Guidelines for Bringing Proposals to the UAF Master Planning Committee

The MPC is accessible to all students, faculty and staff of UAF, the Fairbanks community, and other  communities served by UAF facilities and programs. The Committee typically consists of faculty, staff, students  and community members appointed by the Chancellor. The Master Planning Committee generally meets one Monday a month from 9am - 11am during the academic year (September - May), and as needed during the summer months. Meeting membership and schedules are posted on the MPC’s website. 

Requests of the MPC should be respectful of the following priorities of work: 

  1. All requests that come to the MPC directly from the Chancellor
  2. All requests that come to the MPC from the Chancellor's Cabinet
  3. All other requests

Deliver the requests to the MPC Chair via email no later than 2 weeks prior to the meeting date in order to be placed on the agenda. In the chair’s absence, contact the Vice Chair or Secretary. All requests for consideration by the  MPC must be in writing to avoid misinterpretation by the Committee and should contain the following: 

  1. Statement of issue that is being presented to the Master Planning Committee.

  2. Identification of UAF individual that is responsible/sponsors this request (include name, position, supervisor, telephone number, and email address) If it is unclear to you who at UAF has responsibility for a given topic or issue, please confer with the chair of the MPC. 

  3. Explanation of why you are bringing this issue to the MPC, and what action you are seeking (for example: information only, no action necessary, formal support).

  4. Description of request should be a self-contained explanation, and may include:
    • References to a specific area on campus should be explained so that the committee can  clearly understand the specific area that the request refers to 
    • Item should be fully described in a clear and concise manner
    • Identification of all future maintenance needs
    • Identification of how this request focuses on students' needs
    • Explanation of why an action by the MPC is requested or needed 

The MPC formulates an opinion as a recommendation for the Chancellor's consideration; the Chancellor,  not the MPC, initiates any action that is to follow from a recommendation. The MPC's recommendation is  submitted to the Chancellor in writing, with a copy to the person initiating the request for consideration. 

Revised: November 27, 2023