed whether student resident living facilitates are the best place for external contractor equipment placement due to security considerations.
    5. A roof plan would facilitate placement of antenna. A map of all current external contractor roof equipment is available.
    6. J. Shambare will continue to gather information and provide updates to the MPC.
  3. Subcommittee and additional reports
    1. North Campus
      1. Yankovich bike path will be located on the road shoulder road rather than as a separate path. It will require utility poles be moved and removal of some trees. DOT is trying to complete the path with minimal tree removal.
      2. Plan to sell $50 parking decal for the overlook area to non-UAF affiliates. Half of the generated revenue would be dedicated to trail maintenance.
      3. There are funds available to purchase additional disc golf tee boxes. This will provide an opportunity to improve the popular disc golf course to meet DGA standards.
      4. University Avenue improvement project will occur this summer (north of Geist\ University Ave. intersection down to bridge) and require closure of Geist Road for some period of time. DOT is coordinating with UAF to handle expected traffic increase on N. Tanana Loop.
    2. Campus Landscape
      1. Facility Services is promoting a ‘adopt a flower bed’ campaign. Taking a cautious approach to best assure follow through by those who sign up for the program.
      2. Landscape subcommittee has not heard from planetary walk people regarding an updated plan
      3. Landscape subcommittee and the Art-on-Campus subcommittee were merged several years ago into a single subcommittee. The subcommittee wonders if it is time for them to be once again separated. The subcommittee will approach the MPC looking for direction as to its role and responsibilities.
      4. Ice sculpture bears were ordered for display, but were not completed until too late into the season to make it worthwhile to place them on campus. It was raised during discussion by the MPC the possibility of using local artists or building reusable molds in the future.
      5. Additional notes from Landscape Subcommittee meeting not discussed at the MPC meeting:
        1. They would like to see a higher percentage of art/beautification in the new master plan;
        2. The subcommittee is curious why the Yukon Dr. plan was not brought to the Landscape subcommittee (would explain why they did not see updates to the Planetary Walk plan);
        3. There are several vacancies on the subcommittee they are looking to fill and also need to update the member list on the website.
    3. Sustainability
      1. A graduate student on the RISE Board who could serve on the MPC has still not been found. N. Belz will inquire about this at a meeting he has scheduled with the Sustainability Office.
  4. Facilities Services update
    1. 2018 construction map presented
    2. MPC discussed various projects including U-Park window replacement and 2nd floor Elvey restrooms being made ADA compliant. .
    3. Committee also discussed the growing costs of deferred maintenance due to funding shortfalls that are currently seen as continuing in the future in the absence of any new funding source.
  5. Public comment. None.
  6. Schedule. Next meeting scheduled for April 5th.

Meeting concluded at 10.00a

UAF Master Planning Committee
Meeting Notes
Thursday, February 22, 2018; 9 a.m.-11 a.m.
Chancellor’s Conference Room (SIH 330)

Download the meeting notes (PDF)

Present: Josh Greenberg, Jenny Campbell, Mark Oldmixon, Doug Schrage, Kara Axx, Amanda Wall, Jonathan Shambare, Carla Browning, Ray Lopez, Donna Gardino, Ian Olson, Gary Newman, John George, Nathan Betz, Jeannie Phillips

Meeting began at 9:00 a.m.

  1. Welcome and introductions. The committee welcomed Jenny Campbell, Director of DDC, to the MPC as the new staff-council representative.

  2. Sprint Antenna: The committee had a wide ranging discussion of the proposed Moore Hall rooftop Sprint antenna, microwave dish, and equipment. A draft motion was presented to recommend approval of the antenna.
    • There were questions as to what the university received in return for allowing the use of its buildings. The proposed lease details, including fees will be reviewed and reported back to the committee by J. Shambare.
    • Concern was expressed whether the placement of antenna limited future research projects or imposed other non-monetary costs, such as reception interference on the university.
    • The committee noted that antennae are proliferating on UAF buildings without an overarching policy that coordinates placement. It was noted that perhaps MPC should consider this antenna request within this broader context.
    • It was noted that FNSB had recently developed a policy on antenna placement, which the MPC should review.
    • A suggestion was made that MPC should consider forming a subcommittee to review UAF antenna policy.
    • The committee reviewed the current UAF Antenna Request Flow Chart. The flow chart calls for preparation of a recommendation form by a FS, DDC, and an appointed project manager in consultation with the requesting party. Jenny Campbell informed the committee that a project manager would be assigned and a recommendation form prepared. The MPC decided to delay any action on the proposal until this occurs and additional information is available. As a procedural move, a motion to recommend the antenna was moved by Gary Newman and seconded by Ian Olsen, and unanimously passed. A subsequent motion to table the approved motion was moved by Gary Newman and seconded by Carla Browning, and unanimously approved by the committee. Motion Tabled.

  3. Discussion of MPC’s scope of activities
    • MPC discussed the charge put to the committee by Chancellor White at its previous meeting to expand its scope and be innovative and visionary in considering UAF’s future appearance.
    • The committee discussed the scope of committee activities, which range from filling a need for review of immediate campus requests pertaining to the campus exterior space to planning related issues, such as placement of buildings.
    • It was noted that perhaps the committee should dedicate specific meetings to explore ‘big picture’ ideas regarding meeting the campus’s future needs. It was also mentioned that the committee should review how the Master Plan is being integrated into university planning and check on the status of specific milestones. Furthermore, we should explore how other institutions actively use their Master Plans for guidance and how they are promoted.
    • Jenny Campbell noted that the University is in the process of starting its Master Plan update process and in final stages of contracting with a consulting firm, DLR Group, to assist in the process. DLR has a consultant very familiar with how other institutions engage with their master planning groups and who may have particular insight as to how we might best approach defining our scope of activities. Jenny Campbell will check on the consultant’s availability to meet with committee via video conference at its next meeting or meet with the committee in-person in March as part of the consulting agency’s sight visit to UAF. MPC members are requested, prior to the meeting, to review its priorities document prepared last year and consider possible revisions. Also, MPC members are encouraged to review the current UAF Master Plan sections that include its vision statement, goals, and future campus statements.
    • The committee expressed its desire to play an integral role in the UAF Master Plan update process. Jenny Campbell remarked that she expects MPC to be very involved. The consulting firm will be in town one week in March and one in April. She strongly recommends MPC meet with them.

  4. Subcommittee and additional reports
    1. North Campus
      1. Subcommittee will meet in March. They will be talking to Disc golf consultant. Feedback on the north-campus ski-trails has been very positive. It was noted that Jason Garron, ski trails manager, deserves tremendous praise for his efforts, which he is having to do on his own due to elimination of support positions.
    2. Campus Landscape
      1. Subcommittee wasn’t able to meet last week. Bear is ready to contribute to the Master Plan update;
      2. Yukon Drive reconstruction is coming up to put sidewalks on both sides of the road.
      3. Contracted with a single greenhouse this year for the plant order; they are currently focusing on upgrading and cleaning existing landscapes. June 6 is planting day and they are looking for volunteers to pitch in.

        Download Campus Landscape addendum to meeting(PDF)
    3. Sustainability
      1. The MPC chair is currently trying to find a graduate student on the RISE Board who is willing to serve on the MPC.

  5. Facilities Services update
    1. Yukon Drive reconstruction plan will be provided at future MPC meeting.
    2. 2018 summer construction schedule is being developed. Will be presented at next meeting.
    3. O’Neill and Irving canopy will be repaired this summer.
    4. Lola Tilly second floor reconstruction may affect summer planning.
    5. Patty Center first floor reconstruction scheduled for this summer and could affect summer races.
    6. Power Plant update – first turbine test in April.

  6. Public comment. None.

  7. Schedule. Next meeting scheduled for March 8th.

Meeting concluded at 10.55.

UAF Master Planning Committee

Meeting Notes
Thursday, January 25, 2018; 9am-11am
Chancellor’s Conference Room (SIH 330)

Download meeting notes(PDF)

In attendance:
Joshua Greenberg
Kara Axx
Nathan Belz
Carla Browning
John George
Raymundo Lopez
Gary Newman
Mark Oldmixon
Ian Olson
Debby Queen
Kate Ripley
Douglas Schrage
Jonathan Shambare
Amanda Wall

Daniel White

  1. Welcome and introductions - Chancellor Daniel White introduced self to committee. Student representative Raymundo Lopez was introduced to the committee.

  2. Visit with Chancellor White - Chancellor White discussed with the committee its role and priorities. There was much discussion on what level of that MPC should be involved in decision making and the scope of types of issues that come to the group outside of working on the campus master plan. Joshua will share the MPC priorities list with Chancellor White. The Chancellor stressed the importance of looking at innovative and out of the box ideas. The Chancellor will plan to meet quarterly with the committee moving forward.

  3. Subcommittee and additional reports

    1. North Campus - No update.

    2. Campus Landscape - No update.

    3. Sustainability - Ian reported that he will no longer be serving on the RISE board and that they will be looking for another individual to fill his spot.

  4. Facilities Services update

    1. There were questions about where the Women’s Pole should be re installed. Jonathan will reach out to the Women’s Center.

5. Public comment period

1. None

UAF Master Planning Committee
Meeting Notes
Thursday, October 5, 2017; 9am-11am
Chancellor’s Conference Room (SIH 330)

In attendance: John George, Gary Newman, Donna Gardino, Carla Browning, Doug Schrage, Jonathan Shambare, Debby Queen

Guests: Janet Matheson: GBG Board Member; Katie DiCristina, GBG Garden Manager; Laura Minski, Corvus Design and member of the ASLA - American Society of Landscape Architects

  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Georgeson Botanical Garden Master Plan - Concept plans for the GBG were presented to the GBG Society (see resources):
    1. The use and needs of the garden have evolved since its creation.
    2. The Garden has evolved to become an important destination for the community including visitors.
    3. New challenges include budget and staffing decreases; limited facility issues including restrooms and parking; vandalism and damage to the garden with increased use.
    4. The American Society of Landscape Architects - ASLA Alaska Chapter reached out to the George Botanical Garden to help them with master planning efforts.
    5. The ASLA volunteering efforts has been going on for at least a year.
    6. The two concepts presented to the MPC have recently been reviewed by the GBG Board include the ASLA Anchorage group scheme and the ASLA Fairbanks group scheme.
    7. Does not include Experimental Station because it is a special management area.
    8. Phasing plan will be included as part of the final master plan.
    9. MPC is not certain of the decision making body for all aspects of plan and will look further into the appropriate role of MPC when considering the plan.
    10. MPC will place GBG parking on next agenda for discussion and will follow up with the GBG Society/ASLA Alaska members.
  3. Subcommittee and additional reports
    1. North Campus - No update.
    2. Campus Landscape - No update.
    3. Sustainability - No update.
  4. Facilities Services update -
    1. Mike Ruckhaus requesting any feedback on color scheme of CHP.
    2. Jenny Campbell is looking into possible location spaces for the women’s totem pole that was located
  5. Public comment period
    1. None
  6. Schedule
    1. Space committee would like a joint committee meeting on Oct. 25 3:30 - 5 pm; Jonathan will send out a poll to gauge availability.

UAF Master Planning Committee
Meeting Notes
Thursday, August 24, 2017; 9am-11am
Chancellor’s Conference Room (SIH 330)

In attendance: Joshua Greenberg, Nathan Belz, Donna Gardino, Kate Ripley, Carla Browning, Kara Axx, Amanda Wall, Jonathan Shambare, Debby Queen

  1. Welcome and introductions
    1. FIrst meeting of semester
    2. Undergraduate representative and graduate student representative seats are vacant; please send recommendations to Joshua.
  2. Subcommittee and additional reports
    1. North Campus - Looking ahead to winter. There have been issues with motorized vehicles on trails. Carla Browning noted that there have been several event requests received with short notice; she will post a reminder for advance notice.
    2. Campus Landscape - Questions were raised about the status of the Totem Pole that was taken down during the WC renovation; Jonathan will provide and update. A great deal of work was completed with the community garden and it was a successful summer. There were questions about lighting at the sustainable village and the stairs to alumni drive and the status of updates. There was a question on whether the blue light phones are functional.
    3. Sustainability -Bike storage is still an issue, MPC may want to coordinate with Green Bikes on bike rack locations. Fairbikes will be removed on November 1.
  3. Facilities Services update - Great Hall construction is underway with scheduled completion on November 1. Wood Center Roof scheduled completion is end of Sept. Walsh Hall will be substantially complete in Sept. IARC/WRRB sinkholes in parking lot short term solution is to remove asphalt and replace with gravel; long term solution will be looked at next summer. There were questions on Patty Pool access renovations; Jonathan will provide and update.
  4. Public comment period
    1. None
  5. Schedule

UAF Master Planning Committee
Meeting Notes
Thursday, March 23, 2017; 9am-11am
Chancellor’s Conference Room (SIH 330)

Download a copy of the meetings minutes (PDF)

In attendance: Joshua Greenberg, Gary Newman, Donna Gardino, Kate Ripley, Mark Oldmixon, Kara Axx, Doug Schrage, Carla Browning, Amanda Wall, John George, Jonathan Shambare, Debby Queen

  1. Welcome and introductions
    1. Nicholas Janssen resigning from committee, seeking nominations for new grad student representative

  2. University Ave Upgrade - Donna Gardino
    1. DOT funded project - more information available on their website
    2. Geist intersection has highest incident of accidents in Northern Region
    3. Bridge deficient and will be replaced
    4. This summer - intersection upgraded to allow for traffic flow when bridge is closed
    5. Pedestrian activated crossing near Hutchinson, walking bridge being eliminated
    6. Segment 3 with raised railroad crossing is not part of this project
    7. Currently accepting comments

  3. Subcommittee and additional reports
    1. North Campus - Have not met; student assistant groomer on board. Good turnout at last week’s Ski-a-thon
    2. Campus Landscape - Have not met
    3. Sustainability - No update

  4. Facilities Services update
    1. Wood Center roof upgrade colors being selected
    2. Working on summer schedule

  5. Public comment period
    1. Gary Newman - Does university plan to continue having an mission?
    2. Mark Oldmixon - Looking into options for use of yurt from terrain park.
    3. Mark Oldmixon - Students currently pay $75 SRC to pay for bond which expires this year; students are voting on new fee

  6. Schedule


UAF Master Planning Committee

Meeting Minutes
Thursday, December 15; 2016; 9am-11am
611 North Chandalar

Download a PDF copy of the meeting minutes

Members Present: Joshua Greenberg, Doug Schrage, Gary Newman, Ian Olson, Jonathan Shambare, Kara Axx, Mark Oldmixon, Donna Gardino, Bradley Krick, Kate Ripley, John George, Nathan Belz/

Others present, Mark Oldmixon,

The meeting came to order at 9:00am.

1. Welcome and Introduction

2. Pedestrian corridors priorities

Mary Pagel is looking for pedestrian corridor priorities for UAF. Some areas already identified include Yukon Drive to Tanana Loop, the Thompson Dr. roundabout to Tanana Loop, access to the ski hut, a sidewalk along the north side of Geist Road, and an east sidewalk from Farmer’s Loop to Ballaine Rd.

MPC members brought up other areas for consideration, including the Fairbanks St Bridge, extending the sidewalk along the south side of Alumni Drive, the connection between Hess Village and South Chandalar, parking at the Chancellor’s House, the path from the Taku Parking lot to Tanana Loop, and access from the co-op extension building to the staircase down to the Taku parking lot.

3. MPC priority list

In response to Chancellor Thomas’s request for MPC priorities related to master planning, a draft memo was presented to the committee and shared as a Google Doc. The committee discussed the document and several suggestions for modification were made, including tying the priorities to specific goals of the UAF Master Plan, combining and reorganizing certain priority areas and expanding the preamble. MPC members will make further edits to the document and it will be discussed at the MPC meeting at the end of January.

4. Subcommittee and additional reports

a.North Campus - Kara Axx reports that the committee met and discussed the extension of the Yankovich Road path. DOT has proposed three options for the path: along the north side of the road, the south side of the road, or along a social trail that borders the UAF property line. NC passed a motion disapproving of social trail path because of concerns about.

The MPC passed a motion in support of the North Campus motion.

b. Campus Landscape - The committee met with the GI and approved a planning process to permanently place a reflector on the lawn. They will work with DDC to find a suitable location and then the proposal will come back to MPC for final approval.

c. Sustainability – Ian Olsen reports that Sustainability is now a student office under ASUAF. They are in the process of hiring a staff program administrator. The RISE board is working on a sustainability plan update.

5. Facilities Services update

Nothing to report/covered beyond previous discussion and subcommittee updates.

6. Public comment period

There was no public comment.

Schedule - the next MPC meeting is scheduled for January 12, 2017.

Douglas Schrage and John George provided a tour of the UAF Fire Station for the MPC following the meeting. The committee was able to see first-hand the space and structural limitations of the current facility.

UAF Master Planning Committee
Meeting Minutes
Thursday, October 20; 9am-11am
Chancellor’s Conference Room (SIH 330)

Download a copy of the meeting minutes (PDF)

Members Present: Joshua Greenberg, Jonathan Shambare, Bradley Krick, Kate Ripley, Kari Axx, John George, Nathan Belz, Doug Schrage, Gary Newman, Donna Gardino, Carla Browning

The meeting came to order at 9:00am.

1. Topic: Proposed Planet Walk—Presented by Jamie Warwick

- The Geophysical Institute is proposing developing a planet walk that would span the length of Yukon drive, 10-12 educational signs are part of the project. Signs will be developed at the grade school level.

