Checking Out

Please follow the below steps to check out of your room. If you cannot check out with hall staff, see the Express Checkouts section.

● Step 1: If you are not returning to housing, submit a cancellation form through your housing

● Step 2: Sign up for a check-out appointment with your hall staff. Changing your appointment
within less than 24 hours of your checkout may result in an improper check-out fee. During
winter and spring closing sign-up sheets are located by hall offices in non-EFG areas.

● Step 3: Prior to your appointment time, remove all belongings from your room and clean the
room thoroughly. If you are in an area with shared common space, you will also need to ensure
your common spaces are cleaned, including any Residence Life owned appliances, as these will
be checked at each checkout.

● Step 4: At your appointment time, meet with your RA to have your room inspected.

● Step 5: Sign your Room Condition Report (RCR). Make sure to provide an accurate forwarding
address for billing and refunds.

● Step 6: Lock the room door. Give the RA the key.


Residents are responsible for room damages that exceed normal wear and tear, even if the damage is accidental. Damage is determined by looking at the check-in RCR and comparing the state of the area at the time of check-out to what it was at the time of check-in. When two or more residents live together and it cannot be determined who was responsible for the damage, the damage charge will be divided equally among residents. Damage discovered after checkouts (regardless of signing the RCR) may still be applied through the charging process with a letter explaining the damages. Residents have a right to appeal the charges outlined in the letter.

If you are assessed any check out charges, you have the opportunity to appeal the charges through an online form. To be considered, your appeal must be completed within 24 hours after your check out time, or within 24 hours of receiving the notification of your charges. Your appeal response will be sent to you via your preferred email with the University. All charges will appear on a resident’s UAOnline account.

Express checkouts may be utilized when a resident is unable to schedule a checkout with hall staff. Residents who wish to utilize the express check out option should contact hall staff for an express check out envelope. Residents will fill out the envelope, following the instructions, and leave the envelope in their room or with hall staff. Once hall staff receive the envelope they will complete the checkout and any charges will be posted to UAOnline.

Residents who choose to use the express checkout option are still responsible for cancelling their housing and ensuring their room is clean and clear of all personal belongings. Residents who choose this option may still appeal any charges.