Room Changes

During the course of the year, residents may change rooms/apartments. Residents of EFG should contact the Central Office if they would like to change spaces. Within all other areas, room changes are not permitted until after the start of classes in the fall and spring semesters and again toward the end of each semester. These dates will be communicated by the Department of Residence Life and available on the website, under room changes. Residents in an emergency situation where a move is necessary should contact hall staff to initiate a move.

There are three types of room changes:

● New Room Change
● Even Swap
● Emergency Room Move

New Room Change

A new room change happens when a resident wants to move to a different room within the same hall or change to a different hall or apartment complex.

Even Swap Room Change

Even swap is a move that occurs when two or more residents swap spaces. This can happen within a hall or can occur from one building to another. No empty space is created by an even swap.

Emergency Room Move

This move occurs when residents do not feel safe in their room and request a move. This move usually takes place after business hours from 5:00 pm – 8:00 am. If you feel that you can no longer live in your
current living space and need assistance outside the room move lottery times, please see your hall staff or contact Residence Life Central Office for assistance.

Unauthorized Room/Building Changes

For safety and management reasons, it is imperative the Residence Life staff know where all residents live. Moving to a different residential community room/hall/apartment without the written approval from the Department of Residence Life is prohibited. All unauthorized room changes will be subject to a $50 unauthorized room change fee.