- Funding from Rotary, commercial sponsorship of specific signs, possible use of volunteer work (NOTE: liability concerns need to be addressed)

- This project needs to be coordinated with Mary Pagel and the Yukon Drive construction project, slated for Spring 2018.

- Discussed use of roundabout for sun; a fun idea. Concerns with children approaching the roundabout.

Discussed possible alternative sites for the planet walk

- Consult with Andrea Swingley/Marketing and Communications about interpretive signs to ensure they are consistent with UAF brand

- Sign placement: snow removal concerns need to be addressed, working with Facility Services.;

-MPC emphasized the need to consult with University Relations and Facilities Services in developing the project

-MPC need to be kept informed as project moves forward.

- MPC Motion to approve concept: Doug Schrage / Donna Gardino (2nd), Passes unanimous

2. Topic: Corner reflector display, GI— Presented by Jamie Warrick

- The Geophysical Institute is requesting to make permanent the corner reflector located in front of the Elvey Building, adjacent to parking lot 9B.

- These reflectors are used for satellite calibration. Proposed display with interpretive sign.

- Currently weighted down with sand bags. Recommending a more permanent and aesthetic structure.

- Concerns with people climbing on it. Needs to be sound and stable. Concrete pad?

- Question: How important is the precise location? If it is moved, what will that do to its functionality, from a research perspective?

- A motion was proposed and tabled. More information is requested. The issue will return to the MPC after it goes through the Campus Landscape Sub-committee.

3. Topic: Fairbikes

-Fairbikes locations will be discussed at the next campus landscape committee meeting. The operators of the program are excited to have it available on the UAF campus. They are eager to engage with the University to assure the program’s continuation on the UAF campus.

4.Topic: Himalayan trail

- The trail is complete.

- Too late for signage to go in this year. Will have to wait for spring.

- Question: Is Facilities Services aware of a sink hole? Was it intentional?

5. Topic: North Campus:

- Smith lake trail completed yesterday and will be ready when the snow hits the ground. Will be groomed for classic and skate.

6. Sustainability:

- Discussion of changes to the Rise Board and Office of Sustainability. It was noted that the staff position of Director is to be discontinued and replaced by a student worker. MPC members are concerned that sustainability related issues will lose prominence at the University and noted that sustainability is an important feature of the UAF Master Plan. Members thought this matter should be further discussed at future meetings.

7. Chancellor’s input request to the MPC

- Joshua Greenberg remarked to the committee that Interim Chancellor Thomas, when he addressed the MPC at its previous meeting, presented the committee with a challenge to provide a list of what the MPC thinks the highest priorities are for the University. MPC members appreciated this offer and will make its development an agenda item at the next MPC meeting.

UAF Master Planning Committee
Meeting Minutes
Thursday, September 22; 9am-11am
Chancellor’s Conference Room (SIH 330)

Download a copy of meeting minutes (PDF)

Joshua Greenberg
Bradley Crick
Kate Ripley
Kari Axx
John George
Nathan Belz

Debby Queen

  1. Welcome and introductions - new members attending this meeting:
    • Kate Ripley, Alumni Relations
    • Nathan Belz, Faculty
    • Subcommittee and additional reports

  2. Subcommittee and additional reports
    1. North Campus - FairBikes does not have a current contract with the university-- there was an annual membership for the pilot that has expired. The locations for bikes had not been approved by MPC or Greenbikes. Moving forward there will need to be a contract and agreement with the UAF campus and it has potential as a revenue opportunity. Trails maintenance has been in progress and there are a number of trees being removed.
    2. Campus Landscape - No meeting; meeting will be scheduled when the fall cleanup has been completed
    3. Sustainability - No update.

  3. Facilities Services update. Kara Axx reported that the engineering building bonding was approved and work is starting back up. There will be double fines along Tanana Loop behind the building. Alumni Drive should be back to normal next week. Brad asked for an update on the Taku parking lot lighting, Kara will look into this further and provide an update.

  4. Meet with Interim Chancellor Thomas
    1. Chancellor Thomas recognized the value of the role the Master Planning Committee’s role for the university.
    2. Updates from Chancellor:
      1. Delay of Fairbanks Campus Master Plan for two years approved by Board of Regents as Strategic Pathways decisions are made.
      2. Backpacker Magazine recognized UAF as the #1 college for hikers.
      3. Have made a funding request to the alumni association for a canopy over cornerstone; plans will be vetted through MPC.
      4. GI has proposed a planet walk on campus and this will be vetted through MPC.
      5. Centennial Square naming approved and forwarded to President.
      6. Fire Station replacement and Title IX issues (e.g. safety, gender inclusivity) will be one of his highest capital priorities during his tenure.
      7. Toolik Field Station would like to have a classroom; a proposal has not yet been explored or vetted.
      8. Funding has been reallocated to reinstate the CSO program in some form.
      9. Chancellor Thomas asked MPC members to inform him of their highest priorities:
        • Brad Krick - would like to see emphasis on residence facilities and also to see bicycle access and ADA access improved.
        • Kate Ripley - Fire Station is a priority to her, especially from her previous experience working at SW and hearing the statewide perspective and with her new position working with the new fire fighter alumni group.
        • Kara Axx - pedestrian access on campus is critical, especially for students to get across campus without shuttles and vehicles.
        • John George - Fire Station is top priority.
        • Joshua Greenberg - campus security issues e.g. lighting, pathways, parking areas and classroom upgrades.

  5. Other comments:
    1. Bradley Krick noted that he is not seeking re-election to staff council and that it would be appropriate for Staff Council to recommend a new member to replace him on the committee.

  6. Public comment: no public comment

  7. Schedule - Next meeting

UAF Master Planning Committee
Meeting Minutes

Thursday, May 19, 10; 9am-11am
Chancellor’s Conference Room (SIH 330)

In Attendance: Doug Schrage, Joshua Greenburg, Jonathan Shambare, Laura McCollough, Donna Gardino, Kara Axx, Brad Crick, William Schnabel, Nicholas Janssen, Mark Oldmixon.

Guest: Nathan Belz, UAF Civil Engineering Dept.

1. Summer Construction Projects Update– Jonathan Shambare

Jonathan Shambare reviewed the summer construction projects with an accompanying map. He noted they have a fairly light construction schedule this summer with not a lot of activity in comparison to past summers.

There will be a lot of traffic along Alumni drive associated with power plant construction.

The “Himalayan Trail” will hopefully will be completed soon. They have been waiting for the ground to dry prior to moving equipment to continue work on the trail.

Deferred maintenance funds have not been forthcoming to undertake additional projects. Design and Construction has a priority list of shovel-ready projects should funds become available. Roofs and sewer lines are particular areas for potential projects.

2. Miller Hill/Yankovich road bike path

Donna Gardino informed the committee of continuing work on culverts and slope stabilization along the path. The extension of the path is funded through preliminary engineering and design. However, continuation of the path beyond LARS will require road widening and purchases of right-of-ways, for which funding is not currently available. The path from LARS to Ballaine Rd. has not been determined.

3. Subcommittee and additional reports

  1. North Campus - Kara Axx reported the committee has not met since the last MPC meeting. The Outdoor Days for 6thgraders was a great success. Running events are going to get under way, so lots of upcoming events. A new sink hole has appeared in the T field.
  1. Campus Landscape - Committee has not met
    1. Sustainability – No report. Nathan Belz did inform the committee that the Sustainability Office is identifying areas of cost savings, which may generate funds for further activities. They are also close to having the green-bike program be self-funded.


Donna Gardino informed the committee of the bike share program currently in-place in Fairbanks. They have seven stations in town with plans to expand that number. There is “Find-a-bike Fairbanks” app for download to locate bike availability. They are planning on extending the program to have an on-campus station.

  1. Facilities Services – nothing further to report.

4. Additional Discussion

Donna Gardino reported that the AKDOT just released an announcement of available funding from the “Transportation Alternative Program” ( This is a Federally funded program that can be used to support a variety of programs and projects defined as transportation alternatives. Examples of eligible projects include trails, bike paths, sidewalks, and storm water management. Eligible applicants include UAF and non-profit organizations. The program does require a 20% match and a commitment to maintenance.

Joshua Greenberg noted that UAF is due to develop a new Master Plan. Board of Regents policy requires a new Campus Master Plan be completed every 5-7 years and the current UAF Master plan was completed in 2010. One possible consideration is to update the current plan rather than develop a new plan.

The MPC will go on its summer schedule, with meetings only called on an as-need basis.

5. Public comment -no public comment

UAF Master Planning Committee
Meeting Minutes

Thursday, March 24; 9am-11am
Wood Center Conference Room (WC 101G)

Members Present:

Joshua Greenberg, Mathew Carrick, Brad Crick, Jim Dixon, Laura McCollough, Gary Newman, Jonathan Shambare, Doug Schrage, Carla Browning, Ian Olson, Donna Gardino

Welcome and introductions

Joshua introduced the meeting and announced the loss of the MPC graduate student representative who now needs to be placed. He asked for the Committee for recommendations of possible replacement.

Subcommittee Reports North Campus

Kara Axx reported that the students who are working on the North Campus project to access Smith Lake are f putting together a wetland permit with the Army Corps of Engineers that will be processed within the month.

Kara, also provided a report on the UAF Eco-dump. The Eco-dump is used by the Facilities Services to typically store dirt/fill from projects, brush cutting, grass clippings and compost.

Stan Justice had contacted Facilities Services with a concern regarding the management of the Eco-dump. Stan suggestion is that the Eco-dump needs to be under the preview of the North Campus Manager. Stan is concerned about the presence of compost onsite. Reportedly, there has been a sighting of a coyote visiting the compost. Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has been contacted and came to inspect the compost. The inspection did not result in any significant finding or management concerns.

The MPC discussed the management of the Eco-Dump. The Committee reinforced that the Eco-dump is a Special Management Area which historically, the MPC or any of the subcommittees have had no management responsibilities.

During the discussion on the use of the Eco-dump, it was brought to the attention of the MPC that the old Facilities Services Greenhouse Headhouse (FS960) has been relocated to the Eco-dump area. It is now used as storage for snow grooming equipment.

Dough Schrage mentioned that the MPC was not aware of the relocation of the Headhouse at the Eco-dump. Normally the request to relocate the building should have come through the MPC for recommendation and approval by the Chancellor.

Campus Landscape:

Jim Dixon announced that he is transitioning out as the Alumni representative at the MPC and the Alumni President will find a replacement.


No report

Facilities Services update

Jonathan Shambare reported that Facilities Services is concerned with the newly installed bollards on the southeast corner of Wickersham Dormitory. Vehicles have been parking in that area as well as some bollards have been hit and damaged several times. Facilities Services and the Fire Department are both working on coming up with a better solution. The Fire Department requires access to the core of the campus through the area where the bollards are currently installed.

Jonathan also reported that the bridge at the Power Plant off of Alumni has been removed.

Joshua Greenberg, mentioned that he will work with Debbie Queen to schedule a meeting with the incoming Chancellor to outline the Chancellor’s goals/mission for the MPC

Other Reports: FMATS

Donna Gardino presented the following:

A stormwater draft policy coming out on April 20, 2016

There will be a pilot program to plant trees, install permeable pavers and green structures to try to mitigate stormwater

Green streets policy will be adopted. UAF is encouraged to participate as a member of the FMATS

Public comment period

No Comments


Next meeting scheduled April 21, 2016.



UAF Master Planning Committee
Meeting Minutes

Thursday, December 3; 9am-11am
Chancellor’s Conference Room (SIH 330)

Download meeting minutes(PDF)

Members Present: Joshua Greenberg, Mathew Carrick, Brad Crick, Jim Dixon, Nicholas Jannsen, Laura McCollough, Gary Newman, Jonathan Shambare, Doug Schrage

MPC responsibilities and duties

Committee reviewed and edited the document MPC Roles and Responsibilities.

J. Shambare conducted research examining what other institutions have listed on their websites regarding the specification of their MPCs’ roles and responsibilities. We are in line with other universities. Most schools limit presented information to allow for flexibility in the committees roles and responsibilities.

Comment offered of possibly having examples of what types of issues should come to the MPC at the end of the roles and responsibilities section.

We want to keep the specification of MPC roles and responsibilities fairly open to limit the need for the Committee to keep updating the document.

The Committee edited version from this meeting of the MPC Roles and Responsibilities document will be sent out to all committee members for review and comment.

Other items discussed as part of the document review

It was proposed to have the MPC meetings publicized more broadly to the UAF public. This has been done in the past, although not this semester, and is a goal for the spring semester.

Question rose as to what type of orientation is provided to new committee members? We want to ensure new members have the correct information and know what to do and are familiar with what the committee is charged with accomplishing.

There was a comment about adding links to the MPC website for sub-committees.

MPC and Space Committee need to plan a joint meeting to review both committee’s roles and responsibilities. Goal is to have a meeting scheduled late January and early February.

Subcommittee Reports

a) North campus-no new items

b) Campus Landscape-no new items

c) Sustainability-no new items

d) Art on Campus- Laura McCollough to be a MPC rep. on committee.

It was proposed that we have a list of subcommittee members and subcommittee chairs and contact info be on the MPC website.

Facilities Services update

  • Finalized the naming of streets with no names. The naming committee is considering the names. Most street names on campus are supposed to be interior Alaska river names. Names will have final approval by the Chancellor.
  • Minor change between Hess Village /Kuskokwim –corrected it.
  • Borough needs to be a part of this to ensure that new names are included for the emergency system.

Public comment period

No public present.


December 17-will not be held unless there is an immediate need for it.

January 14-next scheduled meeting

UAF Master Planning Committee
Meeting Minutes

Thursday, November 19; 9am-11am
Chancellor’s Conference Room (SIH 330)

Download a copy of the meeting minutes

Welcome and introductions

Committee Members: Kara Axx, Mathew Carrick, Jim Dixon, Nick Jansen, Laura McCollough, Gary Newman, Doug Schrage, Debby Queen, Jonathan Shambare

Guests: Mary Pagel, Jenny Campbell, Walter Crary

Veteran Memorial

Walter Crary along with Jenny Campbell and Mary Pagel presented on the proposal for a Veteran’s Memorial at UAF. The ideal site has been identified as across from Reichardt. Jonathan Shambare explained the process and that the MPC will make a recommendation and a final decision. The project would be managed internally as a UAF project. Committee members discussed that the MPCs purpose is to consider how the project fits strategically into the Master Plan.

Jim Dixon moved to approve the following motion and Ian Olson seconded.

MPC recommends approval of the site location for a proposed Veteran’s Memorial at the overlook across from Reichart, with a final design to be brought back to MPC for approval .

In addition to the recommended site location MPC suggests that other areas for consideration include:

  • Coordination with Design and Construction
  • Funding/Development strategy
  • Alignment with Troth Yeddha’ strategic plan

Outside storage and Connex

Laura McCollough reported that she is waiting for a meeting of space committee to further address.

Facilities services will create an inventory of connex locations and owners.

MPC responsibilities and duties

This item has been tabled for next MPC meeting, Jonathan Shambare requested that committee members review and be prepared to discuss.

Subcommittee and additional reports

  1. North Campus: no meetings, grooming is underway, first junior Nordics met on campus Monday.
  2. Campus Landscape: no meetings.

  3. Sustainability: Rise board and Office of Sustainability have donor passway established and will begin a fundraising campaign shortly; five open positions on the board, applications being accepted.

  4. Art on Campus: no report.

​ Facilities Services update

Jonathan Shambare reported that he met with Fire Marshall recently to work on naming/addresses of building and roads, working with borough on this project and are approximately 90% complete; all recommendations will go through the naming committee for approval.

Public comments



Next meeting Thursday, December 3 from 9 - 11 am.

UAF Master Planning Committee
Meeting Minutes

Thursday, October 22; 9am-11am
Chancellor’s Conference Room (SIH 330)

Download PDF version of meeting minutes

Members Present: Joshua Greenberg, Kara Axx, Mathew Carrick, Brad Crick, Jim Dixon, Nicholas Jannsen, Laura McCollough, Gary Newman, Mark Oldmixon, Ian Olson, Debby Queen, Jonathan Shambare, Doug Schrage

Others Present: Sam Bradand

DRAW equipment storage

Mark Oldmixon reported that the kayaks and canoes are intentionally located to give visibility to the DRAW program; he has removed other items that were stored in area and will work with staff to keep the area clean. MPC members recommended that a plan for storage be developed that is purposeful and aesthetically appealing; Mark stated that he will return with a plan.

Outside storage and Connex

Jonathan Shambare noted that there are a number of Connex storage containers on campus that have not been approved through MPC. Doug Schrage recommended that there be a permit process. Laura McCollough recommended that the process could be coordinated through Facilities Services. Mark Oldmixon recommended that connex dealers be notified so they know that there is a new process and also that MPC explore options for long term storage space more affordable and closer to campus than the Marika space, space would need to be secure, ideally monitored by security cameras. Laura McCollough, Doug Schrage and Jonathan Shambare will work with facilities services staff about both Connex permitting and developing a long term storage space.

Veteran’s Memorial Proposal

Jonathan Shambare provided a brief update on two proposed locations for a Veteran’s Memorial: 1) in front of library; and 2) at Reichardt lookout point. The UAF Veteran Office will give a presentation to the MPC on November 19. Brad Crick noted that both ADA accessibility and shuttle service should be considered.

MPC responsibilities and duties

Joshua Greenberg asked the committee whether the MPC should develop a fact sheet for presentation on the committee website that would summarize the roles responsibilities of MPC; he used the OMB Space Planning Committee/MPC comparison document as a reference. The Committee thought it would be useful and will review and provide edits to the portion of the OMB comparison specific to the MPC.

