Checking In

When you check into your room, you will need to sign into your room condition report (RCR), enter in your emergency contact information, and receive a room key.


At check-in, you will be issued apartment/room keys or a combination, depending on your area. It is illegal to duplicate university keys, and lending or sharing your key is prohibited. If your keys are lost or stolen, an $150 replacement cost will be billed to your UA account. Contact Residence Life staff immediately if your keys are lost or stolen.

Room Condition Reports (RCR)

A room condition report is an inventory of the items in your room and their condition at the time of check-in. Residents have 48 hours to review and either accept or dispute their RCR; any RCR that is not accepted in this time frame will be considered automatically accepted. It is each resident’s responsibility to review the condition of their room by accessing and signing the room condition report. When a resident is checking out of their room the RCR will be utilized to assess any damages that were not listed on the RCR at the time of check in.