Room change process

Skarland single room.


Even swap room change

Step 1: Pick Up Form
Pick up even swap form from the Central Office in the MBS Complex. Forms are also available for download: Even Room Swap Form

Step 2: Complete Form
Fill out a form and ensure all residents involved sign the form.

Step 3: Submit Form
Submit completed form to the Central Office or submit to after-hours drop box next to Central Office door. Forms must be submitted in accordance with the Even Swap Timetable.

Step 4: Email Confirmation
An email will be sent to your preferred email confirming your new room request and instruction of how and when you can move.

Even room swap form



MBS at night

New room change lottery

Step 1: Access Housing Portal 
To Access the online housing room change lottery, click on the Nanook Housing link below and log in using your UA credentials.

Step 2: Click Room Selection

Step 3: Select Available Beds and Confirm Selection
Once you confirm your selection, you will give up your rights to your current bed assignment. Any additional room charges will be applied, and due at this time.

Step 4: Email
Confirmation Auto-generated email will be sent to your preferred email confirming your new room request with instructions of how and when you can move.

Note: You can change your room selection as many times as you would like while the lottery is open. This includes selecting your original room assignment, if still available.

MyHousing Portal

Room Change Schedule

Room Change Request Lottery Open Physical Room Move
August 27 - 30 September 3 - 5
September 10 - 13 September 17 - 19
September 24 - 27 October 1 - 3
October 8 - 11 October 15 - 17
October 22 - 25 October 29 - 31
November 5 - 8 November 12 - 14

*Residents who would like a vaccinated roommate or in a living learning community, please call the Central Office (907) 474 - 7247 to request a room change.