Subcommittee and additional reports

  1. North Campus - Have not met
  2. Campus Landscape - Have not met
  3. Sustainability - Ian Olson reported that the committee is going through leadership change, new members are coming on board and committee is still accepting nominations. New proposals are coming in and will be reviewed soon.
  4. Art on Campus - lack current MPC representative; Laura McCollough asked for more detail on this committee and was informed that committee goal is to set standards for exterior art; Committee discussed whether the Campus Landscape and Art on Campus committees should be combined.

Facilities Services update

Jonathan Shambare reported that there have been issues with vendor parking in front of the library that Facilities Services is addressing; will likely place bollard in front of Library by Signers’ Parking Lot and the west of library; working with Parking Services to increase vendor parking; working with Fire Marshall to update building address to comply with International Building Code, Doug Schrage this will improve the system for emergency services

Public comment period

No public comment


Next meeting scheduled Thursday November 5

UAF Master Planning Committee
Meeting Minutes

Thursday, September 10; 9am-11am
Chancellor’s Conference Room (SIH 330)

Download PDF version of meeting minutes

In Attendance: Gary Newman, Doug Schrage, Joshua Greenburg, Ian Olson, Jim Dixon, Michelle Renfrew, Laura McCollough, Donna Gardino, Kara Axx, Brad Crick, Mathew Carrick, Mark Oldmixon, Tom Marsh

Guests: Carol Gering

Bunnell Departmental sign for E-Learning– Mike Schuetz

Bunnell South (former printing services loading dock) entry to e-Learning parking lot will have handicap accessible parking, 20 min delivery drop off, facilities parking and 5 dedicated e-Learning parking spots. Propose a two foot square sign to identify e-Learning entrance. Jonathan Shambare is working on a signage plan for the university and recommends that MPC approve temporary signage pending implementation of a permanent way-finding solution.

Motion passed approving temporary signage through August 31, 2016.

Gruening/Wickersham Landscape Plan update - Tom Marsh

Construction is nearly complete at pedestrian corridor between Gruening and Wickersham; it is anticipated that the project will be turned over to UAF Facilities Services for landscaping soon; chessboard complete, Laura McCollough offered to check if there were cameras facing the chessboard.

Multi-Use Path Update - Tom Marsh

Multi use path is essentially usable but not complete; should be usable for equinox crossings at Musk Oxen farm and Miller Hill/Yankovich; work is under way at Big Whizzy/Commuter trail crossings and grading should be complete by Equinox. Approximately ⅔ of path will be asphalt with remainder gravel; concerns will be addressed tomorrow on farm access and reindeer fencing; Donna Gardino will follow up on permitted use of the trail (i.e. motorized vehicle use); Mark Oldmixon noted that the scale of trees removed and land impacted had not been anticipated and requested that in future projects between UAF/DOT that communication be improved.

Subcommittee and additional reports

  1. North Campus - Kara Axx reported that committee has met twice mainly to address multi use path and trail access; access should be available soon and plans will need to developed to address access points to limit motorized vehicle entry. Disk golf poles on trails will be covered through winter. Motion passed to improve signage to Ballaine Lake wayside walking path access and rather than cut a new path. Arboretum will continue on the same grooming schedule to keep it an unmaintained trail. Doug Schrage noted the if/when grooming opportunities exist the CTC Fire Crew is available.
  2. Campus Landscape - committee has not met
  3. Art on Campus –Need for new MPC representative, interested parties please contact Joshua Greenberg.
  4. Sustainability - Ian Olson reported that committee in on-boarding 4 new members with one additional open position. Looking for means to diversify funding to include fundraising opportunities. No update is available on Butrovich solar power project.
  1. Facilities Services update - Kara
    1. Engineering Building - paving and striping Tanana loop with anticipated open date by Sept 26.
    2. Alumni Drive - temporary sewer line will be removed today, road will be closed temporarily for 20 minutes today.
    3. Himalaya trail work is underway to widen/slope trail beginning on east side, moving towards west; if weather allows FS will widen gorge, and if so they will be able to maintain trail this winter; will add wood chips to trail to reduce mud; signage is in place to warn users that there .
    4. CHPP - Vibro compaction is underway and will wrap up end of next week; project will close for winter end of October; foundation work will start in spring, Mike Ruckhaus will bring color options to MPC.
    5. Lola Tilly re-purposing - 30 new cubicles for ACEP and CIS.
    6. Bridge on Closure on Thompson Drive last work was due to concrete work.
    7. Brad Crick asked if there was any information on gravel piles on Fairbanks Drive trail, Kara Axx will follow up.
  2. Public comment period -no public comment.

Master Planning Committee Meeting
Thursday Feb 26, 2015, 9:00 - 11:00 am
Chancellor’s Conference Room

Download notes (PDF)

In attendance:

Lydia Anderson, Kara Axx, Jim Dixon, Donna Gardino, Joshua Greenberg, Nicholas Janssen, Richard Machida, Da-ka-xeen Mehner, Gary Newman, Debby Queen, William Schnabel, Doug Schrage, Jonathan Shambare

Thompson Drive Signage Plans

Jonathan Shambare presented the 2005 signage plans for Thompson Drive. Costs estimates ranged from $140,000 - $300,000. The Committee recognized the need for a UAF entrance sign at this location and Gary Newman will draft a motion for discussion at next meeting expressing this recognition. The Committee noted concerns that having digital signage at the Thompson Drive/Geist Intersection will create similar parking/safety issues that are present at the Alumni Drive signage.

Sub Committee Reports

North Campus

No meetings. Cheri Renson received a request to have a “jump” event at Ballaine Lake and is working to identify options for the group.

Campus Landscape Committee Meeting

No meetings

Art on Campus

No meetings


Implementation of Sustainability Plan is underway.

Trails Planning

Jonathan Shambare noted that Keith Whitaker is teaching a course in which students are drafting a plan for Yukon Drive sidewalks; they would like to present to MPC prior to semester end.

Facilities Services

No updates. Combined Heat and Power Plant budget came in higher that expected, which may delay the project. Vet Med renovations are underway and expect to be complete for Fall 2015.

Other Comments

Lydia Anderson will send out links to the committee regarding Wood Center design.

Doug Schrage updated the committee on Heart Walk Fundraising and noted that he is recruiting new teams/leaders and can provide additional information to anyone interested.

Lydia Anderson announced her retirement in June 2015 and will update VC Sfraga regarding recommendations for a student services representative for the committee.

No Public Comments

Master Planning Committee Meeting
Thursday Feb 12, 2015, 9:00 - 11:00 am
Chancellor’s Conference Room

Download meeting minutes

In attendance: Kara Axx, Jim Dixon, Mathew Carrick, Donna Gardino, Joshua Greenberg, Nicholas Janssen, Richard Machida, Da-ka-xeen Mehner, Gary Newman, Debby Queen, Michelle Renfrew, William Schnabel, Doug Schrage, Jonathan Shambare

Introduction of new members: Nicholas Janssen - Graduate Student Representative

Clock Tower Design

Jonathan presented the clock tower design; there is no funding associated with this proposal. Committee recommends that this is not priority for the campus at present and feels that Thompson Drive signage should be considered first. The committee would like to see the Thompson Drive Proposal revisited at next meeting.

Sub Committee Reports

North Campus

Committee had an informal ski meeting to assess Smith Lake access - proposal will be sent to Bear to determine if the option is feasible. Doug Schrage noted that the campus wildfire crew is coming together and may be a possible source of trail labor.

Campus Landscape Committee Meeting

No meetings

Art on Campus

No meetings


Ian Olson submitted the following update:

  1. A forum was held 1/29 to present the Sustainability Plan to the students and the wider UAF community. Chancellor Rogers and Vice Chancellor Sfraga headlined the presentation. RISE Board chair Ian Johnson presented many opportunities for student involvement in the Plan and fielded questions from the audience. Turnout was excellent (the WC multi-level lounge was packed) and subsequent interest has been positive: many new volunteers have stepped forward to help with the implementation of the Sustainability Plan.
  2. The RISE Board and Office of Sustainability continue to work on plan implementation. The current strategy has been to divvy up the objectives of the plan into roughly 10 different topical categories. Then, either through direct management by the Office of Sustainability, or via RISE Board sub-committee, each task category will be advanced. This approach has created many opportunities for volunteers to get involved. Still, not all parts of the plan will be implemented by volunteers and committees and OoS staff; for applicable parts, the Office of Sustainability is seeking to create student internships to help with the legwork of the more technical areas, typically related to energy and waste management.
  3. After initiating the RISE Subcommittee on Sustainability in the Curriculum, I have turned over the committee to faculty member Jennifer Schell, CLA English, so that I can develop a subcommittee to address implementation of the Sustainability Plan with respect to university ;employee objectives.

Trails Planning

Jonathan reported that a request has been submitted to fund an Army Road crossing at Ballaine Lake for bikers/walkers in this area. Donna Gardino noted that DOT criteria require 20 walkers per hour for a crosswalk to be determined necessary.

Facilities Services

A class taught by Keith Whitaker will be working on a design proposal for Yukon Drive Pedestrian Trails Project; they are currently defining a scope of work and will present a design to the Master Planning Committee.

Application for Himalayan Trail project funding will be submitted to the Alumni Association shortly.

Jonathan will provide an update on the engineering building at next meeting.

No Public Comments

Associated documents

Master Planning Committee
Thursday January 15, 2015, 9 - 11 am
Meeting Minutes

In Attendance

Joshua Greenberg, Mathew Carrick, Jim Dixon, Kara Axx, Lydia Anderson, Brad Krick, Debby Queen, Ian Olsen

Welcome and Introductions

Joshua Greenberg welcomed new member Mathew Carrick to the committee.

Committee Comments and Suggestions

Brad Crick noted that the Fresh Air Committee will be providing recommendations on implementation of the tobacco free policy on campus and that there will be signage on campus regarding this policy.

Ian Olson suggested that MPC hold MPC meetings on different locations across campus.

Lydia Anderson suggested that MPC advertise meeting dates/locations on digital signage.

Subcommittee Reports

North Campus - Kara Axx reported that Christina Turman has been appointed to the subcommittee, replacing Scott Jerome. Trails are well maintained and are getting good use.

Campus Landscape - Have not met since last meeting.

Art on Campus - No update.

Trails Planning - Has been submitted and is final.

Sustainability Report

Sustainability plan has been approved and adopted; presentation of the plan and an open forum are scheduled for Jan 28 at 1:00 pm in the Wood Center with Chancellor Rogers, Mike Sfraga, and Michelle Mouton. A number of subcommittees and working groups are being established and internships with the Office of Sustainability are being created to provide support through implementation of the plan. Looking into options/possibility to renew STARS certification.

Facilities Services Update

No update

Wood Center Update

Smaller loading dock size has presented challenges and will switch over to the catering bay next week. Adjusting hours to accommodate student needs.

Public Comment Period

No Comments


Next meeting January 29th

Master Planning Committee
Thursday December 4, 2014, 9 – 10:30 am

Meeting Minutes

In Attendance

Joshua Greenberg, Gary Newman, Jonathan Shambare, Da-ka-xeen Mehner, Douglas Schrage, Jim Dixon, Richard Michida

Welcome and Introductions

Meeting started at 9:05

  1. Trails and Greenways - Plan Review

    1. Final draft issued - tried to follow 2010 Master plans as closely as possible (pg.8)
    2. Looked at existing conditions and pronounced trails (Himalayan trail; behind SRC)
    3. Improve trail with widening; while keeping it still natural; make minimal improvements
    4. Bear w/ Facilities Services is project manager
    5. Geist to W. Tanana Loop - RR does not like people crossing there; How do we get people from that side to West Ridge? Has very high use in summer; looking at alternate route to Fairbanks St
    6. Yukon Drive corner intersection - too big of an issue to tackle at this moment; will need a true traffic plan to address this intersection; it is suggested that a sidewalk be added on South Yukon drive
    7. Recommendation to develop ski trails directly accessible to the Sustainable Village; Lighting corridor from Sustainable Village to campus is a concern and needs to be evaluated
  2. Sub committee reports

    1. North Campus Committee is meeting FS122
    2. Campus Landscape - no plans to meet at this time
    3. Art on Campus - no plans to meet this semester
    4. Trails planning - recommendation of ending committee, can report on progress
  3. Facilities Services - Waiting on planning

    1. Engineering needs $35 million to complete the new building will have to wait until April for legislative session, if money is received in June, building can be completed in August.
    2. Power plant - offices are being completed, greenhouse has been removed
    3. Proposed new fire station; Regents included it in planning, $1.25 million
    4. Troth Yeddha project is restarting - meeting tomorrow
    5. Improve snow removal to benefit handicapped student; figure out how to improve.
  4. Public Comment period
  5. Next Scheduled meeting Jan 15th

Associated documents

UAF Master Planning Committee

Meeting Minutes
Thursday, November 6, 2014; 9am-11am
Chancellor’s Conference Room (SIH 330)

MPC in Attendees: Kara Axx, Jonathan Shambare, Donna Gardino, Ian Olson, William Schnabel, John George, Richard Michida, Joshua Greenberg, Da-ka-xeen Mehner, Douglas Schrage, Gary Newman, Jim Dixon,

MPC Absent: Michelle Renfrew, Debby Queen, Lydia Anderson

Other Attendees: Michele Hebert-Mouton, Director of Sustainability, Mikala Swanson, Sustainability Office, Mike Ruckhaus, Senior Project Manager

  1. Introductions:
    The meeting started at 9:05

    1. Matthew Carrick, ASUAF President, has been appointed to the MPC as the undergraduate student representative.
    2. MPC is still in need of a graduate student representative.
  2. Sustainability Plan review

    1. M. Hebert-Mouton and M. Swanson presented the Sustainability Office replies to MPC comments on the Sustainability Plan. The responses went point by point and followed a written response that the Sustainability Office had provided to the MPC prior to the meeting.

      Particular points of the presentation included the following:

      1. A supporting document that provides detail and costs of presented strategies is not possible because of their broad nature.
      2. CHP plant not specifically mentioned because it was not approved at the time the plan was developed.
      3. The students involved in development of the Sustainability Plan had a strong desire for the plan to set a high renewable energy target for the UAF.
    2. MPC Response

      1. The MPC expressed its appreciation for the responses provided by the Sustainability Office to its comments.
      2. MPC requested, and M. Hebert-Mouton agreed, that the following changes would be made to the Sustainability Plan prior to it being finalized:

        1. The 10 year renewable energy target for UAF would be set at 25%.
        2. A paragraph would be added to the plan explaining the choice of peer institutions.
        3. Building Use Intensity would be adjusted so that it is normalized on degree heating days.
      3. In Addition, at the MPC request, the Brendle Group will be contacted to discuss modifying their disclaimer of responsibility for document content, which the MPC found to be overly broad and too limiting.
    3. MPC Action

      1. The MPC passed a motion recommending approval of the Sustainability Plan as a component of the UAF Master Plan.
  3. Veterans memorial location

    1. J. Shambare presented 3 alternative locations that are being considered for placement of a UAF veterans memorial. It was noted that the group proposing the memorial had received a $10,000 grant to support its construction.
    2. MPC response.

      1. It was questioned whether the funding would be sufficient to cover the costs of the memorial.
      2. The appropriate location of the memorial may depend on the design plans for the UAF campus, such as plans for the campus quad area.
      3. The MPC needs to know what will be the component parts of the memorial, e.g., will it include a bench a flagpole, etc…
      4. The MPC would like to have additional information, including a rendering of memorial design and a statement of the intent of the memorial, prior to recommending a particular site.
      5. The MPC did express a need to develop a specific process that parties interested in placement of commemorative displays could follow. It was agreed that Campus Landscape Subcommittee is the appropriate group to work with interested parties in developing recommendations for the MPC. J. Shambare will take the lead in process development in consultation with the Campus Landscape Subcommittee.
    3. Action

      1. The MPC took no action at this time on the memorial location, believing that such a request is premature given the lack of information. J. Shambare will contact the veterans memorial group and discuss next steps for moving this project forward.
  4. Heat and Power Plant

    1. M. Ruckhaus provided a presentation on the design of the CHP power plant. The presentation was informational with no action requested of the MPC. Included in the presentation were possible building features such as a curtain window on the north side of the building so people can observe the building’s inner workings and a display on the stack that would indicate temperature. It was noted that the plant design was chosen based on a variety of factors including long run durability. An open design question is the location of the pipe bridge.
    2. MPC response.

      1. There was a concern expressed that the opportunity to look into the plant through the curtain window might create road congestion as drivers pull to the side of the road. The MPC wondered whether a pullout had been considered.

        1. M. Ruckhaus indicated that there was no plan for a pullout.
      2. There were comments that rather than having the stack display temperature, a display of energy demand would be useful and relate to what is occurring within the plant.
  5. Greenhouse location

    1. M. Ruckhaus presented a plan for location of the Facilities Services greenhouse. This item was not part of the MPC written agenda. Previously, the MPC had approved relocation of the greenhouse to U-Park. However, the greenhouse location had been reconsidered and a new preferred location next to the existing power plant off of Alumni Drive has been identified. This location was preferred because of availability of waste heat and accessibility to students.
    2. MPC response.

      1. There was discussion about the attractiveness of the greenhouse, or lack thereof, and whether it was desirable to have it in such a visible spot.
      2. MPC action.

