North Campus Subcommittee

The North Campus Subcommittee (NCS) is responsible for making recommendations to the MPC about planning and approval of all uses on lands within the boundaries of the North Campus and detailed in the UAF Campus Master Plan. Any proposals involving this area shall be brought first to the MPC Chair, who may then delegate to the NCS tasks of gathering information, developing detailed plans, and/or making recommendations.


The North Campus area of the University of Alaska Fairbanks is a unique and valuable resource for the University. The North Campus consists of approximately 1,100 acres of valuable research, education, and recreation opportunities for UAF faculty, staff and students, visiting educators and scientists, and community members.

The North Campus is defined as the area north-to-northwest of UAF's Fairbanks campus and bounded by Miller Hill Road on the west, Yankovich Road on the north (south of the private property boundary when applicable), Ballaine Road and Farmers Loop Road on the east, and on the south by the Fairbanks campus and the Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station Experiment Farm.

In 2002 UAF began developing a land use management plan that would address the campus needs in years ahead. The Plan was adopted in summer of 2004 and since then many of the initial action items have been implemented. With both a land manager and a standing committee review process, the important NC value statements has lead to continued multiple use of this great campus area.

Then in June 2006 the UAF Chancellor expanded winter trail opportunities by approving a system of new "Winter Walking and Snowshoe Trails" that are groomed paths physically separated from the existing ski trails. There are trail crossings required that are well marked to allow walkers and skiers to be aware of each other approaching.

These new winter uses also allowed the NC committee to include additional trail designations for ski only trails, winter dog walking and limited winter bike routes. While many campus and community members take advantage of this great recreational resource, the multiple winter uses in North Campus are guided by respecting the designated uses that occur in the area.


Membership List

Name Department/Position Phone Email address

Brittany Van Eck, Ex-officio

Facilities Services/North Campus Manager


Kieran Gleason

AFES Farm Manager

 Bruce Miller 

Community Member

Jami Warrick

Geophysical Institute


Todor Yakimov, Ex-officio

Facilities Services/Trails Manager


Ken Tape

Institute of Northern Engineering/Assistant Professor


Mark Oldmixon, Chair

Nanook Recreation /Director


Kellie Fritze

Facilities Services


Eliska Albrigtsen

Athletics/Head Coach Skiing and Cross Country Running





North Campus Area Research Permit Form

NC Research Permit Application