Move Out Guide


The move-out process is initiated through a scheduled checkout appointment between you and a Residence Life staff member. During the appointment, the staff member reviews the condition of your room and collects your keys.

You can also sign up for an express checkout and avoid a scheduled appointment entirely. However, if you choose an express checkout, you'll claim responsibility for any room damages found by a staff member after you check out.



How to Move Out



Sign up for a checkout appointment

Sign up for a checkout appointment with your hall staff or go to the Housing Portal. During winter and spring closing, sign-up sheets are located by hall offices in non-Employee, Family and Graduate housing areas.

If you're leaving housing for the last time, you need to submit a Housing Cancelation form. You don't need to submit a housing cancellation form if you're only leaving for break.

Changing your appointment within 24 hours of your checkout may result in an improper checkout fee.



Cancel Housing (Optional)

If you're not returning to housing, you must submit a Housing Cancellation form. Residence Hall residents should submit this form at least one week prior to move out of housing.

Employee, Family and Graduate (EFG) residents are required to submit their form 30 days prior to moving out. EFG residents schedule their checkout date when they submit their Housing Cancellation form.

You can find the Housing Cancellation Form in your UAOnline account. Click Applications and Forms > Select and compete the Housing Cancellation Form > Receive a confirmation email in your preferred email box.



Get your room ready for move out

Prior to your checkout appointment, you must...

  • Remove all personal belongings from closest(s), drawers, desk and wardrobe
  • Properly remove and dispose trash in a dumpster outside
  • Sweep and vacuum the floors
  • Dust and wipe down all surfaces
  • Clean window glass and windowsill, and close them
  • Remove any attachments, posters and decorations from the walls
  • All furniture must be placed in the original position with beds unlofted or down to knee height
  • Turn off lights and lock doors
  • Return any vacuum cleaners, hand trucks and any other hall equipment borrowed from the community desk




Meet with your Hall Staff

At your appointment time, meet with your RA to have your room inspected. Sign your Room Condition Report (RCR). After the inspection, lock the room door and give the RA the key.

You have now been checked out! If needed, update your mailing address on UAOnline for applicable billing and refunds.




Can't schedule an appointment?

Express checkouts may be utilized when a resident can't schedule a checkout with hall staff. This process offers you the opportunity to complete the checkout process on your own, however there's a greater responsibility on you to complete the process correctly.

Residents who wish to utilize the express checkout should contact hall staff for an express checkout envelope. Residents fill out the envelope, follow the instructions and leave it in their room or with hall staff. Once hall staff receive the envelope, they'll complete the checkout and any charges will be posted to UAOnline.

Residents who choose to use an express checkout are still responsible for canceling their housing and ensuring their room is clean and clear of all personal belongings. By using an express checkout, you acknowledge your responsibility for any room damage charges found by a hall staff member after you checkout. Residents who choose this option may still appeal any charges.



After checking out

Residents have a right to appeal the charges outlined in their charge letter. If you're assessed any checkout charges, you have the opportunity to appeal the charges online within 24 hours of your checkout. Your appeal response will be sent to you via your preferred email with the University. All charges will appear on your student account and may be paid online or at the Office of the Bursar in Signer’s Hall. Students will not be able to receive grades, register for classes or pay registration fees until charges are paid.

Residents are responsible for room damages that exceed normal wear and tear, even if the damage is accidental. Damage is determined by looking at the check-in Room Condition Report (RCR) and comparing the state of the area at the time of checkout to what it was at the time of check-in. When two or more residents live together and it cannot be determined who was responsible for the damage, the damage charge will be divided equally among residents. Damage discovered after checkouts (regardless of signing the RCR) may still be applied through the charging process with a letter explaining the damages. Residents have a right to appeal the charges outlined in the letter.

Residents who have questions about charges or when the return of their deposit will show up in their account should contact the Office of the Bursar.

After checking out, the housing deposit will be returned to residents who meet the terms of their contract, including proper move-out and having no damages to their residence.

Residents who have questions about charges or when the return of their deposit will show up in their account should contact the Office of the Bursar.