        1. The MPC passed a motion approving the location for the greenhouse.
  6. Committee reports

    1. North Campus. No report.
    2. Campus Landscape. No report.
    3. Art on Campus. No report.
    4. Trails Planning.

      1. A UAF Trails and Greenways Report is available for final review. The MPC will discuss the plan at its next meeting.
  7. Facilities Services update

    Activity on Troth Yeddha is ramping up.

  8. Public comment period

    No public comment

  9. Schedule

    Next planned meeting November 20, 2014.

Meeting adjourned at 10:59

Additional meeting item: Need for Administrative support for the MPC

It was noted that the level of administrative support for the MPC has declined and that this is not serving the MPC well. Minutes and other documents need to be posted to the MPC website in a timely manner. There should be an administrative support person who is responsible for collecting, posting and distributing MPC related documents. The MPC chair will follow-up on this item


Master Planning Committee Notes

October 23, 2014
9:00 - 11:00 am
Chancellor’s Conference Room

Joshua Greenberg reported that there are openings for a graduate student and undergraduate student, recommendations can be sent to him. Lydia Anderson will inform ASUAF of these openings.

The committee discussed the draft Sustainability Plan, and recorded the following comments:

  • Concerns regarding timelines for implementation; especially recommend that dates for facilities services be reviewed to ensure they are appropriate.
  • Update information to accurately reflect greenhouse gas emissions (sec 10.1), and incorporate the impact of the new CHP plant (forecast of future emissions, sec 4.3); recommend that this section be reviewed by the CHP team.
  • Building use normalized for heating days in Fairbanks (sec 4).
  • Concerns with the benchmarking schools and if they were able to account for the cold/dark/research output, would be helpful to have a list of peer institutions and brief background on how they were selected.
  • Confirm if goal of 30% renewable is achievable and/or how they plan to achieve (pg 37 and 41); and 25% alternative transportation use.
  • Specify how the implementation costs were developed; provide a separate document to break out prices within implementation steps in areas where there are specific target dates.
  • University will be solely responsible for building design and construction practices (page 61).
  • Transportation section referencing City of Fairbanks Public Works should be updated to FMATS, DOT, Borough (page 47).
  • Address how increased training and marketing will be developed to support the plan.
  • Confirm that each individual departments have confirmed and committed to their roles listed in the plan.
  • Update all references to “Facilities Services” (in some places it is referred to as “Facility Services”).
  • Confirm that all images within document are UAF/Fairbanks images.
  • Section 9.0 is titled “Shape Alaska’s Future”, the SW initiative is called “Shaping Alaska’s Future”, this section may need to be reviewed if they are referencing the SW initiative to avoid confusion.
  • Overall, Master Planning Committee commend the student effort and the breadth and depth of this document; however, they feel that there needs to be some additional work to strengthen the document.

Committee Reports

North Committee - No comments on bike plan and disc golf plan have been received, the committee has decided to adopt the plans permanently; there is an opportunity to submit a wetlands project for the Yankovich bike path, formal plan needed by next week.

Landscape Committee - Rocket installed, event today at 4:00 pm.

Art on Campus Committee - Will address the totem pole location at next committee meeting.

Trails Committee - Trail plan is complete, will resend for comments. After adoption will address methods to connect to Borough Trails.

Facilities Services Committee - Mike Ruckhaus will present CHP at next MPC meeting; still working on a checklist for memorials.

No Public Comment

UAF Master Planning Committee

Thursday, October 9, 2014, 9:00 - 11:00 am

Chancellor’s Conference Room

Meeting Minutes

Michelle Mouton presented on the UAF Sustainability Plan

Funded from Student Sustainability Fee

Master Planning Committee will submit all comments Oct 23

Office of Sustainability will be responsible for tracking and reporting progress

Subcommittee Reports

  • North Campus - Committee recommends that Bike Commuter Trail and Disc Golf Course become permanent;
  • Campus Landscape - No update
  • Arts on Campus - Wood Center Pole is being stored at Facilities Services and should be in condition to re-install, still considering where the appropriate location is;
  • Trails Planning - Map of all sidewalks has been prepared and will be presented to Disability Services

Facilities Services Update

  • Jonathan Shambare would like to clarify the process for submitting MPC requests; Jonathan will discuss with Bear.
  • Engineering building skin is being installed; road will remain closed;
  • Wood Center opening has gone well, a new sidewalk will be installed in the back

No Public Comments

Next meeting is October 23, 2014


UAF Master Planning Committee

Meeting Minutes

Thursday, September 25, 2014; 9am-11am

Wood Center 101G

MPC in Attendees: Kara Axx, Lydia Anderson, Jonathan Shambare, Donna Gardino, Ian Olson, Raphaelle Descoteaux, William Schnabel, John George

MPC Absent: Douglas Schrage, Gary Newman, Jim Dixon, Michelle Renfrew, Da-ka-xeen Mehner, Sharon Burke, Richard Machida, Mark Oldmixon, Debby Queen, Jenn Baker

Other Attendees: Matthew Carrick, ASUAF President, Celie Hull, ASUAF, Vice President, Brad Krick

  1. Meeting Location: Wood Center 101G
    • The meeting location for the MPC was changed approximately at 8:30 am from Chancellor Conference room to Wood Center 101G before the meeting started at the request of Debby Queen. The meeting started at 9:13 am
  2. Introductions:
    • Raphaelle Descoteaux indicated that she is graduating and the September 25 meeting was the last meeting she will be attending. A new graduated student representative is now required.
    • Lydia Anderson, asked if we have an undergraduate student representative as well.
  3. Remembrance Garden for UAF students – M. Carrick
    1. Matthew Carrick and Celie Hull presented a proposal to establish a 10,000 SF Remembrance Garden for UAF students who have been affected by suicide. His idea was to plant trees and create a reflective and healing place.
    2. The garden will be managed by the students. Matthew thought he will be able to get ASUAF to allocate $5,000 to $8,000 annual for maintenance
    3. MPC Response
      • Consider broadening the request to include more students and staff at UAF as a memorial garden.
      • Create a functional committee and look for opportunities to work with other groups such as the psychology department, UAF Veterans, and Troth Yeddha Committee to better define the a UAF community need.
      • Provide concept drawings and look for examples of other remembrance gardens. DDC will work with Matthew to provide drawings and schemes.
      • Provide a financial plan to sustain the garden.
      • Mathew needs to bring the proposal back to the MPC when he has more details and options.
  1. Review of Campus Wide Core Access Plan
    The MPC reviewed the Campus Core Plan that was originally present to the MPC by Mary Pagel on August 28, 2014 and the comments are as follows:
    • The plan does not show enough detail to demonstrate the resolution of the pedestrian and vehicle conflicts on the Wood Center Drop-off area “B4”
    • MPC felt the Wood Center drop-off is significant area of the campus and recommends a detailed traffic study to ensure the proposal meets the needs of all users; Borough buses, UAF shuttles, riders and pedestrians crossing Yukon Drive.
    • What is the feedback on the newly reconfigured Wood Center bus stop?
    • How is the increased pedestrian - vehicle conflict along Ambler Lane being addressed?
    • What is proposed pedestrian path from Chapman to Wood Center?
    • Add an area for a bike shelter north of Wickersham Hall. The old bike parking and shelter/repair station has been removed
    • Correctly, identify the “26 additional parking spaces” as net zero relocation of spaces because of the proposed Eielson/Signers roundabout
    • Consider swapping the short-term Signer’s East parking lot with the Eielson west parking lot to be a metered lot. However, how does this impact the Signers and Eielson entrances that are east, south and north of the buildings?
    • Are the proposed trees at the Eielson/Signers roundabout of appropriate size and height to promote visibility and security?
    • The Quad is a significant campus feature that also requires a more detailed study and alternatives
      • Develop detailed plans or procedure for vendor vehicles
      • What can be done to make the quad a more inviting place?
  1. Subcommittee reports
    1. North Campus
      • The North Campus Committee discussed the location of the 18-hole full disc course in the north campus with an idea to have a conditional approval for one year to see how the new 18-hole disc course works.
      • The 9-hole disc course is still in place
      • The North Campus committee will vote on the proposal of the 18 hole course during their next scheduled meeting
      • Kara Axx is work on changing the identification of trails by letters to names
    1. Campus Landscape
      • No Report
    1. Art on Campus
      • No Report
    1. Trails Planning
      • Jonathan Shambare reported that the Himalayan Trail and Yukon Drive sidewalk improvements projects has not been funded this year and hope it will be funded next year
  1. Facilities Services update
    1. Jonathan gave a brief summary that Facilities services is now in the process of closing any remaining projects for the winter
  1. Sustainability Plan
    1. Ian Olson reported that the UAF Sustainability Plan is now Available for review and it can be downloaded at
    1. Lydia Anderson, indicated the Student Free Market Store and Pantry is in need of a permanent storage space
  1. Public comment period
    1. Brad Krick representing the Staff Council, was concerned with the proposed new Fire Station building parking layout. The proposed layout would leave one entrance/exit into the Nenana Parking Lot. This would create a bottle neck during busy hours to and out of the Parking Lot
    1. Brad Krick asked where the totem pole that was in front of the Wood Center was now located or stored?
      • Lydia Anderson indicated she will find out.
    1. Brad Krick indicated he supports the proposed Remembrance Garden idea as presented by Matthew Carrick
  1. Schedule
    Next agenda item:
  2. Attachments:

UAF Master Planning Committee

Meeting Minutes August 28, 2014; 9am ‐ 11am
Chancellor’s Conference Room (SIH 330)

MPC in Attendees: Kara Axx, Lydia Anderson, Jonathan Shambare, Donna Gardino, Ian Olson, Joshua Greenberg, Da ‐ ka ‐ xeen Mehner, Douglas Schrage, Gary Newman, Jim Dixon, Michele Renfrew

MPC Absent: Debby Queen, Richard Michida, John George

Other Attendees: Darrin Eddison, Cameron Wohlford, Brad Krick, Mary Pagel, Scott Bell

  1. Introductions:

    The meeting started at 9:00
  2. Uaf CTC Fire Training Center

    1. C. Wohlford made a presentation on a proposed new combined fire station/training center. The current need for expanded facilities was emphasized. The current university fire station is inadequate for it needs. The current fire training program is in need of additional space that cannot be provided at its current U ‐ Park facility. The combined facility would be 67,000 sq ft with an estimated cost of $30m. They currently have funding for concept design, which will be completed by Bettisworth Design. Parking options for the new facility were discussed including additions to the Nenana lot and a parking garage southwest of Eielson. Access to the new fire station will not be through the Nenana lot.

      The training area will be included on the facilities 2 nd floor and will include emergency operation room that will double as a conference/meeting room. Construction is planned for FY 17. Concept design is to be completed by September. Parking options for the new facility were discussed including additions to the Nenana lot and a parking garage southwest of Eielson. There will be a budget line item for ground parking expansion of the Nenana lot and this would be paved. No fire science student dorms are planned for the new facility; rather it is suggested that students could be housed at Lathrop Hall.
  3. Facilities Services Greenhouse.

    1. A proposal was presented to the MPC to move the facilities Services Greenhouse to U‐Park. The U‐park location would capitalize on availability of utilities. The MPC was presented with 3 alternative sites at U‐Park. The identified preferred U‐Park site is located on the north side exterior of the UAF U‐Park facility. This site was identified as the low cost option and the location that causes the least disruption to current University programs at U‐Park.
    2. MPC action.

      The MPC passed a motion recommending approval of the preferred site
  4. Troth Yeddha Sign

    1. J. Shambare provided the MPC an update on the Troth Yeddha sign. Brown/tan color is planned; otherwise the sign will conform to UAF branded design for signage. The intent of the sign is to provide for exposure for future projects.
    2. MPC response.

      There were concerns about the color scheme of this sign differing from the UAF approved color scheme for signage. It was noted that the placement of new sign should allow for possible expansion of the Yukon Drive pedestrian/bike corridor. No action was requested of the MPC at this time.
  5. Campus Core Landscape Plan.

    1. M. Pagel gave a presentation on the draft campus core landscape plan. The Chancellor’s Cabinet has reviewed the plan. A phased implementation approach for the plan is intended, and implementation will depend on funding. The first phase of activity would begin behind Gruening, but there is no funding at this time. The design incorporates the new Engineering building and placement of the cornerstone. It was noted that the veterans memorial is also in the design with several locations considered (in addition to Wood Center).
    2. MPC response.

      1. The MPC had questions about parking in front of Eielson and adjacent to Signers Hall. There were concerns that the presented Wood Center bus stop plan was non ‐ functional and needed to be re ‐ conceptualized. The MPC was informed that Gruening –Wickersham will be closed to public vehicles and be pedestrian only with access for Facilities Services. The MPC had concerns about the unsightly metal shed in front of Wood Center and how it could best be remedied within the plan.
      2. The MPC members can send comments to J. Shambare on the draft plan. The presentation will be available on DropBox. The MPC intends to revisit the plan at a later meeting.
  6. Colville House Demolition

    1. Informational presentation to the MPC on the planned demolition of the Colville House. It has asbestos problems and has been unoccupied for the last 5 years. No action requested of the MPC.
  7. Committee reports

    1. North Campus. No report.
    2. Campus Landscape. No report.
    3. Art on Campus. No report.
    4. Trails Planning.
      1. There has been some activity on planning for the “Himalayan trail” located south of Yukon Drive.
    5. RISE , Sustainability. Sustainability Plan draft is complete and review is pending in 1‐2 weeks.
  8. Facilities Services update

    Wood Center construction is complete.
  9. Public comment period

    No public comment
  10. Schedule

Next planned meeting September 11, 2014.


Thursday, June 19, 2014; 9am-11am
Chancellor’s Conference Room (SIH 330)

  1. Welcome and introductions

  2. Installation of Fabric Storage at Physical Plant

  3. Final Report of the Trails Master plan

  4. Temporary Shuttle route from Taku Parking Lot to Tanana Loop

  5. CWCAP Alternatives

  6. Subcommittee reports
    1. North Campus
    2. Campus Landscape
    3. Art on Campus
    4. Trails Planning

  7. Facilities Services update

  8. Public comment period

  9. Schedule


Proposal for Master planning on new structure

2014-06-06 CWCAP Alternatives - Final - 11x17

UAF Master Plan Committee


May 8, 2014

Eielson 304

Present: Members: Joshua Greenberg (chair), Gary Newman, Doug Schrage, Richard Machida, Donna Gardino, Michelle Renfrew, Jim Dixon

Others: Kara Axx (N. Campus), Mike Ruckhaus (UAF Design and Construction), Chris Miller and Bill Payton (Design Alaska), Sylvan Robb and Jamie Hansen (Information Insights)

  1. Meeting was called to order at 9:08 am by Chairman Greenberg
  2. Power Plant presentation: Presentation on the combined heat and power plant exterior design by Design Alaska and Information Insights. While no MPC approval was needed, the team was asking for MPC input on aesthetics. There were several mockups for the committee to review (see attached). There was discussion over the bridge between the new plant and old plant, adding solar on the south exposure (up to 100kw possible per Ruckhaus), exterior metal panels color and design and potential for graduated and reflective surfaces, finding colors and considering cleaning of exterior as it is a dusty power plant, landscaping and stack size and dimensional configuration. The timeline for the project is to start design July 2014 for a year, then break ground July 2015 with steel going up in another year.

