Housing Agreement

UAF reserves the right to change space assignments (consolidate) when vacancies occur and single occupants are residing in multiple-capacity rooms or when less than four residents are living in one Cutler apartment; the remaining resident(s) must accept another roommate and/or move to another room/apartment. In most situations, Residence Life will assign a resident to fill the empty space in your room. In certain situations, residents may be given the opportunity to purchase the other half of their room. Residents interested in purchasing a super-single may keep the room and assume the additional cost if space is available. Room consolidation does not apply to residents in Employee, Family, and Graduate Housing. 

Within certain areas, a resident may request to pay to occupy the space that two individuals normally occupy. Super-singles within housing are limited, and additional room space may become available throughout the year. Super-singles are charged at an additional rate above the double room rate and charges will be placed on the resident’s UA account. If you are interested in purchasing a super-single, please contact the Residence Life Central Office.

If the other half of your room is empty at any time and your space is eligible for more than one person, please be advised that you must ensure that the room is ready to receive a new roommate at any time. If you live in a room that has a common space, all current residents are responsible for reasonable common area cleanliness. In preparation for possibly receiving a roommate, before someone moves in a UAF staff member will enter your space to ensure that the area is prepared for a new resident. The space should be free of personal belongings and should be clean.

In the event that a resident’s individual room or common space becomes uninhabitable for a suitemate or roommate and the current resident(s) are unable to clean the space in time, Residence Life reserves the right to go into those spaces for cleaning purposes. If these services are necessary, the resident(s) will be charged for the cleaning and/or damages as appropriate.

Any personal property left by a resident who vacates or abandons a room or apartment will be inventoried and the resident will be contacted to retrieve their belongings. The University will hold the items for 30 days and then deem them abandoned and may then immediately dispose of the property without compensation. The resident may be charged for the labor involved in removing any trash or property. The University may dispose of such property in any manner without liability.