Residence Life offers basic television channels.

Cooking is not permitted in individual rooms; however, a kitchen is provided in each residence hall for resident use. There are community refrigerators in all hall kitchens except for Wickersham. Wickersham has large freezers in each kitchen and a micro-fridge in each room. There are no community kitchens in Cutler Apartments or in Employee, Family, Graduate Housing (EFG), as each unit has its own kitchen with standard appliances provided.

In all kitchens, residents are responsible for:

● Cleaning all kitchen areas and items used in food preparation, including wiping down counters, sink, stove, and microwave, and washing all dishes used. Food left out will attract pests, and residents are responsible for keeping the kitchens sanitary.

● Providing their own utensils, dishes, and cleaning supplies.

● Not leaving cooking food unattended. Unattended food on the stove or in the oven can burn or boil over, causing a kitchen fire and endangering others within the community.

● In residence halls: labeling all food with their first name, room number, and date the food was left in the community kitchen. Hall staff will dispose of unlabeled and expired food. Hall staff is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Community kitchens may be closed at the discretion of
Residence Life staff if the kitchen and/or items in the community kitchen are not regularly cleaned.

There is a computer lab in the MBS complex that is open 24 hours. Residents need their PolarExpress Card to access the lab. The Office of Information Technology (OIT) runs the computer lab. OIT should be contacted directly at or 907-450-8300 to report any computer or printer issues.
Participation in the food services program is required for students living in university housing, including graduate students. UAF Dining Services has further information on meal plans and dining locations.
All residence halls and apartments have wireless Internet. There is also an Ethernet connection in each residence hall room. A UAF username and password is required to access the Internet. In order to use your media device on the University of Alaska Fairbanks network you will need to register your device with the OIT Support Center. Personal wireless routers are prohibited. Information about responsible computing behavior, UA and UAF policy, regulation, and rules and proper copyright etiquette may be found at .

Washers and dryers are available at no additional cost to residents. Residents must provide their own laundry detergent. Laundry is available 24 hours and we ask that residents be courteous while doing laundry, especially during quiet hours.

See below for general laundry use guidelines:

● Do not overload the machines as it can damage both the machine and your clothes.

● Remember when you put your laundry in and remove your laundry in a timely manner so the washers and dryers are available for other residents. Please note that other residents may remove your laundry if it is left in a machine after the cycle is done.

● Washers and dryers are for resident use only. Please do not let non-residents into the facilities to do their laundry.

● Keep the laundry room clean and remove all of your belongings when you are done.

● If you have any problems with a machine, do not try to fix it yourself. Report any issues to Residence Life staff.

● Residence Life is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged articles that result from the use of these facilities.

● Clothes lines in the laundry rooms or outside of apartments are not allowed.

● Residents need to remove the lint from the lint compartment after each dryer load.

Residents are expected to have their keys with them at all times. Residents are given three complimentary lockouts/semester. The charge for a lost key is $150. All lost key charges will be placed on UA accounts and can be paid through UAOnline.
The Campus Mail Center is located in Constitution Hall and residents who wish to receive U.S. Postal Service mail and private carrier packages must rent a mailbox with the UAF Campus Mail Center. The Mail Center also accepts packages that require a physical address at: 1692 Tok Ln Room #107.
Any motor vehicle parked on University property between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, M-F, must display a valid UAF parking permit. Permits may be purchased online through Parking Services. Residents living in Garden, Hess Village, Stuart, and Walsh have assigned parking areas but are still required to have a UAF permit.

Per Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, or FERPA standards, Resident information will be kept private and used only when necessary, and always within the standard of the law.

While information shared with Residence Life staff is held to a privacy standard, any information presented to a Residence Life staff member relating to the violation of University policy, and/or a threat/harm, must be reported to the Residence Life staff member’s supervisor or the Residence Life professional staff member on call. 

In a combined effort with the Office of Sustainability, the Department of Residence Life supports sustainable efforts to reduce waste, recycle materials, and reuse resources. Recycling bins are located in multiple residential facilities and are clearly marked. If a bin is full please can contact the Office of Sustainability directly at (907) 474-5070 or let a Residence Life staff member know.

Residential facility entrance doors are locked 24 hours a day. This is an important personal safety and crime prevention effort. If an entrance door is propped open, shut it or seek assistance from a staff member.

Never open an entrance door for anyone. Residents are encouraged to always lock their doors even when they are in their rooms or apartments. The safety of our residents is of utmost importance to us and we strive to keep all of our facilities secure. The more proactive we are, the safer we become. Remember: If You See Something, Say Something, Do Something! Please report a safety concern by either contacting Residence Life staff, the UAF Police Department at (907) 474-7721, or the Office of Rights, Compliance and Accountability. Immediately call UAF Police for any emergency situations.

“Blue light” emergency phones are located throughout campus. These phones dial directly to the UAF Police Department. UAF Police staff make daily rounds of the residential facilities and campus. If you are suspicious of or uncomfortable with someone or a situation, contact your Resident Assistant, Resident Director, or the UAF Police. For emergencies, dial 911.

Trash must be disposed of in dumpsters that can be found near all residence halls and apartments. Do not leave trash in public areas. You may be charged $40/bag for any trash left in common areas, including bathroom and laundry room trash. Do not place hazardous materials such as motor oil, antifreeze, vehicle batteries, and large appliances in the dumpsters. Dispose of these items at the proper facilities located at the Fairbanks North Star Borough landfill.

● MBS Complex: on the north side of Bartlett Hall and on the east side of Skarland

● Chandalar: at the end of North Chandalar Drive

● Cutler Apartment: near the 400 block

● Garden Apartments: next to the building on west side

● Lower Campus: north side of the residence halls, behind both Lathrop and McIntosh Halls

● Hess Village: in each of the parking lots

● Stuart: near the parking area

● Tanana: on Tanana Loop or by Walsh Hall

● Walsh: near the parking area