    In reviewing the perspectives from various angles and approaches to the plant, MPC members appreciated the more the varied surface of the “Industrial” presentation instead of the boxy look of the others, liked the glass north face of the bridge, was supportive of the solar panels on the south, and to maintain a round tapered stack vs rectangular and with a color that minimized the visual impact from other locations on campus.
  3. Elvey Rocket Display: The MPC had already approved May 23, 2013 the site for placement of the rocket in front of the Elvey Building. The info provided in the packet was for our information, per an email that Kara had received from Jonathan Shambare.
  4. Demolition GI Building at the Rifle Range: This is an old building that is no longer being used, has suffered vandalism and break-ins in the past, and with storage items now moved to U. Park and elsewhere. We were told the removal has the approval of the Geophysical Institute. The MPC approved a motion unanimously to remove the GI building and associated structures.
  5. Subcommittee reports:

    1. North Campus: Kara reported that gates to trails were locked for breakup with no complaints, all is good
    2. Campus Landscape: Jim Dixon reported no meeting prior, but actually was to happen later today. There was to be discussion over naming of the Rifle Range.
    3. Art on Campus: no report, MPC member not present
    4. Trails Planning: Kara reported that the Trails and Greenways Plan had gone to Chancellor’s Cabinet last week, but the Chancellor was not present. No further information.
  6. Facilities Services update: Kara reported that Jonathan had the following: Construction is starting with the end of school, the updated construction map can be found at and that the last piece of steel is scheduled to be placed on the Engineering Building addition on May 22 with a little ceremony.
  7. Public comment period: there were no public comments
  8. Summer schedule: it was agreed that MPC would have scheduled monthly meetings during the summer and cancel if there were no agenda items. Dates June 19, July 17, August 28.
  9. Meeting adjourned at 10:20 am (approximate)

Download the Power Plant Presentation

UAF Master Planning Committee


UAF Master Planning Committee

Meeting Agenda

Thursday, November 21, 2013; 9-11AM

Chancellor’s Conference Room (SIH 330)

  1. Welcome & Introductions

  2. Comments from the MPC on the Exterior Lighting Master Plan
    Lighting options will be provided for trails that require lighting, on an as needed basis. If one of these trails is crossing over a road, should it burn all night? Or if people want to go and intentionally see the moonlight and stars, is this when it should turn off?
  3. Update on the Power Plant New Boiler Building
    The new boiler terminology is the Atkinson Plant. The project scope is decommissioning the existing coal boilers that are 50 years old and constructing two new coal/biomass capable ones, and a new scheme turbine, which will be adjacent to the current plant. This new sizing could handle heating and powering campus needs for next 20 yrs. There’s a 50 yr design life on the equipment, but that’s how they’re sized, and it’s difficult to predict the future loads of energy conservation. It’s almost a certainty that campus will grow over the next 20 years. There is a site plan that shows the new facility is adjacent to the existing facility. Immediately east where there’s parking, the Facilities Services green house has a storage building which needs to be relocated. The new facility will be connected with a bridge that will carry piping and pedestrian traffic adjacent to Alumni Drive. Railroad will be relocated to south side of property for fuel deliveries. One item about the new plant which will be extremely distinctive is it will be much taller than the existing plant. Technology is called circulating fluidized boiler, fuel and fans keep combustion process 100 ft. high, that circulates around until all fuel is completely combusted. It circulates limestone and it absorbs a lot of pollutants which are present in the stream: sulfur, acid gasses and other things. For emission control there will be a bag house and an injection of sodium bi-carbonate that gets put into the exhaust stream and captured in bag house to be consistent with clean air regulations. The emissions from the new plant will represent significant reduction of pollutants, except for carbon dioxide. There is a reduction of mercury in the plant. Because of the size of the plant, however, mercury regulations are minimal. The key thing is visual impact. The site in the latest was identified for expansion of the plant, in 2010. The main thing that is going to be different which we made comments on is the visual impact from various places on campus. It will be significantly taller than the existing plant, (100 ft tall vs. the current 60 ft tall structure). The design team has put quite a bit of effort into what can be done to minimize the impact. They provided basic design data for a cost estimate, and we put some thought into the areas that need attention. Having a big, rectangular box shape is an architectural challenge. There are limited opportunities with graphics. Introduction of windows, or relief around the side would provide some break up so you don’t have a big flat insulated panel to stare at. The whole south side will be solar panels. There is room for vegetation around Alumni Drive side. This will likely have a fence around entire facility and chain link probably on south side, but probably will need architecturally pleasing fence around Alumni Drive. It is the first building to greet people coming on campus, so it is great to have a wall of solar panels, but driving in or out you would never notice they were there so maybe put one little solar panel on the corner so the public knows it’s partly solar generated. This is going to become a directional landmark for the university. This is the way most people get to the university so we need to make it aesthetically pleasing. Yukon Drive and Tanana Loop entrances will not be impacted, it will be at Alumni Drive. We have some idea of what it will look like from Duckering, and Bunnell, and it’s not a significant impact, surprisingly. The stacks will be 200 ft high, while the existing stacks are 75-80 ft high, so that will be noticeable, but the discharge of the gasses will be much higher and out of the field of view. A natural gas plant would be harder to permit, because it’s an uncontrolled exhaust and an entirely different permitting process. Two years ago we saw planning money from the legislature, that’s how we advanced the plan to this point in preparation we have a little bit of money left but not much. Chamber has endorsed this project, but it’s also a legislative project with the borough. GVEA and oil costs will decrease. If someone loaned UAF the money we could pay it back off on a non-interest loan in 20-30 years, just on cost savings. Assuming there’s no additional cost on coal. This is going to the Board of Regents in December for final approval. I would expect the fence might come up as options if it’s more of a solid fence, it might become a mural and go through the art department. Will need significant funding, that may be expected to be here by next fall. The old building will remain intact. Will be decommissioning the coal boilers. The water treatment systems will remain. The piping systems originated there. Two existing oil boilers (one is converted to gas the other is dual fuel) will remain and will act as back-ups.
  4. Subcommittee reports

    1. North Campus – The windstorm did hit it pretty badly. Jason cleared 51 trees that had fallen across trails. A tree went down on a set of lights, and they had to shut them off for a day. Still four left that need to be reattached to system. Trails are officially cleared. There are some branches and brush that can’t be groomed out yet, but it tears up the track center so we’re hoping for snow. If you do see anything, shoot her an email and Jason will clear it up.
    2. Campus Landscape – Has not met.
    3. Art on Campus – Has not met.
    4. Trails Planning, Review of the Revised UAF Trails, Goals, Objectives and Performance Measures

    5. Been working with Jonathan and north trails folks, and tasked with looking at the trails primarily in the core part of the campus, and looking at connectivity. What kind of challenges and opportunities do we have with ours at UAF? Comments are welcome. What do you think the trails need to look like. Important questions: “What challenges or obstacles do you see currently that discourages you from using trails?” “What opportunities do you see to build a better trail system?” Phasing and prioritization. Hopefully this plan will lead to implementation. This is meant to be a plan that has a final product that makes people feel as if their voices are heard. The campus is used in two ways: one to get to class or work functionally for staff or students. The other part is how people recreate and get around and connect to those trails. Some students whom do not want to live in Fairbanks, want no snow to get to classes, want a heated bubble tunnel to get around. Other students don’t want things changed because they like Fairbanks, they want to climb over the dome, or hill or go through path in the forest. There’s a different dichotomy in how people use trails. Some people want the experience of the trails, and are out there and enjoy the temperatures and there are some people that just want the ease of getting their coffee. One other thing is the way people are transporting. The technology has changed. People are cruising through on their bikes that are winter capable. This is also the first-generation of people that are relying on phone apps as “way finder” tools to navigate trails. Changing some of the way those trails are perceived. If you were on the trails before on skis, now bikes are coming through. This is a great way to entertain tourists, if you bring visitors you can encourage walking tours to experience the campus. To let you know where we are within the process, we have discovery week. After this, we’ll be working on mapping and our plan is to draft and document in January/February, and then enter into a review and approval process that takes it forward. We have the blog up and running. There’s not a whole lot on it yet. We’ve summarized sessions we’ve had and posted them on to it. That’s the grand overview, before going around the table. Questions about process or how? “Where is the blog located”? On the web I will send out an email about it. “Does your scope include considering the interconnectivity regarding the borough trails?” Some people have been very clear about connections to the ends. “Can we go over the process again?” We’ve taken existing conditions mapping. This week we are trying to fill in all of the missing links. There will be a map that comes forward with decisions that need to be made on it. Talking with Bear, he points out that any trails through some of the wilder parts of campus really need to have a clear width of about 8 feet. In winter we have to have room for snow. The taller vegetation has to be managed if you want that kind of trail to be proactively maintained so you can at least get a bobcat down there, which generally gives you about a 3.5-4.5 foot groove through the snow. To have a successful and multi-modal trail, that’s what we have to do. ADA accessible, or wide enough so someone can pass someone on skis, that’s an impact. There’s going to be an aspect of planning, maps with colors and dashes it will show which hierarchy of levels of use/management use. If you have a foot path and it becomes three feet wide, you have too many users on it for it to remain a footpath, so you either discourage people from using it or you define what the aesthetics are so we have to get people off this trail or zig-zag the path down the hill. Management tools are really important on trails. This needs to have enforceability at a design point of view. Community feedback question: “Is the survey the best way for people to give comments?” For people who can’t come, the blog is excellent. One is the survey to stakeholders with specific questions; the other comment collector on the blog is strictly for comments. They can say they support it or leave it the way it is, that’s a good way to get involved in this process. Staff and faculty make up a big part of the Westridge trail as users, not just students. They did contact certain groups within Westridge, and everyone whose been identified to use the outside space for an activity, as to faculty and staff they may be using it to get to their car and such. Staff and faculty use the trails for walking trails. There is no shuttle bus system from the Westridge to the SRC because of the construction. Haven’t seen anything that takes Westridge into the western part of lower campus. We can still get blog info up. Post discovery week people can still contribute to blog, and even take the university map, draw on it, scan it in, and post it to show what they do. All of the maps are posted for everyone to print. They are meeting with the campus sustainability group who they are interfacing with. Also having an open session this evening, five to seven at the Wood Center and we’ll even have pizza to lure people in. The Hulbert Nanook Terrain Park is changing it’s boundaries for this coming season to continue all the way up to Yukon Drive and as a state license ski center which you have to do for liability reasons, they have to control access, so that’s going to change seasonally some of the trails. Unless you have a ski pass and the training you’re not supposed to transect that. If you have a pair of stairs that goes up here, so people can have access down to that landing to extend it up to satisfy the Westridge to SRC trail concerns, have it land at the top of the ski hill so people going up can have a spot for their skis. Need an interim trail that doesn’t make too much of an economic investment, once we’re done with Troth Yeddha’ we’ll have an establishment. People like this path primarily in the winter time because it allows them to go straight instead of around, in the summer it’s not an issue because it’s nice out and they can take that longer walk. People just don’t want to walk along Yukon Drive because of the cars and the exhaust and stuff. There needs to be an east to west walking corridor that needs to be developed. Campus lighting: whether these need to be illuminated or not. Safety of seeing large moose and supplementary lighting. Concept of level and service. Needs to be well maintained and lit. What is our required level of service? If it’s not the shortest path, people will still go through the woods. Once a trail becomes a ski trail, rather than a walk trail, then you can’t have it be a walking trail anymore. Anything we put in academically has to be multi-use, and anything we do recreationally we have to keep walkers off it. Academic versus Recreational trails will be different. Sheep Creek runs on commuter trails, and Raphaelle finds it dangerous in winter because signs are not cleared very well, she has to jump into snowbank when cars come. Tanana Loop she doesn’t feel super secure on a bike or running, is it a maintenance issue or what? Generally, walkers or runners need more connectivity between segments of walking trails right now I feel like there are trails going here and there but to make a big loop it’s hard in the winter. Wood Center between “Himalaya Trail”, some people are really here for the wilderness - we don’t want to kill that. We should provide a safe connection for people not interested in Himalaya trail. The issue of side-by-side biking and roadways: Yukon and Tanana Loop, there’s a bike path on the inside of the curve, which disappears this time of year and nobody uses it for that purpose and cars cut that corner. If the striping was better I think people would be cutting corner less. Desire lines can be optimized. Want to keep trails quiet, away from road traffic. Parking is an issue. Parking meters? Confusion about when parking is enforced after/before hours. Non-campus regulars also don’t understand the parking rules. Ballaine and Sheep Creek and the lookout are good free parking for the community who are not UAF affiliated. There is vegetation on the trails by the roads that is dangerous for bicyclists. ROTC invited to describe their training path and that is one of their main concerns. There’s controversy to access and research at Tea Field Rd. and keeping that plowed in the winter time is hard because it’s a ski trail so it doesn’t get plowed. But in breakup people drive on it anyways, we’re trying to restrict access from it because of that. If we have 3 or 4 people fall off a trail, we need to fix that. It would be great to have a walking trail to go to the museum and botanical gardens, and nature trail to connect everything. Planning up to this point has been good people are on the same page. Farmer’s Loop area there was a discussion about people crossing that road, lots of housing, and there are no traffic islands here.
  5. Facilities Services update

    1. There have been some meetings for the Sustainable Village master plan. Jonathan thinks this is funded. Laura says it won’t just be for students but a more diversified body which may include faculty and staff housing. Possibly open to other people also?
    2. There is also a master plan for the [Calypso?] Farm. Needs to identify some funding.
    3. Bunnell completed the replacement of the old concrete stairs to metal.
    4. Construction work is continuing at the Wood Center building. Dan Sizer is looking to see what’s going to be done around the Wood Center as there is a challenge for people trying get through at the Gruening and Wickersham turn around, to make a better drop off/pick up area. Bus shuttle is small up at the Wood Center and that area does need to be reworked because there are borough buses and people coming to pick up their spouses or kids. As a part of this effort we will end up with some plan to make easier access to core campus. Nothing formal yet, but Dan Sizer is working on it.
  6. Public comment period – None

  7. Schedule – Next meeting will be on Thu. Dec. 5th, 2013 which is in two weeks.

*Lighting Master Plan Document is available at

UAF Master Planning Committee

Thursday, August 29, 2013; 9am-11am
Meeting Notes

Members Present: Raphaelle Descoteaux, Jim Dixon, Morgan Dufseth, John George, Josh Greenberg, Richard Machida, Da-ka-xeen Mehner, Steve Murphy, Gary Newman, Michelle Renfrew, Doug Schrage

Others Present: Martin Klein, Business Manager, Auxiliary and Contract Services

  1. Welcome and introductions
    The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m.
  2. MPC Officers
    The committee agreed to postpone the election of the vice chair and secretary until the next meeting.
  3. Placement of ATCO Unit
    Martin Klein presented a proposal to move an ATCO unit at the Alaska Center for Energy and Power (ACEP) test modules off Tanana Loop to an adjacent clearing in order to allow the creation of twelve parking spots with head bolt heaters. After a brief discussion, a motion to approve the ATCO placement and the new parking spots was made by Gary Newman, seconded by Jim Dixon.

    “The UAF Master Planning Committee recommends approval an additional office modular (ATCO) 14 feet south of the existing Alaska Center for Energy and Power ATCO and the addition of approximately 12 parking spaces with head bolt power outlets north of the facility’s existing drive. The committee has concerns that the ATCO not become permanent and views its placement to be a temporary solution. The committee requests that Facilities Services come back to the MPC in two years with an update on the status of the ATCO. The MPC recommends that landscaping be considered to lessen the visual impact of the addition while also allowing for sight distance.”

    The motion passed 11-0. Jonathan Shambare will be asked to update the group as plans progress.
  4. Signers’ Hall Parking Lot Addition
    Martin Klein presented a proposal to create twenty new parking spots across from the existing row. The new spots would be metered and will include additional handicap spots. Gary Newman made a motion to approve the spots, seconded by Doug Schrage.

    “The UAF Master Planning Committee recommends approval of the Signer’s Hall Parking Option 4. The MPC has concerns about how the spaces are metered and intends to further discuses lot designation at its next meeting.”

    The motion passed 11-0. Discussion about meter designations will continue at the September 12 meeting.
  5. Facilities Services Updates —Martin Klein
    1. MBS bike shelter: The bike shelter project is moving forward. Residence Life is also planning to install cameras and lighting at the new location across the street by the bus stop.
    2. Taku stairs: This project is going out to bid and will begin in spring 2014, with an expected completion date of August 2014.
    3. Alumni Drive stairs: The Alumni Drive stairs will re-open on September 14, 2013, and will be diverted three-quarters of the way up the hill to terminate by the Cooperative Extension Service building.
    4. Butrovich parking lot: The parking lot is open but work is still being done on the southern retaining wall.
    5. Wood Center addition: This project is on schedule and the main entrance will open shortly after the start of classes.
    6. Engineering building: This project is on schedule.
    7. South Bunnell parking lot stairs: Both sets of stairs will be rebuilt this fall using metal grating. The set closest to the Bunnell building will be done first, followed by the set in the middle of the lot.
    8. North Campus road: The road is open and there are plans to install speed limit signs (20 mph). The road will be plowed for winter but there are no other major upgrades planned.
    9. Yankovich/Miller Hill bike path: A plan will be forthcoming to UAF from the Department of Transportation.
    10. Sewer repair: The road by the fine arts complex will be opened by September 2.
  6. Subcommittee reports
    None of the subcommittees met over the summer and there were no new reports.
  7. Public comment period
  8. Schedule
    The next meeting will be held on September 12 from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. in the Chancellor’s Conference Room, Signers’ Hall Room 330.
  9. Announcements

The meeting adjourned at 10:30 a.m.

UAF Master Planning Committee

Thursday, June 20, 2013; 9am-11am
Meeting Notes

Members Present: Lydia Anderson, Kara Axx, Raphaelle Descoteaux, Jim Dixon, Morgan Dufseth, Josh Greenberg, Deb Horner, Michelle Renfrew, Doug Schrage

Others Present: Gary Johnston, Director, Design & Construction

  1. Welcome and introductions
    The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m.
  2. DDC Update — Gary Johnston
    1. Wood Center addition: Utilidor work started two weeks ahead of schedule. GHEMM Co. appears to be doing a good job on the project.
    2. Fine Arts vapor barrier: ahead of schedule
    3. Backfill project: Moving occupants out of Eielson, in Bunnell, and into the new Murie Building.
    4. Butrovich retaining wall and parking lot repair: project is on schedule for completion in late August/early September.
    5. Davis Concert Hall: carpet replacement; under warranty so cost is less than expected
    6. Combined Heat and Power: Permit requests are moving forward however the project is still heavily dependent on the legislature for funding
    7. Chapman Building roof: installing parapets instead of a railing to address safety concerns
    8. West Ridge rocket installment: The rocket approved by the MPC was not available so the responsible party is looking for a new one.
    9. Gruening building repairs: HVAC and ceiling repairs are complete and occupants are moving back into the offices.
  3. North Campus Disc Golf — Kara Axx
    The committee reviewed the proposal to add eighteen new holes in the West Ridge trail system.

    Doug Schrage moved, seconded by Gary Newman, with nine in favor, none opposed that:

    “The UAF Master Planning Committee recommends approval of the placement of 18 disc golf “holes” along several of the North Campus trails (mainly Potato Field and Big Whizzy). The cages will be installed and removed each spring and fall by hand, and there will be posted rules (no alcohol, no stereo systems, Pack In-Pack Out). The course will be closed for special events (i.e. cross country running meets, local community races). UAF’s Department of Recreation, Adventure, and Wellness will maintain and manage the course.”

  4. Subcommittee reports
    The remaining subcommittees have not met since the last meeting and there were no new reports.
  5. Public comment period
  6. Schedule
    The next meeting will be held on May 9 from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. in the Chancellor’s Conference Room, Signers’ Hall Room 330.

