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This process is conducted through a scheduled appointment between the resident and a staff member. In the appointment the staff member will review the condition of your room, and collect your key(s). By using the traditional method of checkout you reserve the right of appeal for any damage charges.


This process offers you the opportunity to complete the check out process on your own. This option places a greater responsibility on you to complete the process correctly. By using the Express check out option, you acknowledge your responsibility for any room damage charges found by a hall staff member after you check out. Students do have the right to appeal the charges.

Move Out Check List

Sign up for a check out appointment with a Residence Life staff member.

Prior to your check out appointment, remove all personal belongings from closest(s), drawers, desk, and wardrobe.

Trash must be removed and properly disposed of in a dumpster outside.

Room/Apartment must be cleaned, floors swept and vacuumed, surfaces dusted and wiped down, and clean window glass and windowsill. All decorations, posters, etc. should be removed.

Windows must be closed.

All furniture must be placed in the original position with beds unlofted or down to knee height.

Turn off lights and lock doors. 

Return any vacuum cleaners, hand trucks and any other hall equipment borrowed from the community desk.

Hall staff and resident sign the Room Condition Report.

Express Checkout: Pickup an envelope from your RA or the Central Office. Complete and sign the envelope, seal the key in the envelope and leave it locked in your unit. Before leaving campus, see an RA to let them know you've checked out.

Check Out Fees/Charges

Improper move out: $35

Failure to be at your assigned check out time.

Not signed up for a check out appointment: $150

Failure to schedule a move out appointment with a staff member.

No key at move out: $150

If the resident does not have a key to their room at their move out appointment.

Trash removal: $40

Failure to properly remover trash from the room. All trash must be taken to the dumpster outside.

Damages charges: Charges vary depending on the damages found.

This includes damages to furniture, walls, windows, heating unit or other university property in the room.

Deposit will be returned to residents who meet the terms of their contract including proper move out and no damages to their room.

Residents who have questions about charges or when the return of their deposit will show up in their account should go see the Bursar Office NOT the Residence Life Central Office.

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Move-out assistance

We do not currently offer move-out assistance or long-term storage. If you need to mail things back to your permanent residence you can find many options in the local Fairbanks community.

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Summer Session

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Charges for improper move-out

Failure to remove ALL personal belongings (if moving out) may result in additional charges. Keys not turned in at the time of move out will be charged to the student’s university account.