Our mission, vision and value statements

The Department of Residence Life

We offer safe and clean housing options

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Our mission

Residence Life supports the academic mission of the University of Alaska by providing living and learning communities that enhance student success. Through effective asset management, we offer a high quality of service at reasonable cost. We provide safe, clean, contemporary, and well-maintained facilities that meet the diverse needs of our residents and guests.



Our vision

Residence Life will help students determine and achieve their academic and life goals. We will have a positive impact on the lives of students and assist them in becoming mature, self-sufficient and contributing members of society. Residence Life will contribute to the retention of students at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.


Our values

Development: Provide students with environments that assist them in growing academically and personally.

Service: Treat every person with courtesy and respect and consider the welfare of students when taking action.

Commitment: Approach every task as being morally and ethically impelled to do our best to accomplish our mission.

Diversity: Celebrate, facilitate, and encourage diversity in our people, programs, and facilities.