The meeting adjourned at 10:00 a.m.

January 31, 2012

Letter from Brad Krick (PDF)

January 17, 2012

UAF Trails: Goals & Objectives (PDF)

July 19, 2012

Ski Trail Re-Route

UAF Community Garden PowerPoint

UAF Master Planning Committee

Thursday, April 25, 2013; 9am-11am
Meeting Notes

Members Present: Lydia Anderson, Kara Axx, Raphaelle Descoteaux, Jim Dixon, Josh Greenberg, Deb Horner, Steve Murphy, Gary Newman, Michelle Renfrew, Doug Schrage, Jonathan Shambare

Others Present: Bear Edson, Michele Hebert, Jeannie Phillips, Cameron Wohlford

  1. Welcome and introductions
    The meeting was called to order at 9:05 a.m.

  2. West Ridge Plaza rocket installment mdash;Darrin ‘Bear’ Edson

    The current plan is to install a 40’ rocket rather than 70’ rocket. Bear Edson provided a handout that shows the proposed site. The Landscape Subcommittee has reviewed the two sites that were suggested and is recommending option 2 be approved.

    Deb Horner expressed a concern that it is too close to the milepost and may detract from that landmark. She expressed her preference to move it closer to the IARC median.

    Jim Dixon stated that as an occupant of GI, he prefers the option #2 location chosen by the subcommittee, stating that it keeps it in full view at the entrance of G.I. rather than closer to IARC.

    Jonathan Shambare requested that the design goes to DDC for review.

    Jim Dixon moved, seconded by Gary Newman, and approved with eight in favor and two opposed that:

    “The UAF Master Planning Committee recommends that the proposed GI rocket display be placed at the location east of the milepost sign of the West-Ridge mall area. The Campus Landscape Subcommittee (CLS) considered two alternative locations on the West-Ridge mall area for the proposed GI rocket display. The CLS recommended the above location by a 6-2 vote.”

  3. Placement of construction trailer —Cameron Wohlford

    Cameron Wohlford explained that the chancellor objected to the placement of the construction trailer and that it must be moved. He proposed a new location in the Bunnell parking lot (see attachment). One parking spot will need to be purchased; power and data are readily available. Several offices and classrooms will have their view blocked but after speaking with the journalism department, they did not object to its placement. The port-a-potty was moved after a request was made by an employee in the building. After the trailer is moved, the site will be restored to its original condition. Only one spot will be lost during the construction.

    Gary Newman asked about contractors needing to purchase parking spaces and whether bid documents include this provision. Cameron explained that this is part of the contracting process.

    Raphaelle Descoteaux asked about the view. Cameron said the view is limited but a camera has been installed to monitor the site and is operational at this time.

    Gary Newman moved, seconded by Jim Dixon, with 10 in favor, none opposed that:

    “The UAF Master Planning Committee recommends that the proposed Bunnell South location for the new Engineering facility construction trailer.”

  4. Bike Shelters for MBS —Michele Hebert

    Michele explained that there are RISE proposals each year and this year, a request was made for a bike shelter at the MBS Complex. A student survey was done to see what type of shelter would be preferred. The students were shown DERO models as part of the survey. The survey results indicated that the Bike Haven model in blue was preferred. Students also requested that it be enclosed; however, for security purposes, it needs to maintain visibility. There is a possibility of having the enclosing sides be made of plexiglass. This would be the first covered bike shelter on campus and it is anticipated that there will be more requests in the future.

    After the survey results were completed, Michele Hebert contacted Jonathan Shambare for his review. The request was then forwarded to the MPC.

    The roof on this shelter is sloped with 8’x12’ as the standard size with expansion possible. A concrete pad will need to be placed below the current site and will be designed by DDC. The MBS location will be where the bike racks are currently located (to the left of the staircase). Residence Life was contacted and approved the site as well. Approximate cost will be $35,000 per structure. Jim Dixon mentioned that the Benefactor Fund through the Alumni Association may be a great funding opportunity for this project.

    Michelle Renfrew said the stainless steel look may go best with current building appearances. Jim Dixon stated that he would prefer blue and gold. Michelle also said whatever color scheme is used should be coordinated across the campus as more shelters are built. Jonathan Shambare stated that DDC’s preference is for the model that has the lowest maintenance cost which will probably be the galvanized steel.

    Jonathan Shambare will bring a plan, specifications and options to the next MPC meeting and ask for approval of the project at that time.

  5. Subcommittee reports
    1. North Campus

      Kara Axx reported that the reflector for the antenna is scheduled for delivery on June 7 with construction to begin on June 10. The new beginning learning area will be the staging area for the reflector.

      A survey is being created to check with disk golf and runner groups to ensure that there are no conflicts between these two groups in installing the expanded disk golf course.

    2. Campus Landscape

      Jim Dixon reported that the Landscape Subcommittee has not met.

    3. Art on Campus

      Deb Horner reported that the Art on Campus Subcommittee has not met.

    4. Trails Planning, Goals & objectives

      Jonathan Shambare requested that MPC members submit their comments regarding trails planning, goals and objectives as soon as possible.

      Deb Horner mentioned that the vision statement needs to be reviewed, specifically that health is stated first and she believes safety needs to be the primary motivator.

      Jonathan Shambare will bring the revised document to the next MPC meeting. Ideally, the final plan will be presented to the MPC by the end of summer.

      Gary Newman reported that he attended the DOT open house and brought the brochure on planned trails for the borough.

      Jonathon Shambare stated there is a group meeting regarding College Road improvements, noting that it is currently not pedestrian or bike friendly. This group is meeting once a month and he will report on their activities at future MPC meetings.
  6. Facilities Services update

    Jonathon Shambare reported that construction activities are underway including Wood Center and Engineering. He also reported that Siemens is doing upgrades to buildings for energy efficiency.

    Deb Horner asked if the university is still on schedule for Cornerstone Plaza utilidor upgrades because of the bad weather. Lydia Anderson responded that work on the utilidor is not scheduled to begin until next week.

    Gary Newman asked about the possibility of using excess heat from utilidor corridors to heat sidewalks. Jonathan Shambare said he would consult DDC on whether this is possible.

    Gary Newman mentioned that at the GVEA Annual Meeting last night, it was reported that there is a project between GVEA and UAF regarding the photo voltaic project in front of the Butrovich Building and asked if this was indeed so. Jonathan Shambare responded that there are still plans for this to happen.

    Jonathan Shambare reported that the Fine Arts vapor barrier project is underway and that work is proceeding to stop the annual spring leaking problem on the north and east walls.

    He reported that the Margaret Murie Building is near completion. Final inspections are starting this week and an open house is scheduled for August 22.

    Jim Dixon asked about the stop sign at Taku and wondered if it is necessary. Jonathon Shambare responded that will check with public safety on whether it can be removed.

  7. Public comment period


  8. Schedule

    The next meeting will be held on May 9 from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. in the Chancellor’s Conference Room, Signers’ Hall Room 330.

  9. Announcements

    Gary Newman announced that he is retiring at the end of the month but will still be part of the MPC representing the public.

The meeting adjourned at 10:00 a.m.

UAF Master Planning Committee
April 25, 2013; 9am – 11am
Meeting Notes

Members Present: Lydia Anderson, Kara Axx, Raphaelle Descoteaux, Morgan Dufseth, John George, Josh Greenberg, Deb Horner, Da-ka-xeen Mehner, Gary Newman, Ian Olson, Michelle Renfrew, Bill Schnabel, Doug Schrage, Jonathan Shambare

Chas Jones, UAF Community Gardens
Deb Coxon, GI Operations Manager

The meeting came to order at 9:00am.

  1. UAF Community Garden Expansion

    Chas Jones reported the community garden plans to expand the number of garden beds an additional 80 feet to the south; the expansion will be within the area originally approved by MPC for development. In 2012, the plot measured 50 ft x 120 ft; the expansion will increase the plot to 50 ft x 200 ft.

    The UAF Community Gardens has strong support and active engagement throughout the university and Fairbanks. Seventy people participated in a workshop held the first week of April, and there are twice as many reservations for plots (including double plots) as this time last year. Fees have been lowered (from $30 to $20) this year to help increase participation. The group plans to build on May 11 and 18 (weather permitting).

    Additional signage for the park has been ordered and will be installed shortly.

    Funding for the gardens comes from the UAF People’s Endowment, awards from the RISE Board, and the bed fee paid by each gardener.

  2. Troth Yeddha Park Budget

    Da-ka-xeen provided a budget for the Troth Yeddha Park that included an honoring circle with multiple art installations, a welcome circle, amphitheater, restroom facility, and a viewing deck located along Yukon Drive. They plan to start pursuing funding for and design of the viewing deck adjacent to the Nanook Terrain Park.

    The Troth Yeddha Park advisory council will meet with the design firm Jones & Jones on May 14. They hope to identify next steps; Da-ka-xeen will provide an update the MPC at its next meeting after May 14.

    MPC suggested having signage installed as soon as possible to let the community know that land is being used as a park and that additional development is planned.

    Funding will need to be identified before the project can develop further. The advisory group is looking at potential fundraising opportunities and will keep the MPC apprised of any success. Jonathan suggested looking into USDA grants and agreed to send Da-ka-xeen additional information.

  3. GI Rocket Installation

    Deb Coxon provided an update on the GI rocket installation proposal. The current placement puts the rocket across the paved walking path from the milepost. The installation will include one 70-foot Black Brant 7 rocket (representative of what is regularly launched at the Poker Flat facility) on a concrete pad. The black and white rocket will have several logos (UAF, GI, etc.) on it. They have also considered planting a hedge around the pad to discourage tampering or climbing on the rocket. Lighting was discussed but they felt current plaza lighting would be sufficient.

    The MPC asked for revised renderings that showed a to-scale rocket (the current version showed a much smaller rocket) and another option for location before approving the proposal. The issue will be re-visited at the April 25 meeting.

  4. Bike Corridor Recommendation

    The UAF Master Planning Committee recommends allowing winter biking on current walking trail that run north-south from LARS to the ASF antennae, as well as the walking trail immediately south of the stadium, and the walking trail on ASF antennae access road. The impacts of winter biking on the trail system will be reviewed by the North Campus Sub-committee in spring 2014.

    Gary Newman made the motion to approve; Bill Schnabel seconded.

    Motion passed 12-0.

  5. Sub-committee Report
    1. North Campus

      Kara reported they were unable to make progress on the disc golf proposal. The sub-committee has decided to open the issue up to public comment, with the aim to determine if there will be any friction between the different user groups (runners/walkers/mountain bikers/disc golfers/dogs). They will provide an update in the next month or two.

      Chancellor Rogers recently held a meeting to discuss the UAF ski trails with the local ski community. Suggestions included improvements to the instruction area near the ski hut and increased access to Smith Lake. Both changes would make the area more attractive to beginners and could increase overall ski trail use.

    2. Campus Landscape

      No update.

    3. Art on Campus

      The totem pole/wooden sculpture near Wood Center that needs to be moved looks to be in good condition and will be stored until a new location is ready for it to be installed.

    4. Trails Planning

      Jonathan provided an update on the comprehensive trail review. He noted that more often it is the city or county that creates a trail plan for an area, rather than a university. For that reason, there are very few examples of university trail plans.

      The Trails Sub-Committee asks the MPC for help in reviewing the current draft of goals and objectives (the document will be distributed to the committee via Google docs). The main goal of the project is to increase connectivity and accessibility while maintaining recreational use.

      Roller Ski Park – There have been discussions between UAF leadership, DRAW, and community supporters to develop a roller ski loop on the Fairbanks campus. The ski loop will be paved. Two areas have been identified as possible locations for the loop—on the hill north of the campus core (slightly south of Ballaine Lake) or the field across from Tanana Loop that leads to West Ridge (near the farm). Outside funding sources are being explored.

  6. Facilities Services Update

    Jonathan provided a brief update on current projects. Overall, the message moving into summer is that the campus core will be somewhat inaccessible through September.

    Recent legislative budget decisions have not affected the construction schedule for the new engineering building.

  7. Public Comment

    No public comment.

  8. Schedule

    The MPC will meet next on Thursday, April 25 from 9am to 11am in Signers’ Hall 330.

    The meeting adjourned at 11:00am.

UAF Master Planning Committee

March 28, 2013; 9am – 11am

Meeting Notes

Members Present: Kara Axx, Morgan Dufseth, John George, Josh Greenberg, Deb Horner, Da-ka-xeen Mehner, Steve Murphy, Gary Newman, Michelle Renfrew, Doug Schrage

The meeting came to order at 9:00am.

  1. New Business
    1. Connex Containers

      Connex containers will be placed in the South Eielson parking lot as part of this summer’s construction.

    2. 6th Floor Gruening Renovation

      This summer, the ceiling panels and lights will be replaced in the southern end of the 6th floor of the Gruening building. Some of the affected staff occupants will be moved to the 2nd floor for the duration of the project (12 weeks). Student Support Services and Advising will be moved to the MBS Complex. The Communications and Justice departments will not need to relocate.

    3. Move Update

      Contractors will begin work on the engineering building on June 1. Although some Bunnell occupants will move out in April, the majority will begin their departure the week after commencement (May 13-17).

  2. Subcommittee Reports
    1. North Campus

      The North Campus subcommittee passed a motion allowing winter biking on select walking trails, allowing for a commuter corridor connecting North Campus with Yankovich Road. The bikes would be allowed on walking trails from LARS to the antenna and along the access road. Bike use will be reviewed in 2014 and impact to the trail and walkers will be taken into account. No new trails will be created as a result of this motion. North Campus passed the motion 6-0.

      The subcommittee is in the process of reviewing a proposal to allow disc golf on the North Campus. The proposal puts holes (cages) along the Potato Field, Midnight Express, and Lighted Loop. There was some concern regarding blind corners and the interaction of potential user groups (runners v. golfers). As a result, the subcommittee will continue to review and discuss.

    2. Trails

      The Trails subcommittee will meet next on April 10 and will provide an update at the next MPC meeting.

    3. Campus Landscape

      A recommendation was made on placement of the rocket within the West Ridge Research Park. Chair Greenberg will distribute the recommendation for review.

    4. Art on Campus

      A wooden sculpture near Wood Center will need to be moved to allow for summer construction. There are some condition concerns. The pieced will be stored at Central Receiving (Aurora facility) to determine if it is beyond repair; if it is found to be in good condition it will be decommissioned. The piece was donated/abandoned and was not purchased by the university.

      Locations of art on the Fairbanks campus can be located using the UAF Mobile App.

  3. Facilities Update

    An update from Facilities was not available; however, Chair Greenberg later distributed a document reviewing construction in progress including updates to the Atkinson power plant, ADA compliance upgrades, elevator upgrade and renovation, Fairbanks and rural campus energy upgrades, Fine Arts vapor barrier, student dining, UAF CTC aviation hangar renovation, Cutler apartment retaining wall, engineering facility, interior installation of the Murie Building, West Ridge steam expansion, Wood Center vault, West Ridge deferred maintenance, ASF antenna installation, and Arctic Health lab revitalization.

  4. Public Comment

    No public comment.

  5. Next Meeting

    The Master Planning Committee will meet next on April 11 from 9am to 11am in Signers’ Hall, Room 330.

    The meeting concluded at 10:30am.

January 31, 2013; 9am – 11am

Meeting Notes

Members Present: Kara Axx, Doug Braddock, Raphaelle Descoteaux, Jim Dixon, Morgan Dufseth, John George, Josh Greenberg, Deb Horner, Da-ka-xeen Mehner, Steve Murphy, Gary Newman, Ian Olson, Doug Schrage, Jonathan Shambare

Cameron Wohlford, Project Manager

Gary Laursen, Director, Honors Program

The meeting came to order at 9:00am.

  1. Introduction of New Member

    John George, the new service faculty representative, was introduced to the group. He replaces Chuck Kuhns, whose term expired in December 2012. George is a fire science professor at the UAF Community and Technical College .

  2. Update on Engineering Building

    Design and Construction project manager Cameron Wohlford provided the committee with an update on the engineering building. The university is hoping to secure the remainder of the funding needed for the new building this legislative session, rather than try to identify funding along the way. An advocacy website will be available online in the near future.

    On April 1, the section of Tanana Loop adjacent the Duckering and Bunnell Buildings will be closed to traffic and turned over to the site contractor (the section will remain closed for the entire two years of construction). The parking lot between the two buildings will be the primary construction site and will no longer be available for parking. The south Bunnell lot will remain open during construction, except during a short period when construction of a blister will shut the lot temporarily. Project trailers will be located in the lower Bunnell parking lot. Wohlford will send a formal proposal to the MPC detailing the trailer location.

    The pedestrian pathway (and stairs) will remain open but will be re-directed to the Cooperative Extension Service building. The path and stairs will be closed for intermittent periods of time due to construction but will remain open for the majority of the project.

    In mid-April, mass excavation will take place at the site of the new engineering building. The bulk of the work will be done at night to avoid noise interference with classes in Schaible Auditorium. A large crane will be installed at the construction site.

    On May 21, an additional portion of Tanana Loop, from the Duckering building to the Fine Arts complex, will be closed for sewer line replacement.

    The bike path adjacent to the Taku parking lot will be widened to create a shorter path for the shuttle bus to ferry passengers from Taku to the campus core.

    This project is expected to last two years and will be completed in time to coincide with the university’s centennial celebrations. Schaible Auditorium will be closed for the next two summers (2013 and 2014).

  3. Taku Parking Lot Proposal

    Jonathan Shambare presented a proposal to use the university’s waste coal ash to create a monofil in the Taku parking lot. Rather than hauling away the coal ash, as is currently done, the waste ash would be used as parking lot material. The project would expand the current boundaries of the Taku lot to close to double its current size. The Taku lot neighbors designated wetlands, which would require additional permitting prior to project approval. The soil in this area is not stable enough to support structures. This proposal is still in the early stages of planning and is currently waiting assessment by Environment Health, Safety, and Risk Management at UAF. It was suggested by the MPC that additional access points to the expanded parking lot be considered.

  4. Subcommittee Reports
    1. North Campus

      Kara Axx reported the Big Whizzy extension has a success with skiers now that there is enough snow to groom the trail. The North Campus subcommittee is working to develop accurate trail maps that easily distinguish between trail use type (i.e. skiing, walking, dog-friendly).

      There will be a skijor race on the West Ridge trails on February 16. The trails will be groomed immediately following the race and there will be sufficient signage and volunteers to ensure regular trail users are aware of the race.

    2. Campus Landscape

      The Campus Landscape subcommittee had not met since the last MPC meeting. Jim Dixon volunteered to serve on the Campus Landscape subcommittee; his appointment is currently being reviewed by Chancellor Rogers.

    3. Art on Campus

      The Art on Campus subcommittee had not met since the last MPC meeting.

    4. Trails Planning

      The Trails Planning ad hoc committee has not met since the last MPC meeting, however, they are working on re-writing goals and objectives and will share with the committee when available. They will meet next at 10am on Feb. 13 at DDC.

  5. Facilities Services Update

    Jonathan Shambare provided an update on Facilities Services’ projects:

    1. Septic system at the farm – will not affect pedestrian or road traffic
    2. GI rocket installation – moving closer to determining the final location of the rocket and will present to MPC sometime in the near future
    3. LED street lights – UAF is receiving funding from DOT to replace all of the current street lamps with LED lights; work planned for summer 2014
    4. Butrovich retaining wall – the wall is bulging and requires repairs; the sidewalk in front of the building will be replaced at the same time
    5. Roundabout at Dysfunction Junction – on hold for now; Cabinet has asked the design firm to look at other options for the intersection that don’t necessarily include a roundabout
    6. Taku stairs – also on hold pending a new design

      It was agreed that an access-way between Butrovich and Arctic Health Buildings would be examined at the next MPC meeting.

  6. Public Comment

    Dr. Gary Lausen inquired as to how the Honors House, located on Copper Lane , will be affected by this summer’s construction. At present there are no plans for the Honors House to move to Wickersham Hall, and Dr. Laursen was directed to talk to the project manager, Jenny Campbell.

    Prior to this meeting, Brad Krick sent the chair several comments and questions regarding trail planning at UAF. Mr. Krick did not attend the meeting, however, his comments were discussed. They included the difference between walkways and bike paths, location of the ski trail below the Butrovich building, updated the trail maps, and a question about the possible closure of the bike path from the Taku parking lot to Alumni Drive (as noted earlier, the bike path will be widened to accommodate both pedestrians and the shuttle).

  7. Next Meeting

    The Master Planning Committee will meet next on February 14 from 9am to 11am in Signers’ Hall, Room 330.

    The meeting concluded at 10:20am.


Letter from Brad Krick (PDF)

UAF Master Planning Committee

January 17, 2013; 9am – 11am

Meeting Notes

Members Present: Lydia Anderson, Kara Axx, Doug Braddock, Raphaelle Descoteaux, Jim Dixon, Morgan Dufseth, Josh Greenberg, Deb Horner, Da-ka-xeen Mehner, Steve Murphy, Gary Newman, Michelle Renfrew, Bill Schnabel, Jonathan Shambare

Ali Knabe, Executive Officer, USA

Sam Braband, Outdoor Facilities Manager, DRAW

Eric Ofelt, Assistant Director for Facilities, DRAW

The meeting came to order at 9:00am.

  1. Introduction of New Member

    Raphaelle Descoteaux, a graduate student at UAF, was introduced to the group.

  2. Update on Terrain Park

    Assistant Director Ofelt updated the MPC on progress toward opening of the terrain park. DRAW representatives met with the interim director of the museum, who felt there wouldn’t be a problem with terrain park users parking in the museum lot. One of the museum’s main concerns was that park users would want access to the museum restrooms; however, the park will have its own portable toilet, which will be wrapped in a facade to blend in with the hillside. Signage will be installed to direct terrain park users to park in the Butrovich and museum parking lots, and fencing will be installed at the top and bottom edges of the park to discourage users trying to gain access from the roads directly above and below the park. The fee structure for the park has not yet been determined, although it has been decided UAF students will not have to pay.

  3. Placement of Connex Units

    Deb Horner proposed placing several Connex units in Cornerstone Plaza during the summer of 2013 to assist with moving occupants between the Eielson and Bunnell buildings. The units would not be placed until after commencement and would be removed prior to the start of the fall semester. This option was suggested because it would be cheaper than using UAF Facilities Services to move the items, store them off-campus, and then unpack them once the new offices are ready.

    Several members asked if the Connex units could be re-located once they have been packed. Horner will look into cost for this option and will report back at the next meeting.

  4. Subcommittee Reports
    1. North Campus

      Kara Axx reported the North Campus subcommittee had welcomed a new member: James Brashear, an art professor at UAF.

      The North Campus subcommittee had received an updated agreement on the archery range wherein the Alaska Department of Fish and Game agreed to remove the unit if the archery range is never completed, and to maintain the storage unit as time goes by.

      Regarding a complaint about plowing the walking trail behind the farm, the trail groomer has agreed to not take all of the snow off the path but to leave enough to ski on or walk through.

      Axx presented a proposal the subcommittee would like to submit. The proposal addressed the need for a safe road crossing along the portion of Tanana Loop that runs along the Butrovich hill. One suggestion was for an under-the-road tunnel either on the west side of the roundabout or at the top of the hill by the small informal parking area. The subcommittee will develop a more specific proposal before submitting to MPC.

    2. Campus Landscape

      The Campus Landscape subcommittee had not met since the last MPC meeting. Deb Horner, the current MPC representative on the Campus Landscape subcommittee, asked that she be replaced. Members can send nominations for the new rep to the MPC chair.

    3. Art on Campus

      The Art on Campus subcommittee had net met since the last MPC meeting.

    4. Trails Planning

      The Trails Planning ad hoc committee submitted a statement of goals and objectives. MPC members provided suggestions on how to clarify between goals and objectives, and there was general agreement the final plan should mimic the approved UAF Master Plan in style and content.

      The next steps for the trails planning group will be to develop a survey on trail use and desires that can be distributed to the public and the UAF community.

  5. Facilities Services Update

    Jonathan Shambare provided an update on Facilities Services’ projects:

    1. Satellite installation – site work is done and foundation is complete; installation will resume in the spring
    2. Combined Heat and Power Plant – working to replace the de-aerator and feed-water heater as well as eliminate single points of failure in critical piping and replace variable frequency drives
    3. P3 Student Dining – if designs are approved, groundbreaking will happen in spring 2013
    4. Critical Electrical Distribution Renewal – this phase (1C) will install all of the electrical equipment in the building constructed in the previous phase (1B)
    5. Fine Arts Vapor Barrier – correction of building envelope deficiencies by applying spray foam and vapor barrier to the inside of the exterior walls of the music wing
    6. Salisbury Theater Renovation – just beginning phase 1 which will analyze current conditions and user needs, which will then be follow by design and construction (phase 2)
    7. CTC Aviation Hangar – renovations to include teaching space, restrooms, headbolt heaters in the parking lot, exterior wall insulation, vapor barrier, under slab utilities, and a concrete floor slab, and installation of new mechanical and electrical rooms
    8. Cutler Apartment Retaining Wall – this project is complete although there are still some minor changes needed to the lighting
    9. Engineering Building – design is complete and was approved by BOR in June 2012; construction will begin March 2013; a transportation re-route plan will be provided to MPC prior to the beginning of construction
    10. Margaret Murie Building (formerly life sciences) – the building was named and interior fixtures and furniture are now being installed
    11. Utilidor – majority of the project is complete but the contractor will need to return to finish grading on fields that wasn’t finalized prior to the snow fall
    12. Wood Center Utilidor – will increase the current size/capacity and will begin in mid-April
    13. Wet Ridge Deferred Maintenance Master Plan – working to complete the plan so that it can be presented to the BOR this spring (either February or April meeting)
    14. VOIP – ongoing work to replace all of the telephone systems on campus
  6. Public Comment


  7. Next Meeting

    The Master Planning Committee will meet next on January 31 from 9am to 11am in Signers’ Hall, Room 330.

    The meeting concluded at 10:40am.


UAF Trails: Goals & Objectives Powerpoint

UAF Master Planning Committee

November 8, 2012; 9am – 11am

Meeting Notes

Members Present: Kara Axx, Doug Braddock, Morgan Dufseth, Josh Greenberg, Deb Horner, Gary Newman, Jonathan Shambare

Darrin “Bear” Edson, Superintendent of Maintenance

Mark Oldmixon, Director, DRAW

Marmian Grimes, Senior Public Information Officer

Doug Maynes, Telephone Services (public)

The meeting came to order at 9:00am.

  1. Update on Terrain Park

    Director Oldmixon provided an update on the terrain park currently under construction and reported he had recently met with Risk Management and UA General Counsel. The park has passed state review to become a recognized ski area. The yurt has been purchased and will arrive in December. The yurt will be placed to the southeast of the greenhouse. After the opportunity to review, Parking Services had no objection to the proposed parking areas and hours of operation (Thursday-Saturday, daylight hours). First-time users will be required to sign an assumption of risk waiver and watch a video on safety; each user will be issued a day badge to wear while at the park. One park staff member will be present in the yurt and at least one staff member will be present in the outside recreation area at all times. Minors will be allowed to use the terrain park, however, if they are between the ages of 13-17 a parent must be present for the first-time safety video and to sign the assumption of risk; youths under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a parent at all times. Management has decided it will wait until the park opens before determining a capacity limit.

    A formal operations plan will be presented to the MPC at a future meeting.

  2. Master Plan Amendment to Land Use Designation

    Following the request at the previous meeting from Chancellor Rogers to develop constraints for the land use agreement with Siemens, the MPC drafted an amendment to the Campus Master Plan. After considerable discussion, the MPC drafted the below motion to amend the Campus Master Plan. Subsequent to the meeting, the motion was submitted to and approved by Chancellor Rogers:

    The Master Plan Committee amends the 2010 Master Plan to change the use designation of the area located on the hill below Butrovich Building, north of Tanana Loop and west of the proposed Nanook Terrain Park from ‘Ecosystem Research, Instruction, and Recreation’ to a new land use designation: ‘Renewable Utilities.’ The new designation is consistent with the placement of a photovoltaic electrical generation array being considered by the University.

    The MPC recommends the following conditions on the placement of the photovoltaic electrical generation array:

    • Responsibilities be defined and assigned for maintaining existing, or creating new, corridors to cross country ski trails, access to the Butrovich Building , and utilidors.
    • Does not encroach on the proposed terrain park.
    • Height and aesthetic choice of fencing be selected to lessen the effect to the viewshed.
    • Landscaping be installed and maintained to no less than APPA Level-4 standards.
    • Responsibility and cost for landscape maintenance be defined and assigned as part of any agreement on placement of the array.

      The above mentioned conditions must be addressed in the final plan for the photovoltaic electrical generation array and reviewed and approved by Design and Construction, the Landscape Subcommittee, and the Master Plan Committee.

      This amendment is effective upon a signed agreement between UAF and Siemens Inc. for a photovoltaic electrical generation array.

  3. Update on Proposed Rocket Installation

    Bear Edson, member of the Campus Landscape Subcommittee, provided a brief update on the proposed rocket installation in the West Ridge plaza. He said the group proposing the installation needs to regroup and present the subcommittee with specifics so they can make a recommendation. Deb Coxon, GI Operations Manager, will provide graphic renderings to the Campus Landscape Subcommittee in the coming weeks.

  4. Subcommittee Reports
    1. North Campus

      Kara Axx reported ‘No Parking Anytime’ signs installed around the West Ridge ski hut; an ‘Authorized Vehicles Only’ sign will also be added for UAF service vehicles.

      Axx reported they were working on an agreement with the state on the archery Connex unit, and that Dan Jordan, UAF Rifle Coach, was assisting with the plan. Barring any major complication, the unit will be delivered in Spring 2013.

      There was a complaint made regarding the trail behind the farm. The trail is not a recognized ski area and was recently plowed for walking. A skier complained that the trail should be groomed for skiing. Axx will bring up at the next North Campus Subcommittee meeting.

    2. Trails Planning

      The Trails Planning Committee met on November 7. The group is enthusiastic about charge to assess trail connectivity. They are planning to do an inventory of current trails at their next meeting. The committee will meet monthly on the second Wednesday of the month from 10am to 12pm. It was noted that some of the meetings may be closed due to a request from the borough to keep their maps confidential.

    3. Campus Landscape

      See Bear Edson’s previous comments on the rocket installation.

    4. Art on Campus

      No update.

  5. Facilities Services Update

    Jonathan Shambare provided an update on Facilities Services’ projects:

    1. A new design is in the works for the Taku parking lot stairs. The MPC will be updated as soon as the new design in available.
    2. Construction of the student dining portion of the private-public partnership (P3) may begin as early as April or May 2013.
    3. Signage at the CTC aviation hangar is underworks.
    4. Facilities Services is in the process of selecting a consultant to continue the lighting upgrade at the Fairbanks campus.
    5. A new design for the ‘dysfunction junction’ intersection is being developed, possibly without a roundabout.
    6. Facilities Services is examining the consequences of the proposed changes to traffic routes during construction of the engineering building and will update the MPC as the project develops.
    7. A proposal for a storage shed at the SRC will likely be brought before the MPC in a future meeting.
  6. Other Issues

    Ice Rink – after checking meeting notes, it was determined there had never been specific mention of installing boards around the new ice rink. Currently, the project does not have funding to install boards.

  7. Public Comment

    Doug Maynes expressed his frustration regarding parking at UAF.

  8. Next Meeting

    The Master Planning Committee will meet next on December 6 from 9am to 11am in Signers’ Hall, Room 330.

The meeting concluded at 11:15am.

UAF Master Planning Committee

October 25, 2012; 9am – 11am

Meeting Notes

Members Present: Lydia Anderson, Kara Axx, Doug Braddock, Morgan Dufseth, Josh Greenberg, Da-ka-xeen Mehner, Steve Murphy, Gary Newman, Ian Olson, Michelle Renfrew, Doug Schrage, Jonathan Shambare

Brian Rogers, Chancellor

Ron Templeton, Assistant Chief of Fire & Life Safety

The meeting came to order at 9:00am.

  1. Placement of Engineering Building Work Trailer

    Chancellor Rogers and the MPC held a discussion on the work trailer for the construction phase of the new engineering building, which was placed on the northeast edge of Cornerstone Plaza on Wednesday, October 24. Although the MPC had reviewed possible locations for the trailer, it never passed a formal recommendation and only told the project managers it had no objection to the proposed site. Shortly after the MPC reviewed proposed locations, Chancellor Rogers expressed to his Cabinet that he did not want any work trailers placed on Cornerstone Plaza due to potential conflicts with centennial celebrations. However, this new restriction was never reported back to the MPC or the project managers at Design & Construction.

    The work trailer will be removed from Cornerstone Plaza and stored until an acceptable site can be identified.

  2. Update on Siemens Photo Voltaic Energy Proposal

    Chancellor Rogers provided the MPC with an update on the solar array installation proposed by Siemens, and noted the proposal had been presented at the September Board of Regents meeting. Before the proposal can be formally approved by the board, a thorough review by the MPC will be necessary, as well as an amendment to the campus master plan (space to be used is currently listed as part of the view shed preserve).

    Chancellor Rogers asked the MPC to determine what constraints should be placed on the agreement with Siemens (i.e. to allow for sufficient room for: existing uses—utilidor, ski trail, access to Butrovich; access to the proposed terrain park; issues around maintenance). The Landscape Subcommittee will be asked to review the constraints prior to final approval.

    The MPC also engaged the chancellor in a discussion regarding parking and road access for the terrain park; Chancellor Rogers asked Jonathan Shambare to review the issues and provide an update at a subsequent meeting.

  3. Subcommittee Reports
    1. North Campus

      Kara Axx reported the North Campus subcommittee had passed a motion approving placement of a Connex unit at the archery range for onsite storage. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has agreed to side the unit so that it looks like a permanent structure, however, the Connex will only be used for storage (no offices or work spaces will be allowed within the storage unit).

      Jonathan Shambare proposed a motion to approve and it was seconded by Gary Newman, with the condition that there are no occupied spaces.

      The motion passed unanimously. A recommendation will be presented to Chancellor Rogers for approval.

      Axx reported on several additional North Campus issues: Construction of the base for the new satellite dish is complete; the reflector will be delivered next spring. There was a brief discussion regarding the newly widened access road by the ski hut which centered around adding signage to ensure the fire lane remain accessible at all times. Axx will meet with Martin Klein and Doug Schrage to discuss possible options and will report back at a future meeting. The ski trail revision went well; however, installation of trail markers was postponed to next year.

    2. Trails Planning

      Jonathan Shambare reported he met with a small group (Josh, Kara, Jason) to discuss membership of the Ad Hoc Trail Review Committee. Shambare will chair the committee and members will include: Doug Schrage, Peter Fix, Kara Axx, Scott Jerome, Stan Justice, Mark Oldmixon, Donna Gardino (MPO Coordinator, FMATS), and Tom Hancock (Trail Coordinator, FNSB). A student member may also be added. The committee will begin to look at connectivity issues around the Fairbanks campus, not just for trails but also sidewalks and bike and foot paths. Shambare will provide the MPC with a meeting schedule and regular updates as the review progresses.

    3. Campus Landscape

      The Campus Landscape Subcommittee did not meet; however, there was an inquiry as to the status of the proposed rocket installment. Presently, Debbie Coxon and Bob McCoy are working to find a suitable replacement site for the rocket. The Landscape Subcommittee will provide an update at the next MPC meeting.

    4. Art on Campus

      No update.

  4. Facilities Services Update

    Jonathan Shambare provided an update on Facilities Services’ projects:

    1. Construction of the ice rink is complete. Several members questioned whether boards were part of the original design and asked that the approved design be reviewed at the next meeting.
    2. Grated steps are being used to replace the stairs by the Lola Tilly Commons; the grated steps are easier to maintain and keep clear of snow. A similar design will be used for the Taku parking lot stairs.
    3. Work on the upper dorm stairs is complete.
    4. Work on Denali Lane is finished.
    5. Nenana parking lot is done.
    6. The soccer fields are not completely finished; the remaining dirt work, along with hydro seeding, will be completed next spring.
    7. Sewer line upgrades are done.
  5. Other Issues

    Gary Newman asked that at some point in the near future the MPC review circulation issues stemming from the closure of East Tanana Loop during the construction of the new engineering building.

    Doug Schrage reported there was pressure to close the fire lane by Wood Center. Schrage also introduced the new assistant chief of Fire & Life Safety, Ron Templeton, to the group.

    Jonathan Shambare reported that, for the time being, the recycling containers will remain in the Taku parking lot.

  6. Next Meeting

    The Master Planning Committee will meet next on November 8 from 9am to 11am in Signers’ Hall, Room 330.

UAF Master Planning Committee
September 13, 2012; 9am – 11am
Meeting Notes

Members Present: Josh Greenberg, Doug Schrage, Jonathan Shambare, Lydia Anderson, Kara Axx, Da-ka- xeen Mehner, Gary Newman, Doug Braddock, Steve Murphy, Derek Miller, Michelle Renfrew, Ian Olson, Morgan Dufseth

Brian Rogers, Chancellor

Mike Sfraga, Vice Chancellor for University and Student Advancement

Peter Fixx, North Campus subcommittee chair, Dan Seiser, BDS Architects

Channing Lillo, RSA Engineering

Brad Crick, public

The meeting came to order at 9:00am.

  1. Campus-wide trails and paths

    Chancellor Rogers requested the Master Planning Committee review current trails and pathways on the Fairbanks campus to identify areas where new or existing paths, trails, and connections to the city/borough pathways could be added or improved. The chancellor gave several suggestions of what he was hoping to identify:

    • the best route for a bike path by the farm
    • upgrading some sections of existing paths from dirt to gravel
    • a looped path along the edge of campus and around Miller Hill; Extension and Yankovich Road
    • areas where neither side of road has a pedestrian pathway
    • a bike path from the Taku lot to Creamer’s Field (in conjunction with the borough)

    Peter Fix, chair of the North Campus subcommittee, provided a review of the North Campus master plan, which included a review of current and proposed trails to the West Ridge recreation area. Fix noted that in 2004 when the NC plan was developed, the trail project had included a good deal of input from public forums, much of which may be helpful in shaping the scope of this project. He also noted that there is a good deal of information available from the 2004 plan that could inform this project.

    It was also noted that there was a consultant bike plan for FNSB that included UAF as well as a student study performed earlier this year for campus only. These are all helpful.

    The chair suggested a work group be formed to specifically address this project, and that they include an analysis of the 2004 NC plan. Chancellor Rogers asked that MPC develop a scope of process and then request funding (which he is prepared to support).

    Vice Chancellor Sfraga provided a brief review of a proposed roller ski path. A dedicated roller ski path would help get roller skiers off the roadways (a safety issue) and would enhance the outdoor experience at UAF. Sfraga noted that the Athletics department would work with the national roller ski association on safety and training, and would meet with the MPC to discuss feasibility. There have already been discussions with private donors to fund the roller ski path.

  2. Siemens Photo Voltaic Energy Proposal

    Chancellor Rogers presented the MPC with a proposal submitted by Siemens to build and install an array of photo voltaic solar panels along the hill directly below the Butrovich Building. The array would collect solar energy that UAF could then purchase from Siemens for a set rate over the course of the 20-year agreement. Comments from MPC members noted that the solar array would provide a visible example of UAF’s commitment to sustainability. Siemens has asked for an answer from UAF this fall so they can complete the design.

    There were no major concerns or reservations from MPC members.

  3. Terrain Park

    Vice Chancellor Sfraga provided a brief update on the snowboard terrain park planned for the hill below the greenhouse. Private donors and internal funding have been secured to begin work on installing the safety fencing, the sign-in yurt, and three snowboard jumps. Installation of the magic carpet and lighting will be postponed until further funding can be identified. Parking would be at Butrovich and Museum parking lots. There is no charge anticipated for students while for other users some nominal fee has yet to be determined.

  4. Changes to Proposed Verizon Platform at AHRB

    John Williams from DDC presented modified plans for the proposed Verizon antenna installation at the Arctic Health Research Building. The original site for the electronic support module was no longer suitable and a new site, near the eastern end of the building, was identified.

    There were no objections to the new site.

  5. Exterior Lighting Master Plan

    Channing Lillo of RSA Engineering provided a review of campus lighting, to include inefficiencies in the current lighting plan and out-of-date equipment. Improved lighting would increase security and wayfinding on campus, and could reduce the amount of light pollution experienced in the areas of Fairbanks surrounding the campus. There was extended discussion on details about considerations for a cost effective yet aesthetic plan.

    No plans are in place at the moment but Facilities will conduct a study on current problems/shortcomings and potential areas for improvement. MPC members suggested that the consultants consider a campus-wide user survey to determine where there might be issues and opportunities.

  6. Subcommittee Reports
    1. Campus Landscape

      No report.

    2. North Campus

      The ASF/NASA antenna project will be closing down as of the 3rd week of October and restarting with the arrival of the dish in April 2013.

      The archery range project is on hold for more safety evaluation of the berm, fencing and removal of abandoned equipment in the area. Could open as early as Summer 2013.

      Mileage markers for some of the ski trails were proposed by Mark Oldmixon. More info on design and placement to follow.

      It was noted that the UAF mobile app will show trail users where they are located on the trails with smartphones.

      North Campus Subcommittee is soliciting for a non-West Ridge faculty member. Transitional lighting from well illuminated to non-illuminated areas of our trails was discussed, more options to follow.

    3. Art on Campus

      No meeting, but Da-ka-xeen noted the rehab and placement of the Kipp Lyman sculpture outside the Fine Arts Complex.

  7. Facilities Services Update

    The detour at SRC on Tanana Loop should be removed back to the regular road by end of September. The Nenana Lot is mostly open, though some additional contractor work will be completed on weekends.

    SRC area grading will be completed in October, including the sliding hill.

    A Life Sciences Building sewer line had to be dug up and regraded due to a contractor error, however Koyukuk Drive should be reopened very soon [it was on a check the same day]

  8. Public Comment

    Brad Krick asked when the walking path would be stabilized between campus and across the Fairbanks St. Bridge, as it has been disrupted for numerous projects. FS architect Jonathan Shambare indicated very soon, but would check with Tom Pascoe, project manager.

    Brad Krick asked that consideration be made when establishing ADA access to buildings under construction as the workarounds have been very difficult for ADA users to accommodate, including the lack of driveable pickups at Constitution Hall during inclement weather. The latter was referred to Martin Klein.

  9. Schedule

    The Master Planning Committee will meet next on Thursday, September 27 from 9am to 11am in the Akasofu Building, Room 417 (IARC).

Meeting notes, 8/16/12

Members present: Ian Olson, Chuck Kuhns, Lydia Anderson, Jonathan Shambare, Kara Axx, Doug Braddock, Steve Murphy, Josh Greenberg, Deb Horner, Morgan Dufseth, Doug Schrage

Guests: John Williams and Vincent Valenti, DD&C, and Brad Krick, Staff Council

The first order of business was an update on Facilities Services activities. Questions were posed regarding the readiness of the Nenana parking lot for the start of semester. Jonathan indicated it is a work in progress and there have been some delays so it will not be 100% finished by the time students arrive. The detour will still be in place until around mid-September.

Concrete work on the upper dorm stairs is being completed, as well as repairs to the stairs at Lola Tilly Commons. Fiber connections to the Sustainable Village are being installed.

There is some movement relative to completion of the bike path on Yankovich/Miller Hill using FMATS funding. However, it will likely be 2-3 years before construction actually begins.

There is discussion regarding whether the roundabout at Dysfunction Junction will be funded through FMATS or the Federal Highway Administration (different requirements for the roadway, possibly). A final design will not be confirmed until the funding source is identified.

The only subcommittee report came from the North Campus Subcommittee. Kara Axx reported that the tree clearing and work related to the new ASF antenna has proceeded without any difficulties.

Neither the Landscape Subcommittee nor the Art on Campus Subcommittee have met since the last MPC meeting.

John Williams and Vincent Valenti presented three items to MPC for consideration: placement of the job trailers associated with the new engineering building; placement of the Verizon antenna; and change of location for the temporary modular structure at the ACEP site.

The work trailer will be sited relatively close to the actual construction site. Two options were presented: one site directly north of the Bunnell Building in Cornerstone Plaza, and a second on the east roof of the Rasmuson Library. D. Horner reported that Mark Hermann, Dean of the School of Management (SOM), has expressed considerable concern about placing the trailer to the north of Bunnell outside the faculty offices in that area.

Following considerable discussion, MPC asked that John follow up on the following:

  1. Evaluate if a location closer to the construction, possibly placed at a diagonal to the east entrance of Bunnell, might be possible. This will require determination of the extents of the construction area around the entrances to both Duckering and Bunnell, but it would be preferable to move the trailer away from the SOM faculty offices.
  2. The roof of the library, while a feasible location, might actually be more expensive to implement than paying for parking spots in the Bunnell lot. It was recommended that a cost analysis of the purchase of adequate space in the Bunnell lot be compared to the cost of installing the trailer on the roof of the library.

John was asked to report back to MPC co-chair D. Horner in a week. She will then circulate the information to MPC members and a determination will be made as to whether another meeting should be held for the purpose of making a formal recommendation on the placement of the job trailer.

The second item, the placement of the Verizon antenna, was presented. The issue is that the mechanical structure is too heavy to place in the AHRB penthouse. While the antennas will still be placed on the east roof of AHRB (the antennas are not very tall), DD&C is recommending placement of the mechanical building (affectionately known as the dog house) behind AHRB near the loading dock on the south side. Every effort will be made to screen the structure from view; however, this entrance is a service entrance, so the addition of the structure will not seem out of place with the surrounding area. The MPC members endorsed the ground placement recommended by DD&C.

The final item was the relocation of the temporary modular unit that is to be installed near the ACEP energy buildings. DD&C wants to locate the unit to an area where it can remain until such time as the new building is constructed. There will be some tree clearing, but members did not see that as a problem.

The next meeting of MPC is scheduled for September 13, 2012, in the CCR. Josh Greenberg, the newly appointed chair, will lead this meeting.

UAF Master Plan Committee

Meeting Notes – July 19, 2012

Present: Nicole Nordstrand, Kara Axx, Michelle Renfrew, Doug Schrage, Ian Olsen, Jonathan Shambare, De-ka-xeen Mehner, Gary Newman, Derek Miller, Lydia Anderson, Bill Schnabel, Steve Murphy

Guests: Jim Dixon (incoming Alumni Representative to the MPC), Jim Loftus (PDC Contractors), Tom Paste, Scott Arko, Wade Albright, Chas Jones (PhD student, Community Garden Committee Chairperson)

Update on Community Garden

Chas Jones provided an update on the Community Garden Concept (presentation attached).


There are five volunteers serving on the community garden committee. 42 raised beds. 52% of the garden beds are maintained by students, 38% by staff, 8% by faculty and 2% by alumni. The raised beds are all maintained within a 50 by 90 foot space. $9,600 was raised in grants to build the garden. Potential for a 6-bed expansion. Future items for consideration: Signage, Work/Picnic table, Gardening workshops, Marketing, and seeking gardeners for next summer.

New Ski Trail Options

The MPC discussed at length the different options that the North Campus Subcommittee also discussed at their previous meeting. NASA is very receptive to mitigating impacts associated with construction of the new 11-meter antennae to be installed in the wooded area on North Campus near the existing ski trail.

The ski trail:

  • Is used for several UAF ski classes;
  • Receives heavy use throughout the winter;
  • Is an access trail for the public;
  • Provides access to the trails from the ski hut;
  • Provides connectivity among several trails;
  • allows skiers to complete a loop; and
  • In addition to the winter use, the trail serves as a start/finish for collegiate and high school cross-country running races.

Principles for mitigation agreed to by North Campus Subcommittee members:

  • Preserve a loop
  • A teaching area must result from any mitigation
  • An area with a level surface for cross country running meets must result from mitigation
  • Public access must be maintained.

The MPC appreciated the diligent work of the North Campus Subcommittee and agreed with the principles for mitigation.

Three main alternatives were discussed. Any discussion of moving the ski hut is contingent upon the ski hut physically being able to withstand a move.

  1. Dedicate a public trail access parking area at the existing overlook, move the ski hut to the overlook, and create a teaching/beginner area near the parking area/ski hut. Revegetate existing trail.


    • Provides a service/outreach to the public.
    • Alleviates congestion associated with the current location of the ski hut and makes ski hut more functional for the public.
    • Locates the teaching/beginner area in a sunny area.


    • Creates a new trail clearing/does not utilize existing trail (more trees removed, visual impacts).
    • If parking is “official” lines, parking blocks, etc., might result, limiting the available parking spots.
    • Potential aesthetic impact of ski hut lower on hill?
    • Potential for a long planning period
  2. Move ski up to NW corner of Elvey parking lot, upgrade existing stadium area to beginner area and cross country ski race start/finish. Loop trail around new antennae, use as much of the existing trail as possible.


    • Less trail construction, resulting in quicker turn around on planning and construction.
    • Utilizes existing trails.


    • No public parking near ski hut (could be added).
    • Would need to create pull out/turn around to avoid congestion in this area
    • Sunlight is limited during winter.
  3. Keep ski hut in current location, loop trail around new antennae, improve the existing trail west of antennae for teaching purposes. Construct pedestrian path from overlook parking to ski hut.


    • No need to move ski hut.
    • Minimal construction of new trails (teaching area improvement already approved).
    • Utilizes existing trails.


    • Teaching area not adjacent to ski hut.
    • Might not alleviate traffic congestion at ski hut.

    3a. Further discussion of alternative 3 brought up an idea to move the ski hut west of its existing location and to the south of the trail. A trail could then be constructed from the overlook parking area and the West Ridge area to the ski hut. The ski hut would not be excessively visible from the approach to campus, but would be relatively accessible to the public and in a sunny location.

    Alternative 1 would be the most costly, perhaps costing up to $50,000. Alternative 2 would likely require landscape modifications for the ski hut and a pull out/turn around for ski hut access, in addition to the trail improvements. This might cost as much as $30,000. Alternative 3, without moving the ski hut, likely would be the least costly, perhaps around $15,000. A ski hut move for Alternative 3 would increase the cost.

NASA needs a large pad (approximately 100 feet by 100 feet) to park construction related vehicles and to assemble the dish. The pad would likely be roughly the area heading west of the new antennae. Alternative 3 appeared to accommodate the need to clear a large pad for this purpose.

Since the dish will be going right on top of the already planned beginning ski area, the contractor will create the beginning ski area just west of the dish, which will be roughly 50 by 300 feet. The beginning ski area will take advantage of the cleared area needed for construction of the antennae and line up as much as possible with the existing ski trail to minimize tree cutting.

The following recommendation was moved by Gary Newman and Seconded by Steve Murphy:

MPC Recommendation 2012-03 – North Campus Ski Trail Re-route

The Master Planning Committee recommends the North Campus ski trail be re-routed as presented in option 3 at the MPC meeting on July 19, 2012 and attached to this recommendation. MPC further recommends the contractor installing the new ASF antennae on North Campus, clear the area for a new teaching and beginners’ ski area in tandem with the pad required to be cleared for construction-related equipment.

Motion passed by a vote of 9-2.

Facilities Report

Jonathan Shambare provided a brief facilities report. The Harper building is undergoing some ADA compliance renovations. The renovations should be more architecturally pleasing. The Housing & Dining Public-Private-Partnership should be taken to the Board of Regents for approval in September. The upper dorm Lola Tilly Staircase is being looked at closely for renovation. The staircase is slowly deteriorating. Construction of the Ice Rink in front of the SRC should begin next week.

Temporary Placement of modular unit for the Institute of Northern Engineering

Jonathan also brought up the recent request from the Institute of Northern Engineering to place a temporary modular office unit at the proposed site of the future Energy Building, in close proximity to the Energy Technology Test Center. Concerns about the unit aesthetics were raised by the MPC as well as that in general, its UAF’s intent to minimize the placement of modular units on campus. However, it was determined that placement of the unit is necessary to house INE staff and facult